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Alright, so high school romance?

message 2: by Min (new)

Min Yeah :)

message 3: by Min (new)

Min Do you want to make your character first?

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Sure, do you want to be the guy or girl?

message 5: by Min (new)

Min The girl, if you don't mind :)

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I don't mind :) and how old do you want them to be?

message 7: by Min (new)

Min Around 15 or 16, I guess.

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Alright, one sec :)

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Name: Ash Render
Age: 16
Appearance: He is tall and slim, he is muscular too. He has bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.
Personality: he is sweet and kind, he also make people laugh and laugh himself.

message 10: by Min (new)

Min Name: Emily Jameson
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, shoulder length light brown hair, green eyes.
Personality: (she's a new girl) enjoys playing outdoor sports, love listening to music and meeting new people.

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You want to start?

message 12: by Min (new)

Min Okay, sure.

It was Emily's first day at her new school - her dad had transferred to a new state again. With all the constant moving, she was finally getting used to it. Stepping through the front door, she gazed around the place and tried to figure out where to go.

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Ash stood at the front office door, since he was Vice president of the student body, he would always show new kids around. He saw the girl and smiled, he walked over to.her "hey, I'm Ash, student body vice president" he nodded.

message 14: by Min (new)

Min "Hey, I'm Emily," she smiled. "Uh...I'm new here and I need to pick up my schedule..."

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He nodded "I know, I get to show you around" he smiled "right over there is the front office where you get your schedule" he smiled at her "come on" he started to walk with her to the front office.

message 16: by Min (new)

Min ((Sorry, had to go!))

Emily nodded and adjusted her bag straps then followed Ash.
"So, you're student body vice president?" she asked.

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He nodded and looked at her "that would be me, yes" he smiled and opened the door.

message 18: by Min (new)

Min Emily walked through the door and said, "Thanks. So I guess I should get to know you better, then," she half joked.

message 19: by Min (new)

Min ((Hello?))

message 20: by Min (new)

Min ((Do you still want to do this RP?))

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