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Bree That was fast.

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Bree Full Name: Toroch
Human Name: Trip Silvers
Age: 3,021 but appears to be 21
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Place Of Birth: Hell
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush:Maggie Silvers
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Immortal Demon

Full Physical Description: Trip is roughly 6’5 and weighs about 145 lbs. As far as strength goes, he is abnormally strong with tasks that no human could possibly due. He looks fit, but he doesn’t appear to be overly muscular. He often wears white silk gloves on his hands. He is a butler, so he likes to keep things clean and organized. His eye color is dark brown, and it is noted that his eyes often appear to be scarlet red in the light. His skin is an almost unhealthy pale white color even though he spends a good amount of time outside.
His mark and where it is located:
His mark is located on his the back of his left hand.

Personality: Trip is a very observant individual who takes great interest in learning about how people tick. He’s a bit like a clockwork specialist. He’ll take the smallest of devices, and crack it open to fiddle around with its insides to see how it works. He wouldn’t be interested in learning about his own kind since they bore him to death. He takes greater interest in learning about humans. He will do as he is told, only to benefit himself for obtaining more information. He is a knowledge seeker, as well as a perfectionist. This doesn’t mean that he will be irked if things don’t go his way. He simply strives to complete his tasks and have things set to his liking. He isn’t easily surprised either, and is rarely startled by the actions of anyone around him.If anything, he is amused when people try to surprise him or ‘change things up in order to get a reaction out of him. He doesn’t laugh much. If someone disagrees with him, he sees to it that they have a change of heart, personally.
History: Trip has been around for a long time. No demon ever remembers how they were manifested in hell since it is impossible for two demons to breed since neither of them is technically alive. When demons are created, they are created an a preset age. No one knows how the age of a demon is determined since there are demons who appear to be as young as children, but have been around for centuries, and the older looking demons may have been around for only twenty years. Needless to say, being in hell and being a demon means that you have family, and no good company. It’s very boring in hell. Creatures other than demons often wonder why demons choose to leave hell- it’s because they have nothing better to do. The gates of hell are, supposedly, heavily guarded by Cerbreus, the three headed dog. The statement is only partly true. The entrance and exit to hell is guarded, by that dog often chooses to sleep instead of keep an eye out for demons sneaking out of hell. It wasn’t hard for Trip to slip past that mutt and go into the human world. Much to his dismay, the humans weren’t as strong or as powerful as his kind. Though, they were very intriguing. One night, Trip found a man screaming in what could only be described as pure rage. Trip’s lips formed a sadistic smile as he appeared before the man. He learned the cause of this man’s anger, then walked away from him. The feeling of another man’s blood spraying on his face and the sound of his guts splattering on the floor reignited a thrill and pleasure in Trip that hadn’t been there in so long. He returned to the angered man, and told him of his news. In exchange for his service to killing the man, he offered to become his butler and do his bidding until he would claim what was rightfully his. This man was clueless to what Trip meant, he realized, because he didn’t even ask what would be claimed. When it was Thomas’ time to die, his soul would be claimed by Trip. The tasks that Thomas had Trip do weren’t too difficult, they were almost boring, but nowhere near as boring as hell was. Each day meant he was one step closer to claiming Thomas’ soul, until Thomas discovered that he had the Virus. Trip was angered that he wouldn’t get to keep the deal in tact without a soul to claim, then Thomas did something unexpected. He left his niece in charge of his estate, and in charge of Trip. Things became more interesting from there on out.

As a demon, he has no biological family.
Strongest Skills:
Being a butler and being very illusive about what it is that he desires most.
Weakest Skills:
Understanding what it means to be human.
Other: Sorry that it took so long to create him.
Current Status: Alive…somewhat

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*The Beginning Of Our Tale*

Maggie sat at her uncle's bedside, holding his hand as it poured outside. It was a cold and dreary day in London. She herself was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans along with a white tee shirt under a nice and somewhat tight knitted grey sweater and black hooded jacket. Black and white sneakers with blue socks adorned her feet. Lately she was always cold, a result of the progression of the Virus running through her system. The same Virus that now held her uncle in a constant sleep. She sighed and gently squeezed his hand. He looked so young and peaceful, handsome really. But she was objective about it, she knew this but only saw him as her uncle, as family. The only family she had left. It was no surprise really, considering that before the B5200 Virus mutated into it's current and deadly form it was the reason people stopped ageing, becoming immortal teenagers, forever. She quickly wiped a single tear that fell away. She looked outside and ran a hand through her short shaggy hair. She watched as the raindrops ran down the huge double windows before turning back to her uncle. She was aware of the butler in the room. Even if he was no butler at all. "What will you do now since my uncle's soul is no longer viable to you?" She asked him. She wondered and feared what the demon would do to her uncle when he no longer could claim his soul due to the fact it was destroyed by the Virus. She turned for once towards him, eyeing him like the suspicious detective she was. Bright blue eyes searching his eyes.

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Bree Trip had been the one to remain at his lord's beside while several doctors had come to try to administer medicine to help wake Thomas up. Trip had been the one to see to it that Thomas remained comfortable while his pale unmoving body lay as still as stone in his bed. Trip had been a butler to the Silvers' family, but to be specific, he was Thomas' personal butler. He had spent about half an hour in his lord's room when Thomas' niece, Maggie, had come in seeking an audience with her uncle. Naturally, Thomas complied to her request and let her in. While she sat herself down at her uncle's bedside and held Thomas' paper thin hand in her's, Trip stood on the other end of Thomas' bed as silent as a cunning python. Trip wasn't a demon of many wants and desires, only a few actually. Those desires that he held close to him where the ones that he would likely put his life at risk for. He would go to drastic means and end lives to see to it that he got what he wanted. The first thing that he wanted, was Thomas' soul. The two had made the deal, and unless Thomas actually died or, miraculously, woke up, Trip couldn't claim what was rightfully his. The second thing that he wanted, was Maggie. Maybe it was because he had spent more time than he originally planed on Earth, but he found himself taking interest in the girl. The way she spoke and presented herself showed that she was not just a girl, but she was a woman who had knowledge that would keep herself and her family alive. She suspected that Trip wasn't human. Even through Trip's act, she could see that much about him. Trip found their relationship to be a game in a way. Who would reach the finish line first, and who would fall into the clutches of the other? When Maggie asked Trip what his purpose would be now that her uncle was in a coma, he cleared his throat and said "As a butler, I will continue to serve the Silvers family, and protect the head of it with my life. Because you are your uncle's niece, and the last in the family line, it's now my job to be your servant."

