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What if you wake up every day thinking it might be your last?

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Kristie Leigh Thats exactly what this book did for me, seriously made me rethink everything about ,y life and really appreciate everything I have. I've recently lost one of my close friends to that horrible disease and reading the book just made me understand so much more why she and her parents fought for her for so long!

Wing Leung I think the most important message on this book is to cherish every hour, every minute, even every second in your life. Do something meaningful and don't do something that you will regret in the rest of your life. Compare with Gus and Hazel, I am lucky and grateful that I am healthy and able to do whatever I want.

Sammy Young I do and I'll tell you one thing anyone in this position does not think the way the characters in this book do.

Sammy Young Hessa wrote: "Sammy - It's great that you are living the moment. However, while you're right that a lot of people in this position won't think the way the characters in the book do, I do know and read about peo..."

I can agree with that but in this position you don't hit with random poetry and philosophical wonderings of the world in every single word you say

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