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message 1: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
Another one that is not quiet out yet, but who out there has read it? What you most excited for? What are you nervous about? Based on the preview, what do you think of how the overall movie will be like compared to the book?

message 2: by Jasmina (new)

Jasmina I loved the book and it's characters which is why I'm not going to watch the movie. I did see one of the trailers and it wasn't all that. Nor am I a huge fan of Shailene Woodley... Looking foward to see what others think when it's out!

message 3: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
I think I am going to start the book finally after the book I read after the one I am reading right now......yeah...something like that! ;)

I have only heard amazing things about the book thought, so I have a feeling the movie will be a let down at least somewhat...

message 4: by Namwinki (new)

Namwinki | 1 comments I was so scared about the book turning into a movie but after the trailer and interviews it's shown and said nearly all the dialogue and quotes from the book are in the movie! I love the book so much and it makes me so emotional!

They better have some tissues to hand out to people because i know for certain I won't control the tears that'll be spilling down my face...!

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message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara Edwards (idkbooksarecool) | 9 comments My gosh. Okay. Can I just say that this film's box office is going to shoot to the moon.
Honestly, I wasn't so sure about Ansel being Augustus. I definitely pictured Augustus with black hair, but that's beyond the point. I didn't know the guy's acting style. I was hoping for Logan Lerman because that's all I've pictured Augustus to be throughout reading the book. I know Ansel's going to be in Divergent, yeah yeah yeah, I'm not in that fandom so don't yell at me. However, he won me over in the trailer. Now I can't picture anyone else being Augustus. This guy. will. be. the. death. of. me.
And Shailene. Don't get me started. She's like all over the place now and I only knew her from her ABC Family show, which I did not watch, so I had no idea what to think of her. (Yeah yeah yeah, I know she's in Divergent too.)So I watched The Spectacular Now and dang, girl crush all the way. The girl can be any character in the book, for all I'm concerned. She's a perfect Hazel Grace Lancaster and fits the look completely. Not to mention she's gorgeous without any makeup on.
Anyways, I've watched the trailer once and was sobbing. I can't bring myself to watch it again because I'm going to literally throw myself through a wall. Like, I'm going to start moaning in the theater because this book is still getting to me and I'll probably never recover.
PS - I'm THAT person that just yells at and criticizes a person who just watches the film because "it looks good". "No, I'm not gonna read the book." It just pains me that they haven't had the book experience and everyone should just read it because IT'S NOT THE SAME. Anyways, I'm finished.

message 7: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
I don't know how I did not read your post sooner!! haha I love your passion for this one for sure!!!

I still need to read the book....esp since I bought it like 3 months ago... I just know the emotional level is high, and I don't know that I want to take that on right now...

I totally agree about Shailene. She is really awesome, and in just about EVERY SINGLE MOVIE being made this year!! It will be interesting to see if she keeps that up, or if this was a big year from her and she slowly fades into obscurity from here....

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments I was so taken with the book from the beginning. I tried to take my time so it would last but I had the biggest reading session last night and didn't realise the time flying. What an amazing book! So touching and remarkable subject matter, he handled it just right.

I'm looking forward to the movie now! After reading above that they stay true to the book almost line to line... I think what I'm most looking forward to are the scenes from Amsterdam. I loved the city when I was there, it's always interesting seeing someone else's pictures on the same city you have been to.

I was worried he would end the book like AIA but wow what an ending! Five stars! :D

message 9: by lysah (new)

lysah | 31 comments I read the book with some friends.... I didn't enjoy the book at all. it's the typical teenage love story except they have cancer. the book was very predictable. I knew how the book was going to end just from all the references to another book that the characters love. Please tell me there are ppl out there who agree with me?

message 10: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments Do you think he ended it like AIA? I mean John Green didn't end it mid sentance... I thought he wrapped it up quite nicely as there were the scenes with her parents about their futures, and finding the letter from Gus.