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Maggie looked him over some more before turning her head away to look at her uncle again. She felt a sudden pain in her side. Sudden sharp pains were normal nowadays. She didn't show it however. She looked back out the window. She loved the rain. She was born on a rainy day. Her mother died on one. She sighed and spoke softly. "I know what you are. My uncle on a drunken night told me once. I might not have believed him if I hadn't seen your eyes." She was silent for a long time before she spoke again. She turned towards the butler and said clearly, "I want to make a deal."

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Bree Had he not been at Thomas' side since he first went into coma, he would've mistaken that Thomas was dead. The only sign of life in him was that the occasional rise and fall of his chest from his weak breathing. Trip's interest in was peeked when Maggie declared that she knew what he was. It had already been established to him that she had knowledge about his true character. However, as part of their game, he had always enjoyed toying with her about what it was that she actually knew. Trip's lips curved up slightly at the corners making him smile. It wasn't a friendly or warm smile though. It was the smile that a person would give someone to show that they meant no harm, then when the person wasn't looking, their head would be cut off before they realized that that someone was a liar. "And what sort of deal would you want to make with a butler like myself? If you have been listening to your uncle while he is intoxicated, I'm sorry to tell you that you may have likely been given false information," Trip said smoothly.

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Maggie turned her head sharply. Her blue eyes pierced his gaze like an ice shard through the snow. "Cut the bullshit for once. You may think I play along with your sick and twisted thoughts but I don't. The only reason why I even bother is because I fear for my uncle. And to keep an eye on you." She carefully let go of her uncle's hand and got up. She walked over to Trip and stood solidly before him. "The deal is, you let my uncle go from the contract and you take me in his stead." She didn't laugh, nor blink, she was dead serious.

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Bree If looks could kill, and if Trip could be killed at the hands of a human, he would've surely perished from the dangerously sharp and cold look in Maggie's eyes when she turned around to face him. His face remained stoic aside from the wickedly small smile on his face when Maggie stood before him. This was why he had chose to stay in the human world. These creatures had fascinated him so much for their unheard of thoughts and their selfless and sometimes selfish desires. He nodded his head, and extended his hand out to her for her to shake. "We have a deal then. In this exchange, you will take his place as my master. When the time comes for me to claim what it rightfully mine, the deal shall be broken," he said. When she agreed, this meant that they would be spending more time together and he would always be at her side. Things just got a lot more interesting.

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Maggie looked down at his hand before looking back up at him. He disgusted her with his sick nature. No matter if she was grateful in the manner which he murdered her father's killers. She looked at him with her blue eyes and said clearly and slightly slowly, to make absolutely sure. "If I shake your hand my uncle is free right, you'll take my soul instead of his right?"

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Bree Trip didn't break eye contact with her when she made sure to clarify what their deal was. He had to give it to her, she was persistent and intelligent. She didn't want to be cheated, so Trip would give her what she deserved and what she asked for. "His burden will be passed onto you, and his soul shall be saved," he said to answer her question. In retrospect, he could've taken hold of her hand right then and there without her consent. Trip wanted the satisfaction of her agreeing to his deal on her own terms. This way, if and when he made her fall, it would be all the more entertaining.

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Maggie felt relieved when he stated what she had wanted to hear. She gave a small ghost of a smirk. He really was an idiot. She would find a cure and her uncle would live, even if there was no hope for her then. She never thought about herself, only others. Despite her hard nature she did care, she cared a lot but never showed it. She looked at him, her eyes like ice. "You really are a sick fuck. You have a deal though." Then she placed a small soft white hand in his, shaking his hand and waiting for the mark to appear, she had seen her uncle's mark long ago despite his attempt to hide it.

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Bree "We have a deal," Trip corrected. Underneath his white glove, his ghostly pale hand glowed red from his mark. While their hands were clasped, his mark was inked into her skin on the side of her neck. Once the mark was complete, Trip released her hand and knelt down in front of her. He placed his hand over his chest where his unbeating heart lay in the shadow reddened abyss of his center. "My lady," he said. For Thomas, he would call him his lord, but to respect Maggie's gender, he would refer to her as a lady. That was her proper title, yet when he said this, he was tempted to smirk. He then rose to a standing position and looked at her satisfied gaze.

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As the mark appeared on the side of her neck it burned and seared but Maggie didn't scream aloud. But she did scream, on the inside. She let go of his hand and placed hers over the mark, the pain taking it's time to disappear. Then she watched him with a frowning face as he knelt and addressed her as 'My lady'. She would have figured he would smirk but didn't. So you have some restraint then. She didn't know yet if that was good or bad. "Oh don't be a buttery fool." She said annoyed, she kept her hand on her neck, the pain was spreading. She breathed a little faster and harder. Her body was going into shock as his demon magic interfered with the Virus. Maggie guessed this but wouldn't say it. She wanted no one to know she had the B5200 Virus, least of all this 'butler'. She swallowed and closed her eyes. She breathed out, "Catch me." Before collapsing forward.

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Bree Trip didn't need to be psychic to know that Maggie was going to collapse. She was pale, and that was coming from someone who as the color of white death, and her eyes were becoming distant. He was tempted to smirk when she ordered him not to give into being so buttery to her. If she was referring to his slippery nature, then why compare him to butter whch was food and instead call him slick? That seemed more fitting. When she closed her eyes and ordered him to catch her, he did just that. He took a step toward her and caught her with one of his arms wrapping around her limp body. After he had caught his lady ( that would take some getting use to ), he lifted her into his arms and carried her. With Maggie in his arms, Trip looked back to Thomas. "I hope you don't object to me carrying your niece in such a way, Thomas," he said to him even though he wouldn't respond. Trip left Thomas' room then went to Maggie's room. He laid her body down on her bed letting her hands rest at her sides. Trip then left her room and went to clean the mansion.

