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Jenni Frencham (jennifrencham) I really enjoyed this book, especially the recipes included (which my wife and I tried and enjoyed very much). I can see how this would appeal to older teens, though, rather than the junior high students who come to my library.

Andrea O | 3 comments Yes! Loved this one. I took it more as little vignettes rather than an entire cohesive book, but can definitely see the appeal.

Kefira | 9 comments I loved this book! I think I related to it more as an adult and someone who likes food. Of my 8th graders who have read it, some have liked it and others haven't.

message 4: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim (kadykayf) I loved it too. One of my teens, who is 16 and a cook, loved it so much that she went out and purchased it and everything else Lucy Knisley wrote.

I do think it's something you have to sell though. I haven't seen many teens actually pick it up without being prompted.

Leah I think this book was fabulous. I loved the way Knisley told her story in such a way that I think any older teen or adult could relate, regardless of gender/ethnicity/age. It's got such a matter-of-fact, straightforward tone, that I wasn't intimidated at all by the numerous ingredients and foods that I've never before heard of, let alone tasted. This book made me want to read everything else that Lucy Knisley has written.

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Mindy | 6 comments All my foodie friends were want to read this now!

Sarah The author writes about food with such reverence and I enjoyed that tone.

Devera Chandler (developyourya) | 32 comments Wow...this book made me hungry!!!! I am sad that she didn't have a recipe for the croissants. I will be trying the one for the mushrooms, though! I liked the flashbacks and how her parents worked their way through a divorce without is seeming to seriously affect her relationships. Good book!

Marta Boksenbaum | 4 comments Just adding to the chorus-I loved this book and I may have to buy it. The juxtaposition of anecdotes and recipes make it fun to read from start to finish-and I love the illustrated way the recipes are set up. I've never been that excited to read whole recipes before!

Jmrunninglib | 25 comments I just finished this and though I enjoyed it I think it will be a book that will be a hard sell with my high school studens. I think I'll pass on spending my limited funds on this one.

Zahnii (Suzanne) Artis | 7 comments Knisley does a brilliant job of weaving together two of my favorite things: food and art! I loved the illustrated recipe and I am really excited to try to make my own sushi using her directions! I gave it four stars because there were times that I thought it was a little off topic and she included things that I didn't feel were really necessary (ex. picture of her on toilet...). Not really my style, but I admire her for trying to normalize women's menstruation. For me, that doesn't really fit in a food book, but that's life. Other than that, I loved how she incorporated many cultures and types of food. She also has a wonderful spectrum of eating ranging from carnivorous to vegetarian to vegan included here. Overall, I would recommend this book!

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