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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Sorry I room a while to respond. I went to bed early lol.

And that all sounds good! How old should they be?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments That sounds good to me (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Maybe we can kind of combine the two? Like they were best friends growing up, and then one got really popular while the other didn't. And maybe on too of that their parents never got along with each other?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I don't mind either way. What about you?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Could I be the popular girl then? I feel bad asking for the girl so if you honestly prefer being the girl I have noo problem being the guy (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Okay awesome (:

Yeah we can plan that now. I usually like having a plan because I can be rather Increative.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Unfortunately I don't have any :( do you?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments I think the party one could be interesting.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Sounds good to me!

I think we're all good to go (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Same!

And I don't go too in depth. Just the typical template with a few add ons here and there (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Alright (: I'm working on her now

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments

Name: Angel Marie Jackson
Nickname(s): Ang, Angie

Age: 17
Birthplace: St. Albans, England
Birthdate: December 26

Nationalities: British and Ukrainian

(view spoiler)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122 pounds

Personality: Opposite of her name, Angel isn’t an Angel. That’s not to say she is a bad person. She manages to keep herself on the A/B honor roll, she does all of her hobbies, and she generally works hard at what she does. But, at night she’s a different person. Angel is a party girl. She loves the social life, and if it’s a party, Angel will be there. She drinks, doesn’t do drugs, but she definitely does drinks. She’s also not a virgin which has resulted from some drunken fun. But that’s all it was, drunken fun. There was no love behind her actions, he was just the quarterback of the football team who she didn’t care about as anymore than a friend. Overall, Angel isn’t perfect, but who is? She just has a few rough edges. But when it comes to her family and friends, you know she will stick up for them and anything she believes in. She’s very hard headed in that sense.

Horseback Riding
Tennis (view spoiler)

History: For the first seven years of Angel’s life she was a military brat. She was born in England (where he dad was born) and then moved to places like Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and finally America which is where she has lived since. Her dad is retired from the military and now if the CEO of a small business. Her mom is a successful horse show breeder, and for a while she owned her own show barn. She sold the barn a few years later, and now manages it.

Mom: Anne Jackson
Dad: Ian Jackson
Younger Sister: Alaina Jackson, 12
Dog: Brooke, 4 (view spoiler)
Bunny: Oreo, 1 (view spoiler)
Bird: Chip, 2 (view spoiler)
Horse: Dutch, 6 (view spoiler)

Other: fluent in Ukrainian

message 13: by Julia Horan (new)

Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Tell me if I need to change anything! (:

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments She came out more detailed than I thought

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Fine with me (:

I love that idea! And maybe she gets a little too wasted and her friends leave so she needs a ride home, so she asks him?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Okay (: Can't wait to see him

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments You did that on your phone? I'm impressed. I really like him :P

And if you're on your phone would it make it easier for me to start?

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Okay! Thanks girl.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Sure (: I'm gonna take a shower and then I'll get my post up.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments Angel was drunk. Not wasted, but blissfully drunk. It was, what, 2 am? The party was starting to die down. Cole and Noah weren’t anywhere to be found.

Cole and Noah are brothers. Noah being the older one and Cole being the younger. They’ve lived next to Angel since she moved here. The brothers were active football players, and Cole was Angel’s very on and off boyfriend, but no matter what they remain friends. Long story short, Cole and Noah had been Angel’s ride here and they were meant to be her ride back. But they last time she saw them, well, Angel couldn’t remember. Maybe midnight? Her guess was practically useless. She had been so caught up in dancing, socializing, and singing she hadn’t bothered to keep an eye on the brothers. Angel could be surprising at these parties. One may not expect Angel, the white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes to like rap music. But you would be surprised. She knows every word and doesn’t hesitate to sing along. There are a lot of things about Angel which you wouldn’t expect.

But now, none of these faces were looking familiar. Angel never drives herself to parties. She has a perfectly intact Mercedes in her garage at home, but she would never take her precious car to a place where it is in danger of being keyed or the possibility of having her tires slashed. And everyone knew better than to mess with Noah’s big ass truck. You don’t mess with the Shwaller brothers.

Angel was surrounded by people but she was alone. She pushed through the crowd, trying to find an empty area where she could debate her options. She knew where she was, this was her second home growing up. She and Kade… Kade. Angel looked around. Kade. Would he give her a ride? Worth a shot. It took some searching, and meanwhile she was still looking for one of the Shwaller boys, but she eventually found Kade, where she expected him to be. Not in the middle of everything. She tapped on his shoulder. Maybe she should be nervous, but Angel doesn’t get nervous.

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Julia Horan  | 1214 comments The first thing Angel noticed about him was the scowl on him face. She raised her eye brows and put her hands up in a mock surrender gesture. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. She was hardly even drunk, just buzzed, but even being buzzed you can make bad decisions. She almost apologized right then and there and walked away to continue her search for Cole and/ or Noah. But then Kade’s expression shifted into a more surprised kind of look. And who could blame him? They didn’t talk anymore. They weren’t friends anymore.

At one point, Angel wouldn’t have hesitated to tell you that Kade was her best friend. And when people asked what happened between them, Angel would usually just answer with ‘we grew apart’. Which isn’t a lie. She was no longer the tom boy little girl, who had a strange fascination with bugs and refused to brush her unruly blonde hair. But the first day of high school, she stepped onto the bus with her nicely straightened blonde hair, some eye makeup that made her blue eyes pop, her brand new Abercrombie shirt, and a duffel bag with her cheerleading things for tryouts which were right after school. Angel was drawn towards the popular crowd, and she and Kade started talking less and less. Then suddenly every night Angel had different plans, whether it be cheer or horses or golf or tennis, and throw a few social events in there as well.

Angel felt an urge to check her phone, for any text messages that may be from one of the boys, but she resisted. That would probably be seen as rude as she did that. However, Angel did check her back pocket just to make sure her phone was still there. Luckily her iPhone 5s was still in the pocket of her mini denim shorts. She was wearing a bright pink tank top along with her favorite pair of white Vans. She never really got too dressed up for parties. In all honesty, Angel hates dressing up. Of course she dresses nicely a lot, it is expected of a varsity cheerleader, but occasionally she will come to school in a pair of yoga pants, a t shirts, and her Nike running shoes. Of course she couldn’t dress like that to a party, but she kept it fairly casual for tonight.

Well, he hasn’t told her to get out of his face yet, so she may as well just ask. “Can you give me a ride home?” she asked him. If he wouldn’t drive her home, Angel didn’t know what she was going to do. Maybe try and text Cole again. Angel tucked some hair behind her ear. She had left her hair in its natural beachy waves for tonight, mostly because she had rushed to the barn after school, rode Dutch, and then rushed home. After her shower she didn’t have time to do anything with her hair, so she just let it dry natural. It was a little messy now from all of her dancing.

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