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Maggie's body took two hours before it recovered from the shock of receiving the demon's mark. She woke up and felt like a train hit her. She blinked her bright blue eyes. She sat up, groggily and with a hand to her head. She took several moments before getting up and going into her bathroom to splash her face. She felt sleepy still and like walking through fog, even if the fog was in her head. She closed her jacket around herself as she felt cold. She sipped some water from the tap and then walked back to her uncle's most ridiculous bedroom. She saw no sign of the butler. She entered his room and for the millionth time thought about what her uncle was thinking when he picked the decorations. She blamed his two way nature really. She went and examined his left eye, the mark was gone and she sighed. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. "You're safe now uncle." She whispered to him softly. She stood straight again and examined the weather outside, it was still raining some. Then she moved to his medical equipment to make sure everything was all right still. Then her pager went off. She looked at it and sighed. "Fuck." Then she walked back towards his bed and took his hand giving it a gentle squeeze before saying softly, "Gotta go unc. I'll see you later then." She watched him for a moment before heading out and closing the door behind her. She walked downstairs, wondering where that slippery snake of a butler was.

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Bree In the two hours that Maggie had been unconscious, Trip had dusted, swept, mopped, polished, and shined everything in the mansion. Maybe it was because he wasn't human, or because he had obtained a liking to having things organized, but it wasn't that difficult for him to clean about as fast as it would take a team or butlers. Any butler who couldn't keep their mansion clean and in tact wasn't worth his salt after all. It would be a while until the next meal, so for now, Trip had some free time to himself. Trip didn't remember ever seeing Thomas play, but Trip did enjoy stroking and playing the keys on a piano. The piano was located in the living room off to the far corner by where the windows almost connected. The continuous rainfall outside created a pleasantly blissful and quiet surrounding in the house. Trip was seated on the piano bench letting his gloved hands touch and play the notes that he remembered to a song. In hell, there was no music. If this was what humans would call a hobby, then Trip had playing the piano as the only thing he did to keep himself entertained that didn't involve any secret motives. He looked up from the piano to see Maggie come into the living room. "You're up, my lady. Are you well?" he asked her.

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Maggie eyed him but kept walking. "Oh don't fucking start. Didn't I say to cut the fucking butter act?" She walked over to the coat hanger and got her bag, it was a satchel really, one that was large and stuffed. What she kept in there was a secret. She hung it over her shoulder and also got her coat on. Now she sported four layers of clothes but she still felt cold. She realised this might also go noticed. She cursed inside. It was easy for everyone not to know she was sick when she lived on her own and when this butler fool was still under her uncle's command. But she would just have to stay vigilant and let nothing slip. She fished around her coat for her keys. It was evident she was heading out.

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Bree When Maggie had questioned him, Trip's fingers stopped playing music then his hands moved to his lap and rested there comfortably. "I'm being myself, my lady. And I'm sorry for trying to ensure that you were well after you passed out from receiving my mark," he said then he stood up and walked over to the coat hanger where she stood while she slipped on her new garment. His eyebrow raised when he noticed how many layers of clothing she was wearing. Trip was aware that it was raining outside, but it didn't seem to be that cold from he saw. Now that he was her butler, he would stay at her side. He grabbed his own coat off of the coat hanger and put it on his person in addition to grabbing an umbrella. It was evident and it couldn't be stopped that wherever she was going, he would be going with her.

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"Blah." Maggie waved a hand dismissively. She couldn't exactly say she had passed out due to shock when the Virus and his demon mojo clashed inside her. She finally found her keys then grabbed her scarf, tying it around her neck even though her collar from her jacket hid the mark, but she was cold. She then lifted her short hair out from under the fabric of the scarf then saw for the first time he had donned his coat as well. "Going out for the afternoon then? Didn't think you had it in you Trippy." She eyed him and gave a smirk of her own.

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Bree Once Trip had his jacket on comfortably, he returned the smirk to her, but it was more wicked like he had a dirty secret on her that she had no idea about. "As a butler, it is my job to follow and serve you wherever you go. This means, wherever you go outside of the manor, I accompany you. If you didn't want my company, you should've stated so when you made the deal. Or, you could've asked the details about it before you shook my hand," he said then he walked up to her. "Is that all, my lady?" he asked her.

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Maggie lost her smirk. "Smart ass. Well then, just don't fuck up my crime scene and for the love of fucking dandies don't look too pleased about it." She couldn't have him smiling at the murder scene, people would surely notice that. She walked out the door and left it open since he was behind her. As for the following thing she said nothing but cringed on the inside. She headed to the outside garage and opened up a bay and headed over to her lime green motorcycle. She got on and inserted the keys. She didn't bother with a helmet nor doing something to cover her head. She left the cold rain soak her as it would cover up her need for the layers of clothes, even though in the long run it was not a good idea. She waited for the butler to move his ass.

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Bree (( I need to go for a while after this post. ))

"About what? Death? I can assure you that no sane person would enjoy seeing corpses," Trip said. Trip was aware that she wouldn't likely enjoy having him ride on her motorcycle with her. She didn't enjoy having him talk to her, so there was an impossible chance of her being fond of him putting his arms around her while they rode to wherever she was going. Instead, he picked up a pair of keys to one of the cars in the garage. He brought with him an umbrella to hold over his head and Maggie's if they were spendnig time outside. He followed after her to the garage and climbed into the sleek black car that was parked next to her green motorcycle. When he got into the driver's side of the car, Trip started the engine.

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Maggie rolled her eyes and then pulled up her scarf to cover the lower half of her face. She started the engine and then, well, flew off. She gunned the engine and drove like a professional maniac. Not caring about her own life or the wet roads. She flew down the stretch of road leading to the main gate, signalling the guard there to open it. It was barely moving open as she expertly drove trough the narrow way. She didn't bother stopping or what not, knowing the guard would close the gate again. She passed the night nurse as she drove by, heading to the estate to watch over her uncle for the night. She raised a hand as she passed the poor elderly lady nodded in fear at her speeding green blur. Maggie smiled, she loved this. She would prefer to go out in a blaze of glory any ways. She headed into town. Making her way across the Themes and towards the housing district of new age London. She finally slowed and turned onto a street where there were beautiful apartments in a rather family style and orientated design and feeling. Ahead of her yellow tape and cop cars and lights beamed in the rainy day. She headed up and through the parked cars, parking beside the curb next to the house. She cut the engine off and got her keys out of the ignition before getting up and pulling her scarf back down to reveal her full face. She stood with her hands in her pockets and merely looked at the double story apartment building. It was white and had a picket fence and a red door. There was beautiful flowers in the small garden. It looked like a family home, except for the single red jeep in the driveway. Indicative of a single person. She sighed and turned to see if the butler had kept up.

