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Neha (neha71580) Well, I made this fanfiction on The Percy Jackson and Olympians series, or The Heroes of Olympus series to be more specific. And I'd love to share it with all of you :)

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Neha (neha71580) Desription: Ever thought how Nico released Hazel from the Underworld? Did Jason get to talk to Thalia before leaving? What was on Annabeth's mind when Percy was missing? Well, The Demigod Secrets will have all those stories which have been said to happen in the PJO/HoO series, but never depicted. Just like Demigod Files and Demigod Diaries! The chapters will be from different POVs, and there'll be a Lot of chapters i assure you.

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Neha (neha71580) https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/...
I have written four chapters so far, but I'll post the first chapter here too. If you guys want I'll post the rest of the chapters here too :)


(November, after Titan War)

Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo was strolling in the Underworld, which was almost a daily occurrence. But today he was restless, deep in thought of the last conversation he had with his father, about an hour ago. What did he mean? Nico kept asking himself again and again. The keys on his belt jingled as he walked. He tried to recall the moments again.

His father, the so-called 'Lord of the Underworld', was having a huge problem. Even though this problem was nowhere near the Titan war last summer, it definitely could cause a serious trouble if not solved. Thanatos, the incarnation of Death himself, was nowhere to be found. He had been suddenly gone missing a few days ago, though it was hard to tell time in the Underworld. Nico knew that there could be only one explanation to this- Thanatos has been kidnapped; because for obvious reasons he couldn't take a holiday (though the dude deserves a holiday, Nico thought). Anyway, when Nico had visited the throne room to report, he had found his father sitting on his throne.

Hades sat there in a very regal posture, his face stern, the horrified faces of the damned souls glinting silver and white in his black robes. He was rubbing his golden keys, his brows creased in tension & his eyes looking at a random spot, as if he was thinking how to pulverize that very spot. Nico had the same expressions when he was worried and angry at the same time. He always wondered why did he get to have more traits of his dad.

"My Lord" Nico called. Hades looked at him, his expression softening just a little. Nico bowed.
"Did you find Thanatos?" Hades asked in an irritable tone, though Nico suspected he was trying to hide a roar of anger. Always so grumpy Nico thought.

He sighed "No, Father. I think...I think he's been kidnapped."

Hades waved his hand as if trying to deny it, his scowl deepening "Not again! The last time it happened, it caused so much trouble here! So many souls to reap..." He sighed in exasperation, looking at another random spot, rubbing his fingers on his keys, and then focused at Nico again "Any idea who kidnapped it?"

"No" Nico replied in a lower tone.

Hades straightened on his throne "I have to do something about it. The dead must not wander on the Earth, especially not now when-" He stopped suddenly.

"Wait, What?" Nico asked. "What are you talking about?".

Hades ignored his question "The point is that we have to find Thanatos before things get more complicated." Nico suspected he was hiding something. Gods always hide something, but Nico knew better than pressing Hades with the questions.

Right then a gentle, pleading voice called out of a chamber "Hades! I can't find my Kadupuls. Oh where are my rare wildflowers?!"

Hades sighed and shook his head "Not Now!" he yelled towards the door that led to the chamber of Persephone, the Goddess of Springtime. Ugh! Not Persephone again, Nico thought.

He wasn't anxious to meet his stepmother, who stayed in the Underworld in winters, so he said "I'll be going now."

"Wait, son." Hades said.

Nico frowned "What is it now?". Nico tried not to show his irritation. Though he was glad that his father has accepted him more or less, it didn't mean he liked to do all the 'duties' given to him.

Hades thought for a moment, then tossed his keys at Nico. Nico barely caught the bundle, looking surprised. These were really special keys; the Keys of Hades they called it; which had almost gotten in the hands of a Titan about an year ago. The keys were one of the source of Hades power. They held the power to lock or unlock death (not Death as in Thanatos, but 'death').

Hades smiled, (which was slightly better than the scowl, but really creepy) "You might need them. Guard the keys for me." he said. Then he dissolved into the black mist.


What did he mean? Nico thought, coming back to the present. He was getting a little irritated from thinking too much. Afterall he wasn't an Athena kid. Plus he had ADHD, which means he couldn't exactly focus on one thing for too long. He tried to ask the basic questions to himself, like Bianca used to advice him whenever he got too confused. You might need them Hades had said. About one thing he was sure, the keys couldn't help him to find Thanatos. Nico tensed. Could Hades be talking about Bianca? Oh No, he couldn't. Hades would never allow to revive any soul from the Underworld. But then why did Hades gave the keys to Nico to guard? Hades had said he might need the keys. What did Nico want? Well, a lot of things Nico thought bitterly..

