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oppression / discrimination > Florida Ordinance Makes it Illegal for Homeless to Use Blankets to Protect Themselves from Weather

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The last thing I’d ever support, or want to see happen, is for a city to pass laws that almost seem to be picking on homeless people. Laws or ordinances that make the lives of people who already live in extremely challenging situations even more difficult.

But that’s exactly what’s happening in Pensacola, Florida.

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Alicja (darkwingduckie7) | 228 comments Actually, we consider Pensacola to be Lower Alabama... circulating petitions to dislodge the panhandle from the rest of the state.

This law is awful but not surprising. Being forced to venture up that way when I was dating one of my ex's (who originally hailed from there), Pensacola has a certain percentage of population who consider themselves "rich" (but by So Fla standards are really middle class with an inflated ego) and the majority are either poor or working class. Oh, and the racism! So I am really not surprised that many someones in that middle of that southern Bible-belt redneckville thought that they could get rid of their poverty problem this way.

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