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Bree Trip wasn't surprised to see how quick Maggie was to drive ahead of him, and have her own freedom of flying while she drove toward her destination. It wasn't difficult for him to match her speed and follow after her once he left the estate through the gate. Of course, Maggie could easily slide through the exit because of her vehicle, and since Trip was driving a car, he had to wait. Upon coming to the human world, Trip had obtained a better sense of patience. In hell, when he wanted something, and didn't get it, he would have to resort to violence. True, this was similar to how a child would through a fit if they didn't get that certain from mommy and daddy. Only, the kid wasn't a hellish immortal creature that could survive any kind of human torture. Yes, Trip had the capability to get whatever he wanted as a demon. Playing the role of a human and using his secret that only Maggie knew, or at least thought she knew, made this game all the more better. He had already learned that Maggie was a detective, so it was no surprise to him when he pulled up to a building with yellow police crime scene tape blocking it from curious pedestrians. Trip got out of his vehicle, then produced an umbrella that shielded his head from the rain. When Maggie parked then turned around to see if Trip had followed and kept up, he waved to her with one of his hands.

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Maggie couldn't resist what she did next when she spotted her butler. She showed him the finger along with a brilliant smile before turning and heading towards the door. As she did the chief came out of the red door and quickly shut it again. He was an oddity in this new world. When the B5200 Virus first hit and turned everyone immortal it did something else, it killed all adults, except a select few. The police Chief of The New Scotland Yard was one of those few who survived. As a result he was a man in his forties, grossly overweight and sported a simple moustache. He had dark brown hair that was frozen in a receding line and huge teddy bear brown eyes of the same colour as his hair. He smoked and drank only whiskey. He had a staggering seven wives, all divorced. Not to mention at least three were strippers. He was also short, Maggie could look him right in the eyes. His demeanour was pleasant, joking and stern all the same while. Maggie loved him like a father. He was in all's opinion the best chief they had ever had. Upon seeing her he smiled and said in his deep boisterous male voice, "Magnolia, so good of you to join us and so quickly too, I shudder to think how many speeding tickets you'll get." He smiled, showing his actually still nice teeth.
Maggie returned his smile with one of her own, unlike with Trip, this one was genuine. "Oh chief, it warms my heart to know how much faith you have in me." She placed a hand over her heart to accompany the words.
The chief rolled his eyes and walked up to her, sighing. Which was not a good sign.
Maggie eyed him, "What we got chief?"
The chief grunted, "A fucking mess that's what we got." He retrieved a pocket note book and flipped it open, standing beside Maggie but turning so she could see his cryptic writing, "One female victim, single and lives alone. No children and family overseas. No forced entry and only reported missing yesterday after one week of missing work, which is a fucking disgrace in my opinion. Used to be a filing clerk, when the papers started falling off the table they only then got off their fucking righteous asses. I gotta warn you Mags, it's a fucking sight to behold, a smell too."
Maggie listened intently to the chief as he spoke and nodded at the end, "It always is chief." She took off and stopped by a small table, putting on some paper hospital shoes and some white gloves to not contaminate evidence. She then headed inside. She closed the door behind her. The smell of a decomposing corpse of a week old hit her immediately. It was a putrid stench that would make even the most seasoned and hardened detective run puking. She headed towards the living room, right across the door, she could tell this was the actual murder scene by the activity and it was also kinda hard to miss. "What the fucking hell? How in God's glorious name did this fucking happen? Seriously, how the fuck did this sick fuck manage this?" She waved one hand about. Before her lay a corpse, the chief probably only knew it to be female cause of the missing person's report. The living room was once white but now red scarlet blood littered the walls, furniture, ceiling, floor and just about every surface in the room. The victim lay all over, all over cause she had been cut up and disembowel. There were also flies and maggots crawling all over the various body parts. Maggie puffed out her cheeks and just stared for a moment, wondering if this is what Trip would do to her one day to get her soul out.

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Just so you know this is like my best work EVER and I am really proud of it and I really hope you enjoy reading this!

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Bree ”And a hello to you as well, my fair lady,” Trip thought to himself after he had received the middle from Maggie. It struck him as amusing, in a way, since it was said, at least from certain stereotypes, that the English were supposedly the best mannered folk. Clearly the people who had been under this belief and spread this false news must have been smoking something since that was utter bull shit. Still, the English maintained their unusual sense of humor. Afterall, Maggie took joy in insulting Trip in every creative way her small brain could come up with. As the rain fell, Trip walked in the direction where Maggie had vanished into the house. The rain droplets pelted the material of the umbrella shielding Trip’s head, and the ground under Trip’s feet sloshed from the wetness of the water from heaven. Upon walking up to the entrance of the house, and stepping not two feet indoors, an arm outstretched and blocked Trip’s entry into the house. Trip’s head turned in the general direction of the man who was stopping him. He had picked up some of Maggie’s conversation with this man from when Trip stood by his car earlier. ”So this the chief of police…The title that is bestowed upon this man is misleading to his actual appearance. Perhaps if he were to cut back on his alcohol and time spent spreading the legs of young women, then he might actually fit the job description that is entitled to him,” Trip thought. Of course, none of this was said outloud. Trip smiled at the chief and said “If you’ll excuse me. I’m Ms. Silvers’ butler, and as such, it is my job to see to it that she is kept safe wherever she goes. This includes, crime scenes that her job dictates that she go to. Trip stepped around the chief’s arm, and then Trip closed his umbrella. He then hung it on a nearby coat rack and grabbed a pair of white hospital paper shoes to keep the crime scene clean. Trip found this ironic. The police wished to keep a bloody murder scene clean. Trip chuckled to himself, then he walked toward he suspected Maggie would be. The color of livid blood was spread throughout the surroundings of the inside of the house. No doubt, the floor would be stained from the excessive blood loss. When Trip found Maggie, he walked up to her and stood behind her closely. Trip looked over her shoulder, and saw the mutilated corpse of the young woman who was clearly the victim. The smell of rotting flesh wafted into Trip’s nose. Not the most repugnant thing that Trip had smelled, but none the less, it was unpleasant and it was something Trip would’ve preferred to not have entered his nose. The sight of the blood splattered and sprayed along the once perfectly white room was eerily beautiful in Trip’s eyes. Maybe he was delving into this too deeply, but he found this be symbolic of how nonexistent purity was. There would always be one imperfection, and it would soon grow and grow until the idea that purity was possible was mad and preposterous. “It's a shame that no one came in time to help this poor woman, isn't it?” Trip finally said letting Maggie know that he was behind her. There was double meaning to his words, of course.

