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Mediterranean Holiday: Or, How I Moved to a Tiny Island and Found the Love of My Life
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. romance book about british girl goes on first holiday to Ibiza [s]

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Atika Khanom (atkbm) So I've been wondering for ages about reuniting with this book. It's about a teen girl whose doing A-Levels and lives with her dad. Then another rich girl (I think her name was Caroline or something) joins the school and they become friends. Soon she gets invited to go on to Ibiza with the rich girl and her family. On the plane, she meets a hot guy whose name is Alex. The rich girl is a cow and they always sunbathe and hang around with rich girls snobby friends. 1 day the Girl decides to go for a swim and sees Alex. After, the 2 girls go to a bar the rich girl is familiar with. They meet Alex and his friends. Rich girl makes a scene and gets alexs friends into trouble. The girl sticks up for her rich friend. They leave and Alex doesn't really like her anymore. A few days later, they go to a carnival or party and the girl gets lost or is abandoned. Alex finds her and gives her a lift home. Girl is locked out the apartment. She realises that rich girl and her family is using her to look after the rich girl. She climbs through the window, grabs a few clothes and leaves. After, the bar owner finds her sitting alone and the owner gives her shelter and a job at thr bar. She lives in a tiny room in the bar place. Soon Alex comes and they start hanging out. He was actually working in the country for the summer for his friends uncle. He does lots of jobs. They fall in love. They go back to collect her things from the apartment and has a face off with rich girl and family. She leaves and enjoys rest of the summer. soon they leave Ibiza and in the end they arrange and meet again in a pub halfway between both their hometowns. Please what is the name?

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Atika Khanom (atkbm) Andria wrote: "Ibiza Summer or
The Ibiza Diaries?"

thanks for the suggestions but sorry its none of those.

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Great! Glad we could help. :)

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