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Erika | 9482 comments This is to discuss the book Stolen. Please share your thoughts.

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Chris | 7142 comments Mod
This was a good book! There definitely is some differences of opinion on how this one ended, but I think it ended how it should have. Though, it's a book that keeps you thinking about it after you're done.

Erika | 9482 comments I can't wait it start this one. I'm finishing my pick it for me book, then I'll be back and share

Erika | 9482 comments This was a very good book. I'm not sure what Lucy Christopher wanted the reader to feel. I just couldn't hate Ty, but I also couldn't deny that he had some serious problems. I agree with Chris, it ended the way it should of, but I question what I truly wanted. Did I want her in the end to go back to Ty and they live happily ever after the way most of the books we read end? Yes and no. I guess I'm on the fence. One thing I am sure of is that my heart breaks for Gemma. She will never be the same, and she never ever deserved that. Ty was evil, but why did I still feel sorry for him. Again I agree with Chris, this is a book that keeps you thinking. I know this because as I write this, my feelings and thoughts keep changing. Now that is a sure sign of a well written book.

Cinthia (cinthiah) I thought it was pretty good too. The author makes us feel the Stockholm syndrome just like Lucy does. It's been a while since I've read this, and I noticed I only gave it 3 stars. There were probably things in it that bothered me about it, but I can't remember what they were. But even as I think about it now I still feel something for Ty. I agree with Erika with being torn about the ending. It couldn't have ended another way, but I think some of us secretly hoped that it could. I don't believe that Ty was evil, though. I think he just was just messed up and had a lot of issues.

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Chris | 7142 comments Mod
I agree with both of you Erika and Cinthia. Cinthia you said it well when you said the reader feels Stockholm syndrome just like Gemma. It definitely had the right ending for me, but we read romance and get caught up in the fantasy. What Ty did was horrible, but he thought he was doing it for the right reasons, he cared about her and he drew the reader in making us feel for him. Because of that I thought it was a well written book. The author makes you think about it at the end and sympathize with Ty when you know what should be right. I also liked the whole letter to my captor format the story was written in.

Erika | 9482 comments Ty isn't evil in the way we would usually use that word. Having said that though, I have a daughter. If some man kidnapped my daughter I don't care why he did it, that's my daughter. So in that sense, from a mothers point of view I think he's evil. Now as a reader, I did feel sorry for him. I also like the letter format. I have to say this was very well written.

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