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To Maggie it was no surprise that the fucking butler was behind her. She had heard him outside and had heard his peculiar little walk come up behind her. But she didn't answer him. She didn't look at him. All she could see was the mutilated girl before her. She had been a kind person apparently, some of the officer's knew her from town or mutual friends. So young, so many prospects and now, she was dead. Gone forever. Maggie only prayed that Trip wasn't smiling or something. Something in her tore away as she saw a part of the girl's head still intact. A dull and faded eye looking back at her. It made her feel. It made her drop her guard. She whispered ever so softly, "Is this what will happen to me? Will I feel it happen? What becomes of me afterwards? Do I just fade away? Gone forever? It doesn't matter that you're not human Trip. What matters is that you make me sick with your twisted and fucked up nature. You don't know love and you never will." Maggie was silent for a long time afterwards. Finally she turned to him, her bright blue eyes soft for once. She whispered out, "I'm dying."

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Bree ( You are fucking brilliant ;) )

Trip didn't comment about her accusation that Trip didn't know love. He wasn't going to deny it, but he wasn't going to accept it either. He knew that it wasn't in his nature to believe in any emotion that would embody any sort compassion towards another. His emotions were there for his own personal enjoyment, and he did what he did for his own personal entertainment. Trip knew that Maggie would die. Everyone who knew Maggie knew that Maggie would die. Not by Trip's hand, but at some point, she would lay as still as this unmoving corpse, and have no reason to see with her open eyes as the life was taken from her body. When that moment, Trip would claim her soul, and then it would be over. It would be over for them both- not just for Maggie. "Of course you are dying. With every second that passes by, your time of walking among the living dwindles. As for what will happen to you when you pass, that is up for you decide. How you shall die, is not up for you to decide. It's not up for me, or for your uncle to decide either. It's not within anyone's power to prevent the inevitable, but it's up to them to decide how their story is told when they die. I would like to see your story told where you have not lived your life in fear," he said.

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At his words Maggie smiled brightly. She felt triumphant that even he didn't know all. She looked back at the girl for a long time before turning around and stepping right up to Trip. Her eyes sparkled and danced like that of falling snow. She leaned forward slowly, keeping eye contact for as long as possible. She then turned her head that her lips were only an inch away from his ear. She whispered ever so softly, "There are things that even you, Toroch, can't fathom. I'm dying." She was silent for a moment, breathing onto his ear and then deciding, or rather, just wanting someone to know. Again, as softly as she could, "I have the Virus. It's been a year. It's already half way up my spine. I only have another year left. But don't worry, I'm going to finish my work before then and when it's all said and done, I'm going to take my gun and shoot myself through my head. Then you can have what you came here for. And I will finally get what I deserved for what I did. Perfection." She pulled back and smiled again. It was a bright genuine smile. The first she had ever shown to Trip. Then she turned and walked away, heading to the kitchen where the medical examiner was drinking some sugar water caused from the shock.

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Trip found it rather surprising that Maggie would let her guard down, and place herself so close to him just to tell him something that he already knew. He knew that she would kill herself in the end. He wasn't psychic, but he was a very good judge of character. She wouldn't have in her to live for much longer anyway. Virus or no virus, she couldn't keep herself together. He thought that he was slick, and yet she even went as far as to call him buttery, but she was just as clever and intelligent with her choice of words as he was. With her lips by his ear, her chest was also within arms reach. Embedded in her chest, was her beating heart. He could hear its steady thrum as she told him what was happening to her. Not once did it skip a beat to show how afraid she was. In one second, he could plunge his hand into her chest. In two seconds, he could grab hold of her heart. In three seconds, he could rip her heart from her chest. In four seconds, her body would collapse onto the floor. In five seconds, he could claim her soul. In six seconds, he could leave this house. In seven, Maggie's repugnant boss could come inside and find her body on the ground wondering what the hell happened. It would only take seven seconds to end this girl's life here and now. He could break his own deal and end her life only to see the fearful shock in her eyes when she pulled away to meet Trip's sinister gaze. He didn't though. He would wait the year to see her die by her own hand. When she walked away into the kitchen, Trip's gaze followed after her, then he looked down to the dead woman. He knelt down beside her then his head cocked to the side as he looked into her unseeing open eyes. "She wants her perfect demise, and so she will have it," he said then he smiled he reached out and closed the woman's eyes. He stood up then walked after Maggie.

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It was a blur of activity from that point onwards. People everywhere and shouting and talking and everything. Maggie and several officers inspected the house, no signs anywhere of how the purp got in and out. It was all locked up tight and the alarm had been on. It was beginning to seem she might have had a secret lover, one that no one knew about, it was the only explanation so far. Maggie didn't find anything and watched in amusement as several young officer's had to run from the house to go and relieved themselves in the nearby bushes. Rookies, she thought. She eventually excited the house and went strolling about the garden, the house having been given precedence due to the violent nature. She was walking at the back with no one around when suddenly a intense pain hit her. She slumped against the wall and moaned softly in pain, holding both her hands on her right side just below the her rib cage. She grimaced and shut her eyes tightly.