But what can he get from the keys? A soul obviously.
Nico wanted only one soul, one person to be back alive again. He really wanted Bianca to be alive. He desperately needed his sister back, the only person in the world who understood him completely and cared for him.

Well, technically Hades couldn't let any soul escape, because it would be against the very ancient laws, but Nico could. "That's it!" he exclaimed. He has lost too much, but now he had the chance to get atleast some of it back. He ran towards the Elysium.


Nico walked back from the Elysium, his eyes stinging like crazy. He blinked them away, determined not to shed a single tear. How could Bianca go? How could she not even tell him?! He didn't even get the chance to say her goodbye. Now his sister was truly gone, her past life forgotten. Nico tried not to feel resentful. A little part of him was actually happy that she'd chosen to reborn into the world, but for now he was mostly sad and a little angry too. Afterall he was going to bring back her back, and she'd be still Bianca. After Bianca had died, she was waiting desperately to reborn, even though Elysium had everything she desired (except for, well, Life). It was Nico who had convinced her not to choose that option yet, to atleast wait for the Titan War to end. Ofcourse she wouldn't have waited anymore, he thought. She has always been a restless soul, an ADHD soul.

He noticed he was walking through Fields of Asphodel, because the spirits were crowding around him, like people in a marketplace, except that Duh! They were dead, and were chattering uselessly. Usually he'd draw his sword to keep them at bay so that he can walk through. This time though he didn't bother, he was feeling too numb for that. He decided to let his thoughts drown out by the chatters. He didn't want to think too much of Bianca's decision, though images of his sister still poked around his head, like a shadow. He kept walking, listening to chatters. Sword or not, the spirits still parted a little for him. His thoughts drifted to the keys which were now in the pocket of his black overcoat. Maybe the keys had no use for him , just another 'responsibility' handed over to him, he thought with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Suddenly he sensed something different; he sensed a demigod somewhere nearby. He could sense the demigods easily, and he had found a few of them in the Fields of Asphodel, chattering uselessly without forming any words. He stopped in his tracks. This demigod had a very powerful aura-like him, maybe even a little more powerful than him. Without thinking too much, he walked towards the way he sensed that soul.

He spotted a girl, maybe about 13, sitting under the poplar tree, staring at nothing. Nico came closer to her, and she looked at him. She had coffee-colored complexion, with curly brown hair, and sunken eyes which were maybe the color of luminous gold when she had been alive. But she wasn't chattering, her eyes were actually focused. A child of Hades Nico thought for a moment. No, wait. She's Roman. He came to know about Roman demigods a few months ago, when he discovered a Roman Camp named something like 'Camp Jupiter'. But he never dared to actually go in there, being genuinely afraid of he might get caught.

He focused on her memories (he could read any soul being a child of Hades) and literally saw her whole life. Her memories were more vivid than the other ghosts. Wow, she was pretty brave, standing up against such a huge deity like Gaea, and then sharing her mother's guilt. He read her life almost in a second. He showed no emotion, but he was completely awed of her courage.

"You're different" he said, which sounded pretty obvious. "A child of Pluto. You remember your past".

The girl whose name was Hazel Levesque replied "Yes. And you're alive."

Nico was a little taken aback by her answer. Suddenly all the events of today in the Underworld came back to him, forming an idea. But should I? He thought. She was very much like Bianca, though she looked nothing like her. Unfortunately Bianca's memories came to him again, and he couldn't contain them any longer.

"I'm Nico Di Angelo" he introduced himself to Hazel "I came here looking for my sister. Death has gone missing, so I thought.." he hesitated, then continued "I thought I could bring her back and no one would notice." Part of him thought why he was telling all this to a random ghost. But she is different, he thought. She was so much more alive than others.

Hazel looked surprised "Back to life?" she asked."Is that possible?". "It should have been." He sighed. Oh well, why not tell the whole thing. "But she's gone. She chose to be reborn into a new life."
Hazel looked at him with sympathy. "I'm sorry" she said.

She was such a pure soul, so to say. She bore no guilt, no resentment, no hatred towards her mother, her fate and her death.

Nico came to a conclusion. His one hand clutched the keys in his pocket, the other hand towards Hazel "You're my sister too. You deserve another chance." He spoke with determination. He now had a pretty good idea about what his father's intentions were.

Meeting this girl wasn't a coincidence at all. She had a very important destiny; he didn't know what but he was sure of it. He would take her to that Camp Jupiter. She would be safe there. A little part of Nico knew that once Thanatos came back he would bring her back here again. But another part, the bigger part of him thought But this time she might achieve Elysium. She will get what she wants, and I will protect her.

He added further to her "Come with me."

Hazel hesitated for a moment, as if it was all a dream she never thought she could achieve. Then she held his hand. The keys glowed hot in Nico's other hand in the pocket and the world dissolved before him.

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