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"Yes?" the nurse asked as the boy called out for her.

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"Let me see what I can do." she check to see if Topaz's heart was okay.

"Can you tell me what her species is?" she asked

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Ze carried in Leigh he put her on a cot right next to Topaz. He looked at the nurse.
"Nothing is wrong with her but she had to be knocked out due to her powers. I was afraid that she would hurt herself."


"Okay I will keep an Eye on her."

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"I don't know." Ze looked at her.
"She'll be okay physically but mentally.... She's really mad."

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"That's actual normal. Her body is fixing itself."
"That's not normal for an angle." Ze said worried.
"That's because she's not only Angle, She's demon as well."

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"Do you know her name? Her actual name?" Ze asked the boy.

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Ze did not notice, this was important that he know who she was.

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"Oh god." Ze backed away.
"Why did it have to be her."

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"Leigh stop that she could kill you in an instant." he pulled her away from Tretapaz.
"Do you really want to know?" Ze asked the boy.

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"She needs her rest. She could kill you in a blink of an eye if you aren't careful! I will force you out of here." he said in a parental tone.

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"Well long ago, Tretupaz's mother was one of the fiercest warriors in heaven. She was one of gods favorite Angels. She was in charge of taking innocents souls out of hell. One day her mother met a demon who captured her heart. They both fell in love, that's Tretupaz's real father. The angels found out about it and they killed her mother. Her father is still alive but we thought it best to say that her father was one of us and they both died on the battle field. But, she had devilish powers that none of us could comprehend. She ran away knowing she was different. She still has no clue what she really is and that's not even the worse part. Her father was a knight of hell." he said holding onto Leigh still.

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"It should but she almost killed someone you say?" Ze asked.

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"He's found her." he muttered.
"Would you mind if I took a look at her?" he asked the boy, it was clear to him that he liked her.

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He let go of Leigh and said,"Let me do this okay?"
He walked to Tretupaz and sat on the bed. He put his hand on her temple,"I'm going to search for her father, if he has found her then he would have left evidence behind."

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Ze searched through the gril's mind. He saw memories of when she was a child, how she got teased, how she was abandoned. He felt bad for the poor girl. '
He found what he was looking for but it wasn't what he expected," It wasn't just her father." he said still searching. He found the place and went out of the girls mind. He sat there wondering how something like this could happen.

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"Her mother was there too." he said.
"How could this happen? We made sure she was dead." he whispered.

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"Alastair, he brought Anna back to life." he said not looking at them.

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"Actually your father didn't care, my kind searched hell to find him. Your father sent him into hiding.

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"Yes, but he's somewhere back at hell I can't find him."

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"No I don't want to find him unless we have to. Tretupaz should be fine she just needs to rest."

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"You're not going anywhere. I know what you think your doing is a good thing but it's not sit." he pointed to the cot.

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He ran fast and shut the door.
"No you were going to hell, I know how you are Leigh. Sit."

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"I don't care, you almost tried to kill yourself and know your thinking about going on a suicide mission." He picked her up and carried her to the cot.

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He put her down on the bed.
He touched her temple to knock her out again.
"It's for your own good."

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"She should be just fine. If she's anything like her mother she'll be up in an hour or so.

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"Yes can you keep an eye on her I have to go." he pointed to Leigh.

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((I gota go to bed that's why I said that.))

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((Never mind mom just called me but I have to do something and it's really important i'll be back later.))

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Topaz's hand twitched, she felt something there but she couldn't open her eye's. That's all she could twitch.

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Topaz rolled over, she heard some noise but she felt the need to sleep.

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Topaz felt a cold chill run through her, it wasn't normal. It felt sinister and dark. She frowned and as her mind turned to a nightmare.

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Topaz wrapped her arms around her, she felt as though someone else was in her mind with her, she heard the voice again, in the dream she screamed,"What do you want." but on the outside she only muttered it.

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"You have disgraced you mother and me, we had such high hopes for you... you little brat." the voice said. She heard a laugh in the background.
"Stop!" she whimpered.

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"You disirve to burn. We thought you would be diffrent, but your just like the rest." her head started to burn once more but instead of screaming in pain she screamed back,"GET!OUT!OF!MY!HEAD!" she screamed. In the outside world her eye's opened but they were blank.

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With the threat finally out of her head Topaz opened her eye's, she was in Ryders arms and Leigh was pushed back. They all had their eye's on her.
"What are you guy looking at?"

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"Why what happened." she tried to remember what happened last but she just remembered the fish guts sene.

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"What?" she asked as he squeezed her in his arms.
"Why did I pass out? Did something happen?"

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"What?" she jumped in surprise and looked at Ryder and Leigh.

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Topaz wracked her brain. She remembered.
"Ya I think I gotta little crazy there. But he deserved it a little right, he was the one who did that to Leigh."

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"I- I- don't know." She couldn't remember.

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"What was that about?" Topaz asked. It made her sound like a little kid in her mind, but she had to know.

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"Really why?" She asked. Leigh dint seem like one to get on a teachers bad side then she thought about it. "Which teacher was it?"

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"Me too. Can I tell you something but you promise not to tell anyone?" She asked honestly and with all seriousness.

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"Before I even came to this school I was planning on killing myself. All the people who laughed at me ignored me, I couldn't handle it. That's why I left. But I still had the feeling of being unwanted. That night when you first saw me... My hair wasn't black because of the book. I was think about how I would do it." She said shamefully and looked down.

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"But I'm not normal," she cried. "I am supposed to be an angle and I'm not even that. I can do things most can't. I'm a monster." She cried into her hands.

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Topaz looked up at Ryder, she asked,"where would we even start?" Her eyes were puffy and her hand were wet from her tears.

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"I can ask him tomorrow... Can you take me back to my room? I'm really tired but medical places scare the crap Out of me." She looked around the room scared.

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"Okay." She smiled softly. She leaned her head against his chest as he walked her to her room.

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