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Bree For the rest of the time that Maggie had spent at the house of the crime scene, Trip had been by his lady's side. The frenzy of officers coming in and out along with the detectives who had weak stomachs. Trip had been around the Silvers family for so long that he had forgotten how weak humans actually were. This family had somehow managed to remain alive and continue to see to it that it prospered, even if the family was only one person now. Trip had wandered into the bathroom attached to the bedroom that had been made out to belong to the dead woman. It was a small bathroom, and over the sink, mounted on the wall, was a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the door. In his reflection, Trip saw a demon in disguise. He could pass for a human easily now, but in another state of mind and body, he wouldn't be able to pull off such a task. His lips curved up at the corners forming a secretive smile when the thought occurred to him of the chaotic fear that would occur if Trip revealed himself in front of the humans that were in another room over. Trip's hand reached up, and he opened the door to reveal plastic shevles with small plastic bottles, creams, and ointments. One container among them all stood out. What was this doing here... Trip closed the door. It wasn't his place to delve too far into this investigation when it wasn't his place to do so. And after all, figuring things out like this was Maggie's job. It was not a butler's job to do such a thing. Trip left the bathroom, then realized that Maggie had evaded his sights. He went to go look for her.

( If she does need help, she has her mark which entitles a connection to Trip, so if she says his name, he would come to her. )

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Maggie turned, leaning with her back against the wall. Ironically she stood between two rose bushes. One white the other red. Something was crawling inside her. She breathed hard but didn't call for help. She didn't want anyone to know she was sick. Not even the chief knew. Or her uncle. He had lapsed into his coma before she had gotten the nerve to tell him and when he did leave her behind for the dream fields of eternal sleep she vowed not to tell anyone anything. She didn't want to be pitied, not ever. Then, she heard something. Something like bone snapping. Her lowest rib snapped in two, the virus having eaten through it. She gasped in pain as her eyes opened and widened. Her pupils dilating. But still she didn't scream. She never would. Despite what her butler thought she was strong. She would only do what she planned on doing to fulfil the deal and keep her uncle safe. Once she found a cure, and she will find a cure she was confident the family name would continue on with him and his heirs one day. She took a moment to smile, thinking for the millionth time how her uncle managed to not get anyone pregnant in his vast years the way he carried on was beyond her capabilities to fathom. As the hot searing pain tore through her end radiated all throughout her body she started coughing, only something came out of her mouth when she did, blood. Soon blood was pouring out of her mouth and it was getting a tad bit harder to breath. She realised then the bone must have snapped inward, piercing her lung and making the air vessel fill with blood with she was now coughing up. She couldn't be seen like this. Her vision blurred and she felt so weak. She had no choice, in a weak pain filled voice she breathed out, barely a whisper, "Trip....."

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Bree It was like he was in an empty white room. There was no one beside him, not an object near him, and not a sound to be heard. For there to be such nothingness was impossible to fathom, but it was there until Trip heard Maggie say his name. It reminded him of the room where the woman’s dead body was found. There was oblivion of white and cold, then there was life. There was color. There was red. There was blood. Trip’s lips curved up at the corners forming a familiar reserved but all knowing smile when he heard her voice. Trip knew how stubborn Maggie was. It was masked well with her confidence and intelligence. For her to give into actually asking for help must have meant two things: one, she was beginning to accept that Trip would always be at her side. Two, she needed his help. Trip knew that, when he helped her, there would or would not be a sign of thanks from her. It wouldn’t be any sense of sincere gratitude since it was, after all, his task to remain at Maggie’s side until her time to pass would come. Trip walked down the hallway that lead out to the backyard garden. Funny, this would be just the kind of place that Maggie would end up in. And a rose bush… This made Trip chuckle to himself. The symbol of love, with such delicately soft petals like silk. Then there was the thorns… Just like a rose, love had imperfections that would hurt those who didn’t handle it carefully. This was what made humans stupid. There was so easily blinded by simple beauty, that they ignored any imperfection that they didn’t want to see. Soon, Trip found his lady between two rose bushes. One white and one red. Maggie was in-between perfection, and imperfection even though she claimed that she would have perfection when she died. How interesting. Trip approached her, then he produced a white handkerchief from his person that he used to wipe the blood from her lips. He left it his white cloth in her hand then he said “You should know better than to wander off without telling your butler where you went, my lady.”

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Maggie gasped in pain. Unsure about why she even bothered with saying the stupid butler's name. She panicky wondered about how she would get away without being seen and still being needed to investigate the scene. She wondered about why her. Why she got infected and why she would never have her happy ending. It was like she was cursed, cursed from the day she was born. She lost that thought when she saw her butler. He came up to her with no expression and wiped the blood from her face. She breathed hard, blood still pouring out of her mouth. She so often wondered about why he found joy in destruction. Her eyes for once were soft and vulnerable. She was afraid. She was lonely. And she was cursed. She whispered out so very softly, "One day you will find joy in my destruction. Why?" Why? When you can find joy with my love? She wondered. She looked away as she felt the familiar crawling again. She smiled, knowing what was happening. "This Virus is like you, eating me away slowly with no mercy behind your actions." Then another bone could be heard snapping. Maggie's eyes widened and she froze.

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“I’m starting to get the impression that you don’t enjoy my company if you’re comparing my service family to a life threatening disease that has taken London by storm,” Trip said. “That’s very rude of you to say,” he added. Of course, he didn’t deny her accusation at him. His white gloved hand reached out to Maggie. Seeing as she was weak and vulnerable, Trip could get away with this one gesture. His hand cupped her cheek as he continued to speak to her “My unheard of and inhuman interest in uncommon things doesn’t make me a man of no mercy, Maggie. Contrary to what you believe, I don’t enjoy destruction. I only enjoy seeing what sort of fate people are destined for, because that one day where it all ends, is the one moment that they have dreaded for their entire lives. I like a journey as much as the next person, but the final destination is what I desire.” He leaned forward toward her ear with his hand lowering from her cheek and rested over the fabric of her clothes covering her chest. His hand lay over her beating heart as he whispered “Your final destination is the one that I will look forward to the most.” He pulled his lips away from her, then he removed his hand from her person. Trip's eyes traveled down to her torso where he suspected the broken bone was, then they made their way back to meet Maggie's pained gaze. "I'm assuming that you called me not to have a conversation, but to actually seek out my help given your situation, yes?" he asked.

