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Naguib Mahfouz
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message 1: by Moloch (new)

Moloch | 3048 comments I would like to ask what's best to do with this author:


He has already, and rightly so, one profile with the Latin alphabet (1) and one with the Arabic one (2). But the third profile is just a different spelling of the name: I thought that the English form was to be used. I get that it's written like that sometimes on the covers, but by that logic I could create a "Lev Tolstoj" or "Agostino d'Ippona" instead of "Leo Tolstoy" or "Augustine of Hippo". I was going to merge straightaway, but since there's a librarian note I ask first.

Also, this "problem" once again shows how useful would be the AKA feature, so I take the opportunity to remind the staff again! :-)


message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited Feb 10, 2014 02:10PM) (new)

rivka | 43570 comments Mod
Moloch wrote: "Also, this "problem" once again shows how useful would be the AKA feature, so I take the opportunity to remind the staff again!"

The only staff member who reads most threads in this group is me, and I don't need any reminding. It's one of the features I beg ask for regularly.

The author is fine. Note that all the editions with Naghib Mahfuz have Naguib Mahfouz listed as primary. It is being dealt with as though it were a pen-name, which is fine.

message 3: by Emy (last edited Feb 10, 2014 02:20PM) (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5034 comments Leo Tolstoi, Lev Tolstoj and Лев Тольстой are also all valid author variants. :)

message 4: by S.W. (new)

S.W. Hubbard | 38 comments I just noticed that I have a second author profile floating around on GR that is not my official profile. I has one of my books listed on it, and another book written by an author with a similar name that is not me. Can you get rid of this? Here is the link: S. W. Hubbard This comes up if you type a space between the two initials. If you don't put in the extra space, you get my real author profile: S.W. Hubbard CRIMES BY MOONLIGHT is an anthology in which I have a story, so it's one of my books. The Computer Graphics book is not my book. Thanks.

message 5: by Ren (new)

Ren | 688 comments #4, I have edited the second profile to S.W.^^Hubbard (with two spaces between initials and last name to distinguish it from you) and moved the anthology under your books. Is House of Horrors also one of your books?

Also, it gets confusing for librarians if you post in a thread linked to another author, so in the future please open a new thread.

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