I really enjoyed the story as for me, who reads alot of the romance genre (be it Paranormal or contemporary) I found it re-freshing in the development of the personalities as well as accepting of the situations. I'm not saying I'm an expert (far from it) but I'm just giving my opinion :D

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I just placed my name on the hold list for this book at the library, just in case if it wins the June's BOM. The e-book is avialable, so maybe I can read that. I am number 16 on the list, and there are 5 copies at the library. Talk about popular!

message 12: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
Haha! Good job thinking ahead! I own the book, but still did not start it, knowing I will cry a lot. I figure if it wins for June I will for sure finally read it!! :D

message 13: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments Anyone else read other books by John Green? I was looking yesterday at some and was interested in one called 'Will Grayson' coz it had an endorsement by Melina Marchetta. Think I'll give it a go :)

message 14: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 8 comments I loved the book so much. I read it just after I read the divergent series so I was already upset from that. Then this the next day. So depressing. But I loves this book so much and if I had to pick one book to keep I would deep this one

message 15: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments I loved the book so much I am like obsessed I was crying during the trailer and can't not wait to see it

message 16: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments I read paper towns as well is it true that shailene is playing Margo as well

message 17: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments Ok are they making a paper towns movie though?

message 18: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments Cool thanks!

message 19: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments Thanks I will

message 20: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
I have not heard of the Paper Towns yet, but will for sure have to take a look at it! Thanks for the suggestion! :D

message 21: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments Yep no problem and please tell me if you find out

message 22: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 8 comments I've read this book and I am super exited to see the movie!

message 23: by Reece (new)

Reece (46divergent46) | 21 comments Me to am I the only one who cried during the trailer

message 24: by Dana, SuperMod (new)

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1688 comments Mod
I did not cry during the trailer, but I know I for sure will cry during the book!! And once I read the book....then I more than likely will cry during the trailer!!! ;)

message 25: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I cried when I read the book so I think it's a given that I'm going to cry at the film!

message 26: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 8 comments I'm sooooo exited for tomorrow.... THE FAULT IN OUR STARS CONES OUT!!!!!!!

I am so happy!!!:)

message 27: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 8 comments **Comes

message 28: by Maria Kaye (new)

Maria Kaye (mkayeoo) | 41 comments So what'd you guys think of the movie?!?! :D

message 29: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Kellestine I almost done the book. I'm really enjoying it. I started yesterday. I have fallen in love with Hazel. She is an amazing character. She has excepted that she is not going to live for ever and she doesn't play the potty card (not too much anyways. Maybe a bit with her parents). Her and Gus just connect and in life when you know it's short maybe this is all she needs.

message 30: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I don't think I have come across a person that has disliked the book yet, and that is because everyone cries at it!

message 31: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Kellestine I haven't started crying yet but I'm on the last 5 chapters. I'm sure it will happen.

message 32: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Kellestine Finished the book but I didn't cry. I'm not a cryer. It was an excellent book. Made you think about your own life and family. It's very touching. I feel that all teenagers today should take it for a read. Realize that life is important. And not to take it for granted.

message 33: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I'm surprised you didn't cry! But as you said your not a cryer, so it makes sense. So glad you enjoyed it though.

message 34: by Roxxi (new)

Roxxi | 1 comments The book was amazing along with the movie. The book was obviously better as it usually is but the movie was just as great! Please please please read the book before the movie if you haven't already! It's a much better experience!

message 35: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments I have read some things from people who didn't like it :( makes me sad but they had good points. granted I didn't agree with the points at all but I do like seeing things from other peoples points of view. the biggest point that made me really think was someone hating the way John Green made out the kids to be great word smiths just because they were dying... I did get a little heated on this one! I didn't write back to the comment but walked away thinking about it.

Does anyone think this is a valid point? or believe once faced with an inevitable like cancer it gives you a wisdom not previously achieved? (stop me if I’m getting too deep!) I don’t think I would have gotten so defensive if I didn't have an incurable disease myself (MS). granted I have meds that seem to be helping supress my illness so far but I've accepted it. I don’t mind talking about it to others to help get the word out, mostly to inform people. I'm not sprouting poetry or anything but it does make you think about your life. I don’t think it beyond the possibility when faced with death others could speak the way Hazel does. It’s beautiful and healthy to dig deep and find the peace.

