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message 1: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Try out for the volleyball team. Dates are 10-13. Team members and captain will be posted after

((Closed until date))

message 2: by Crystal (last edited Feb 11, 2014 01:18PM) (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Mia walked into the tryouts

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She grabbed a volleyball from the cart

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia walked into the volleyball courts and saw a girl already started she walked over to her "hi, do you wanna go one on one?"

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Mia turned around. "Sure! Not many people are here or the judge for that matter"

DarknessIsUponUs Smiles at Mia. "Thanks so much, I haven't played for ages and need to practice if I want to get on the team

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Yeah"

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia walks towards the further side on the volleyball court and stands in a volleyball stance, with her legs bent and her arms slightly relaxed

message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Mia serves the ball to Lucia

message 10: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia sees Mia's serve and digs it over the net

message 11: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) She sets it back

message 12: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs ((I have to remember all the words :P))
The ball goes high and Lucia jumps into the air and spikes it towards the floor

message 13: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) (Same)

Mia shifts to get it and digs it up

message 14: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia waits for the ball to come to herbefore setting it into the air

message 15: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Mia moves to it,but it hits the ground before she can hit it

message 16: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia puts her fist into the air "good game Mia, my serve?"

message 17: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) "Yep." She tosses it to Lucia

message 18: by DarknessIsUponUs (new)

DarknessIsUponUs Lucia catches the ball and waits for Mia to get in position, she then throws the ball into the air and slaps it over the net

message 19: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Mia moves towards the ball and passes it back over the net

message 20: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) ((Hello?))

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