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message 1: by Sneha (new)

Sneha Gande | 2 comments Hi All,

My father in law is a book lover & has a collection of more than 15000 books of all genre.He also has some rarest collection. Please let us know if any one is interested in buying them.Or please suggest how to sell them in bulk.

message 2: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Enoch (failedhumanity) | 11 comments You could host a sale or something, fix a date and get the word out and allow people to check out the books and buy them then and there.

message 3: by Sumeetha (new)

Sumeetha Manikandan (sumeethamanikandan) | 13 comments Hi Sneha,

There is a garage sale happening for books in royapettah this week -
Attic, 16, 17, Hanumantha Road, 4th Floor Block 'A', Srestha Anand Apartments, Balajinagar, Royapettah Chennai- 600014.

Organized by the members of Azure Book Club.

Check it out.

message 4: by Ashok (new)

Ashok | 49 comments Dear Sumeetha,

Your poster says "Home Baker Products". Should it not be "Home Baked Products"?

You guessed right. I am an editor.

message 5: by Sumeetha (new)

Sumeetha Manikandan (sumeethamanikandan) | 13 comments Hi Ashok,

well spotted! But that was not my poster. I Just saw it in the book club :)

message 6: by Ashok (new)

Ashok | 49 comments That guy who prepared it was possibly clubbed or got blotto in a club! ;-)

message 7: by Sumeetha (new)

Sumeetha Manikandan (sumeethamanikandan) | 13 comments :)

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