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Jenni Frencham (jennifrencham) This one has been pretty popular in my library. I have a fairly large group of graphic novel fans as well as a group of kids who love to read anything that has to do with war, so this book appeals to both groups, and sometimes has caused some of the kids to read more widely in an area where they wouldn't have previously, which always warms my little librarian heart.

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That third story hit me hardest too-- very moving!

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Mindy | 6 comments finished it today and loved it too! Kids of all ages are going to love it!

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Debbie | 14 comments I'm not generally a fan of war stories--I find them too hectic and hard to follow. The first two stories were no exception. But I agree with previous posters that the third story was the book's emotional center. I cried! I am always looking for more animal books to add to my library because my students love them. This is a keeper for sure.

Ariel Birdoff (madam_pince) | 19 comments I agree with everyone's comments. I am not a big graphic novel reader nor a war story reader. The first two stories were kind of what I expected and I read through them kind of quickly, but that third story.... that really hit home.

Angela Critics (quiltinglibrarian) | 16 comments After the first two stories, I wasn't feeling very impressed with this book. There just wasn't much emotional impact. I didn't feel a connection to either the soldiers or the dogs. But the third story made up for and then some. Wow! It really conveyed the importance of the dog, the connection between the soldiers and the dogs, and the effect of the war on the soldiers.

Jmrunninglib | 25 comments Yes the 3rd story sold the book for me. I think there might be better war dog stories out there, but this one certainly deserves a place in the library.

bjneary | 19 comments I love graphic novels and enjoyed the 3rd one the best but I did like the dogs and stories from the first 2 stories as well. Thanks for a great read.

Bethany Miller (nwhslmic) | 14 comments I agree with the comments that the third story was definitely the best. As a dog lover, I enjoyed these stories of canine soldiers.

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