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Maggie took a deep breath before turning her head to the side to cough up more blood. She turned back towards Trip. Her cheeks were covered in a soft pink hue. She felt like she understood him better even if she really didn't. She saw a side to him she hadn't before and when he touched her, for once she wasn't repulsed but actually......warmed. She hadn't been warm by herself for a long while now. She watched him with soft blue eyes and merely nodded her head.

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Bree ( Let me know if this next post isn't too your liking. I was having trouble coming up with a way for Trip to help Maggie without having to take her away from the crime scene. )

"Let's get you fixed up then, shall we?" Trip said with his signature smile on his lips. He brought his white silk glove up to his mouth, then he gently bit onto the loose fabric of it where his thumb was. He pulled his hand out of the glove, revealing his mark on the back of his hand to her. With his other hand, he plucked his glove from his mouth, and held it between his fingers. Trip's mouth widened slightly as he brought his wrist to his lips. The familiar cold skin of his hand met his slightly open mouth, then he bit into his wrist. He didn't wince from the pain that he felt of him biting into his own skin, nor was he repulsed by the feeling of his blood trickling into the sleeve of his jacket. Trip brought his wrist to Maggie's lips, and with his free hand that wasn't injured, he cupped her cheek and opened her mouth slightly. "Drink," he said. When his blood would enter her system, her recent injuries would be healed. Trip's blood, all demon blood really, held some healing properties to it. However, in too many doses of it, it could potentially kill the person and turn them into a demon.

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Maggie watched Trip carefully as he first removed his glove then bring his wrist up to his mouth, seemingly biting into his own skin. Then when he cupped her cheek and brought his wrist up to her mouth. She saw it did reveal the welling up of dark red blood. She listened to his words and for a single moment, lost all her sanity. She had been cold and in pain for far too long. She had lost her appetite and was severely nauseous on and off for months now. The chance to finally just feel better was overwhelming. But then it faded. She returned to herself and knew she must be strong. She smiled and brought her cold and small white hand up and placed it over Trip's. She said softly and with kind eyes, "Thank you Trip." Then she placed both her hands on his wrist and placed her mouth over the bite. She closed her eyes and began sucking. As his warm sweet blood entered her mouth and went down her throat to pool inside her stomach she instantly felt so much better she could cry. She sucked harder and moaned as silent tears ran down her cheeks. Her grip tightened on him.

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Bree Trip wasn't sure if this was Maggie being herself, or if this was her disease speaking when she said thank you to him. Humans had some sense of gratitude in them, yet Trip was somehow under the impression that it was beyond Maggie to experience such an emotion, especially toward him seeing as she had made it clear that she wasn't fond of him. There was no doubt in Trip's mind, when he continued to meet Maggie's gaze, that there was some truth in her eyes. He concluded that this wasn't the disease speaking, but the disease that had made Maggie open up more toward her butler. This was a pleasant change and surprise for Trip, and Trip wasn't the sort to be surprised often. Her hands were warm against his arm when she grasped onto him. The sensation of her drinking his blood was oddly arousing to him. Trip hadn't been aroused by a human before, so this was new to him. Coming to earth brought plenty of new things, he realized. When Maggie's grip tightened on his arm after she had already healed, Trip pulled his arm from her grasp and brought it back to his person. Now Trip was smirking. "That's enough, my lady," he said then he put his glove back on his hand.

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Maggie was gasping. She leaned against the wall still. She actually growled when he pulled his arm away from her mouth. She opened her eyes and said in a truly dark and terrifying voice, "I wasn't done yet." Only her voice was nothing compared to her eyes. They were a dark crimson red. She reached out and grabbed his wrist and pulled him with abnormal strength towards her. She smirked darkly, "I will never be done with you Toroch." Then she leaned forward, stepping into his body and placing her other free hand on the back of his neck. She raised her head and closed her eyes. Then she leaned in and with remarkable gentleness claimed his lips with her own.

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Bree There was two things that were to be known about Trip: One, he wasn't easily startled. Two, he wasn't easily terrified. He wasn't scared by Maggie's action, but he was, for the first time since coming to earth, surprised. Her voice didn't belong to a perfection seeking stubborn human when she spoke to him. Her voice belonged to a vengeful seeking demonic creature. For a moment, his mask that had been as strongly built and unmoving as a rock cracked when she grabbed his wrist. It returned when she pulled him toward her and put a hand on the back of his neck. When she kissed him, he went somewhere else. Maybe this was because he was becoming more human, but Trip found himself craving her touch when she kissed him in what could only be described as gently. Trip wasn't sure where this desire came from, but he wanted more. Trip returned her kiss heatedly, with one of his hands grabbing onto her waist.

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Maggie smiled against his lips when he willingly and without her say so touched her waist and returned her kiss. She didn't know what she wanted any more and was beyond confused. She panicked then calmed. She figured she would figure everything out later, alone and in the comfort and embrace of her library with something to drink and eat. For she realised that for the first time in months she was hungry, actually hungry. She again panicked for a moment thinking may be she was hungry for death or blood for somewhere deep down she realised Trip's blood had effected her oddly to say the least but she let out a sigh of relief when she found her mind returning to the thought of a lovely tuna salad sandwich. She hungrily though kissed Trip back and before she wanted it to end pulled back. She breathed like she had run a marathon, trying to catch her breath. She laughed slightly and watched Trip lovingly. As he watched her back her red eyes faded and returned to their icy blue hue. She gave a small smile and looked shyly at him, while blushing profusely.

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Bree Trip couldn't begin to describe what it was that came over him. He knew that these emotions couldn't be his, but at the same time, he couldn't deny what he was doing, and where exactly his hands were. Not only was he touching Maggie, but he was kissing her. Because they were so close to another, Trip could fear the increase of her heartbeat through the fabric of both of their clothes. It was loud as a brass band, and its rapid thrumming radiated into his hollow chest. When Maggie pulled away from him, for a moment, the shock of what had occured between them both, whether it was intentional, unintentoinal, accidental, or none of them above, was visible on Trip's face. It then vanished, and his mask of hidden mischief and reserved intelligence was brought back. Trip took a step back from his lady then he raised a hand up and placed it over his heart then he bowed his head to her. "I aim to please, my lady, and I'm glad to see that I am successful to be of service to you," he said.

