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The Last Line
Darren Richman Darren Feb 10, 2014 07:13AM
I am embarrassed to ask this but I adored the novel and noticed the final line has often been cited as one of the best ever written. The thing is, I'm not sure I quite understood the significance of it. Can anyone illuminate me? It was a nice bit of imagery but did I miss something? Thanks in advance.

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Here's the post I was looking for, which I found so interesting. I just re-read the book, and addressed this question, but I only had the question, which I think, thank you, is essential to the book, and I would have missed it.

I sort of answered in my own way in my review, if anyone wants to see if you think I'm close. If you have your own ideas, please share?

So glad I found this again, and thank you. You added to my appreciation of the book.


Becky Norman Try this link? It's an excellent review. :)
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deleted user Becky, how nice of you to say, and to correct the link. I'm somewhat at a loss sometimes with that stuff. ...more
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I really love the ending, too. But, I agree, I don't really understand the significance of it either. Maybe I need to read the book again!

"And high above, he seemed to recall, there had been a little brown airplane, almost motionless, droning through the sunshine like a bumblebee."

I have this on my favorites list, and I don't remember the last line, or how significant it should be. Done anyone want to give the entire line?

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