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Alexandra I enjoyed reading "Daddy long legs". It is a relaxing kind of literature, you can just read the letters of a funny and not ordinary girl and let your problems leave your head.

The author transfers us to Judie's world, full of emotions, feelings, new discoveries. To my mind, this novel can be described as a fairytale, such a "new Cinderella story". There is a girl, an orphan, who deals with a huge amount of problems since her birth and doesn't exactly know what the word "childhood" means. Besides a poor Cinderella fairy tale couldn't be a fairy tale without a prince, so we face a mysterious Trustee, who changed the world around Judy forever.

The story can teach as that if you are a couragous person with a kind heart, who never gives up and is always ready to work hard for a better future, the fortune can give you a chance to improve your life and make your dreams come true.

Deena Scintilla I read this decades ago and really enjoyed it. I had seen the movie first which allowed me to picture the characters more vividly.

Emmanuella Elma I'm definitely love this book. First time read this book, i think it's boring and nothing than just a letter. But when i continue read, i'm start to fall-in-love this daddy-long-legs. How romantic he is, oh i wish i was Judy hihihi. I agree with Alexandra statement "new cinderella story". Judy is a cinderella, with her own story :)

Jazz I absolutely loved it!

Joyce This is one of the very rare number of books that I couldn't put down. I couldn't believe I waited a decade to read it!

Jazz really?

Joyce Yup. I first heard about the book when I was... mmm.. 14. And always put off reading it until last year. I was 24. And it was one of the very best classics I've ever read.

Jazz I'm reading it again. Yes, it is indeed one of the best.

Dawn Lovely book. Any of you read Dear Enemy? It's a sequel, with the primary letter writer being Sallie MacBride. Not quite as good, but still entertaining.

Madhurima I simply simply love this book. I really liked Jerusha and her beautiful thoughts. In fact the best thing about the book was that the protagonist wasn't that goody good as all protagonists are meant to be. She is more realistic and thats why its easy to relate to her.

Fateme M Love love love this book. I can read it over and over again.

Annemarie Donahue Just finished this book yesterday. Found the ending to be a bit creepy. I mean, she marries the guy who she had been writing all these letters to addressed as "daddy" and why did he send her to college in the first place? I did think it was adorable, and if I wasn't jaded and all 21st century-ish I would just allow my inner girlie-ness to think it's as heartwarming as Love Actually.

Zaila Castillo when I first watch the anime when I was a kid I just hook up and love Judy, and I learned that it was base on a book I totally need to find and find that book and it's really happened! I Love the story it is rich in judy's life.

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