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message 1: by M. (new)

M. Newman | 5185 comments Mod
A recent survey by PhilPapers, the online philosophy index, says that 62 percent of philosophers are atheists (with another 11 percent “inclined” to the view). Do you think the philosophical literature provides critiques of theism strong enough to warrant their views? Or do you think philosophers’ atheism is due to factors other than rational analysis?

message 2: by Hiram (new)

Hiram Crespo (hiram_crespo) | 2 comments I believe the critical thinking emancipates people from supernatural beliefs, in fact there's absolutely no reason why people should believe in the supernatural. Supernatural claims SHOULD invite distrust.

Also, rational analysis is important but not the main reason for people liberating themselves from the grip of religion: evidence, the seeking out of empirical reasons to believe in something is of greater priority to many of us (particularly materialist philosophers).

Also, being educated in general produces higher degrees of atheism. I think I read somewhere that 93-97 % of members of the Academy of the Sciences are atheists: these are among the most intelligent people on Earth.

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