Look through history and you will see young individuals achieving great feats! I loved this book if you couldn't tell. :D

message 36: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments I think the point is valid, but I wouldn't say personally that I agree with it. They have made a good point though.

message 37: by Rachel (new)

Rachel CBS Sunday Morning News did a story on John Green, and one thing that I notice is his naivety. I understand that he is blown away by his success and by the people he meets, but some of the things he said in the interview was like please think about what you just said. For instance, he mentioned when he was in the children's hospital in the cancer ward, he was amazed to see the children laugh and smile, and tell stories. What are they supposed to do?!? Cry and be angry the entire time because they have cancer?!? I feel overtime John Green will become better in interviews, but he needs to realize he is not the first person out there to write a story like this...A Walk to Remember anyone? Also, he tweeted recently that it is amazing that a movie like his with a female lead was very risky to launch in the're movie is not the first female lead movie to be released in the summertime. Just because it is a female lead it is not doom to fail. Doesn't he remember The Heat last summer...female dynamic duo? Ok, now I am off my soapbox...also I heard he is a PR nightmare...I know he loves his fans, but please don't tweet where you are on a closed set, so adoring fans can disturb the production.

message 38: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments Really? I didn't know he was like that! I'm sure he will get to grips with everything as time goes on, and he will settle into it all.

message 39: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments *surprised face* He did not tweet the location to fans! wow that's incredible! Would you not stop and think "maybe I shouldn't let this out..." did they throw him off set once they found out it was him who let it slip? He is 36yrs old... i've got no words haha :D

message 40: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments Hahaha, I know right? I know he's obviously new to this and stuff, but seriously? He couldn't of thought before he acted!

message 41: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I think he eventually took it down. I do gotta say his twitter feed is super entertaining. So many random people get in fights with him on twitter over some of the things he said. Not going to lie, I made a comment to him about the female summer lead tweet. He really has to be blind to know that female leads in summer movies are not risky. It's been going on for years. Another example, Bridesmaids!

message 42: by Louisa (new)

Louisa Knight | 156 comments Hahaha, he will learn in time.. Hopefully

message 43: by Sam (new)

Sam | 606 comments maybe he has been living in his head too long? or just writing has left him in a bubble of his own creation? haha who knows!

message 44: by Kyara (new)

Kyara | 158 comments Wow that's crazy, watching his YouTube channel I never thought that he would be like that! I'm a little shocked actually.

message 45: by Abby (new)

Abby Tennity | 6 comments Oh my of! I just finished this book. I cried. Going to see the movie later today!!! Anyone else???

message 46: by Emilymurray17 (new)

Emilymurray17 (Typed on my phone )was sooo scared about this film , i didn't like ansel in divergent even though he was a small part his acting I didn't like. So naturally I watch the clips for Tfios and I still didn't like his acting . He looked like Augustus for me but it wasn't right. THEN I watch the movie . I mean watatatt. I LOVED HIS ACTING! He was an amazing Augustus and sure they missed scenes out but that always happens. All together I pleasantly surprised.:)

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Liked the book, but found it VERY predictable! I didn't cry, but if I saw the movie, I definitely would!

message 48: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (ellenvergauwen) | 10 comments I think it's terrible that in the end they didn't read the exact letter that was in the book? Even the last sentence she says is different. Why change that?!? I don't get it, really.

message 49: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (ellenvergauwen) | 10 comments I think it's terrible that in the end they didn't read the exact letter that was in the book? Even the last sentence she says is different. Why change that?!? I don't get it, really.

message 50: by Summer (new)

Summer | 7 comments This book and movie was so heart wrenching and beautiful. I loved both and thought that the movie did the book justice, but the book will always prevail. I cried so damn much with both but it was a truly beautiful book which highlighted the beauty of love no matter how much time people are given. Even though death was a very significant element throughout the plot it wasn't dark and depressing and managed to show it a different light by intertwining it will love and acceptance. Highly recommend people to read and watch it, it was truly amazing :)

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