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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen Bainbridge | 62 comments I have a TBR list! sometimes it goes from the top of the list down! but if an author sends me a book or I get a first reads one they get preference most of the time! But there are occasions where I have a book that I have and just need to READ it! My TBR list is a pretty good one and gives me lots of scope:) People keep adding books to it either new books or established series!:)

message 2: by A. Cook (new)

A. Cook (angiecook) | 50 comments Mod
My TBR has 540 books listed and recently made a list of the ones that have been on there the longest with the hope that I will to them quicker than I have been.

My TBR list is like the Toys R Us Christmas book used to be when I was a kid. It is full of everything I want but I am not guaranteed to have everything I see or read it for that matter.

message 3: by A. Cook (new)

A. Cook (angiecook) | 50 comments Mod
As long as you're able to finish some of it. The TBR list is kind as good and bad. The list is good because it helps you keep track of all the books you want to read/purchase and then its bad because it reminds you that you still haven't gotten around to all those books you put on your list.

I LOVE BOOKS and there is always a new coming out or being discovered and mostly it was go on the list. I really have to be more diligent.

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