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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Hey!
So what you thinking??

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I'm thinking a Forbidden one.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Cool! So student/teacher or prisoner/guard or angel/demon? Any other udeas?

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Student/Teacher is fine but I was thinking more along the line of Witch/Demon

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments witch/demon.. hmm, sounds interesting :D What do you mean though as in she's a good witch or?

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Yeah she's supposed to be the kind of witch who does services for others and stuff. One day she needs to summon a demon and ends up surprised by how handsome the demon is.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments ooh okay, sounds good. Who'd you prefer to be?

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either or. LOL so if you'd like to you can pick.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Um i'll be the demon, I'm better at being evil haha

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:) Okay let's make characters then

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments okie!

Name: Nikolai

Age: 3000 (looks; 21)


Personality: He is malicious and cold, seeing humans as mere toys to be played with but he see's witches, warlocks and other supernatural creatures as somewhat 'equal' to him. Whilst in Hell he ruled over some lesser demons and seems to radiate power to those around him.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Hewwo?

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Name: Hanna
Species: Witch

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments wanna start? :)

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Hanna Sanclare was the type of witch who was considered the goodie goodie but deep down inside she has very dark secrets. One of them is revealed at a party in which she summons a demon as a great demonstration of her magic. Standing in the dead center of the pentagram she has no idea what to expect of the demon she practically plucked from thin air.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Nikolai felt a tugging sensation from behind him, as he turned around he was pulled into the human realm. Opening his eyes he looked down at the witch infront of him, an evil glint in his eyes as he smirked widely. "Well what do we have here?" He spoke, although it was normal for him,
it sounded like a deep growl.

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Hanna looked up at the handsome demon before her. She blushed a little bit because she could see his handsome features more than being intimadated. She took her sunglasses off and smiled over at him. "Hello I'm Hanna." She introduced herself as the rest of the people around them looked displeased that the Demon looked human. "Looks like she's just another fake magic act. That guy isn't a demon at all." The voices started to say. "Ugh..... I wish you actually were in your demon form."

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Nikolai growled ferociously, "it can be arranged." He hissed before morphing into a giant black demon. His scales shone in the dim light, eyes black as the shadows surrounding them. Crouching he turned and faced the boy who spoke, leaping at him he towered over the puney kid by a foot, "still think I'm not a demon, kid?"

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Kyle looked at the Nikolai. "Holy shit!" He smiled looking up at him. "What kind of demon are you?" He asked.

Hanna shook her head. "Nevermind that."She took Nikolai by the arm and pulled him along side her to the dance floor. "Dance with me would you."

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments Nikolai morphed back to his human form and raised an eyebrow at Hanna's actions, she was darn brave he'd give her that. Grabbing her by the waist he pulled her flush against him as they danced, "I'm Nikolai, thanks for asking" he growled lightly, a smirk gracing his lips. He couldn't help but admire her beauty, the way her blonde hair fell around her face, framing it almost.

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"Nice to meet you Nikolai." she smiled as her body moved against his. "So let me ask what kind of demon I snatched out of hell?" She asked as she heard the music pulsing.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments "A powerful one…" Nikolai slipped past the question, gripping her hips as they danced. "So what possessed you to summon a demon here?" He questioned, curious; she didn't look like the type of witch to just bring demons into the human realm as a casual event, she didn't look like the other witches he'd met.

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She instanly saw that he was passing her question by. He was very handsome. "Nothing possessed me to summon a demon here. I did it of my own free will." She informed but looked around feeling like someone was watching her and since her dark secret was very important to keep. She pulled him closer,"I'm guessing that you like knowing secrets." She said looking up at him as she grinded up against him. She could feel his demon aura so powerful flaring between them.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 335 comments "And so do you apparently…" Nikolai grinned, he felt his power building as the atmosphere around his darkened; people allowing their sinful selves to take over as they continued to grind against each other. "Why am I here Hanna?" He asked.

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