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Maggie nodded, then her smile slowly faded. She didn't want him to kiss her and touch her because he had to, she wanted him to do it because he wanted to. She still wanted his blood but it was only a lingering sense. Then out of nowhere, "Magnolia!" Maggie's face turned into a scowl and she muttered, "Shit. Later then lover boy." She walked back to the front of the house, but not before something caught her eye. She found the chief in the front yard, he was red in the face and partially wet from the oncoming rain. He held a cup of steaming coffee in his hand and when he saw her he turned a pissed look at her. "Well thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to assist us Mags, where the fuck where you?" Maggie kept a straight and unemotional face as she said fairly clearly, "I was making out with my butler in the back yard, he's such a fucking pervert you know, can't keep his hands off of me." At that the chief blushed and cleared his throat. "Shit Mags if you didn't want to say fine, follow me." Maggie followed the chief back into the rotting house but before she did she turned and smirked at Trip, winking at him. When she did disappear into the house some of the junior officers started whispering, "I thought she was gay or something." The other officer said, "Yeah me too, like she never dates. But man would I like to take her for a ride if you know what I mean." He winked at his fellow who in turn said, "Yeah, she does have a nice rack and ass, but you know she's too much of a bitch, and besides, she's not that good looking. I wouldn't want her in the long run." Then they laughed and returned to their work.

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Trip smirked at her comment about calling him a lover boy. "My lady is becoming quite creative with these new nicknames for me. Maybe I should return the favor and give her one in return," he thought to himself as he watched her leave. Trip soon followed after her to the front of the house. He had left his umbrella by the front door when he went out to the garden, so several rain droplets clung to his black hair and his black coat that he wore. He wasn't close to her, but he was within hearing range to make out her comment about her affiliation with her butler. To that, Trip chuckled under his breath. Telling the far fetched and shocking truth to someone close to her so that it seemed like a lie- she was very brilliant indeed. Trip walked toward the house, then he stopped where he stood when he saw and heard the commentary of the officers. How like human men to be easily infauated with the appearance of a woman. Trip cleared his throat, smiled over at them, and said "Perhaps if you two spent more time on this case, and less time noticing a woman who is far out of your league, you both could go home and jerk off to whatever sort of porn you filth are into. See, this is why the crime rate in London is going up now. They'll make anyone an officer nowadays," he said then he walked into the house after Maggie. "That felt very good," he thought to himself with a satisfied grin on his lips.

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The officer's were shocked that someone had heard them and looked thoroughly ashamed. Maggie followed the chief into the victim's bathroom where he opened the girl's bathroom mirror cabinet and pointed with a pen towards a bottle of suspicious pills. "I think we might have a clue here." Maggie looked at the bottle and said, "No, I don't think so, something about this case feels off." She then turned and walked back out the house, grabbing her butler by the hand and curling her fingers around his, leading them back to the backyard. She walked to an area that seemed strange and realised why that was. There was a metal tower for plants that climbed standing between a row of large bushes, the ones that could be sculpted into works of art. It was black and decorated in a lovely pattern with a climbing pink rose bush. This girl seemed to like roses. Only it wasn't so much a stand as a door. Maggie pushed it open to reveal a small circle filled only with roses and in the centre a lovely and fairly large angel water fountain. Maggie walked over with Trip still grasped by her hand and saw there were actual coins in the fountain. One thing about Maggie though, she was superstitious to a tea. Except, she figured with the girl now dead, no real harm could be done. As she reached to pick up a coin she said perplexed, "She actually threw coins in here?" Then when she did pick up a random coin she noticed something about it, she turned it in her hands before throwing it back into the water. "Those are supposed magic coins from that gypsies store over on Harbour Street." Then Maggie realised she was still holding Trip's hand. She promptly let go and blushed, walking around the fountain. She had only grabbed his hand in the first place to walk him back to the garden. Then she stopped and had a puzzled expression on her face. She retrieved a pair of tweezers and a plastic crime scene bag from her coat and reached into the water again. She returned her hand holding the tweezers, except now there was a single cigarette in the metal hands hold. "There is no sign that the victim smoked." She said idly. Then she looked at Trip and her face was scared. "Trip, I have a very bad feeling about this." Another thing about Maggie, she never got bad feelings unless something bad was in the air. When she was still young she got a bad feeling one day and the next her father was dead. Another time as a teen she got one and the next day she broke her leg in a car accident. The last time she had a bad feeling, her uncle slipped into a coma.

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Trip walked into the house and was standing in the living where the body of the dead woman lay. All demons were somehow born with knowledge about their own kind. From Trip's birth knowledge, demons could not only be born when a human took in great quantities of demon blood, but also when a human died and had committed a sin. This pertained to the original seven deadly sins: sloth, greed, envy, pride, lust, wrath, and gluttony. There was no doubt in Trip's mind, that when this woman died, a demon would born in hell, and if her committed sin was what Trip assumed it was, she would create a demon who embodied lust. Interrupting Trip's thoughts was the hand of his lady grabbing hold of his hand and leading him outside. Apparently, they were returning to the garden. Upon returning to the garden, Trip noticed the unusual and he wondered how he didn't notice it earlier... "That's right," he remembered. "My lady and I were busy exchanging words." When he walked through the open door with Maggie that lead to a tower of some sort, the smell of roses were overwhelmingly strong. He hadn't realized that Maggie was still grasping hold of his hand when they reached the water until she promptly let go then blushed. Trip smiled his signature smile at her, then his gaze returned to the water fountain and he frowned. Before she walked away from the fountain, Trip retrieved one of the gypsy coins from the water. "What could this woman have possibly been wishing for? She was lonely, so possibly someone to share her sorrow with? he thought to himself then he walked out with Maggie, once again, grabbing his hand. "She is a woman of mysteries," he thought to himself as he watched his lady kneel down a pick up a cigarette. After she had spoken outloud to him, Trip nodded his head. "As do I. If this didn't belong to her, then maybe her killer? Someone that she had known for a while perhaps?" he suggested.

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