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Why do people like this book?

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Katie You may draw from the title I gave this topic and the rating I gave this book, that I am not a fan of the Divergent Series. Now, just because I am not a fan does not mean I hate the books. I read the whole trilogy of Divergent, but it honestly never appealed to me (in fact, the more I got into the series, the worse the story became).

Why did I read on then? It’s likely because I *wanted* to like this book, I did; otherwise I wouldn’t have continued. I wanted to see when I'd get the hype, and I do admit I was curious about the outcome of events, which is why I finished the series.

But essentially, the world building was shoddy, overly-simplistic to the point where I couldn’t find much logic in how their society could still function. I tried to block these thoughts from my mind as I read, and just “enjoy the ride”… but I couldn’t. I read on in hopes that we’d get more explanation of how Tris’s society came to this point… but what I got (in book 3) was less than satisfactory, and just raised more implausibility.

Thing is, it didn’t feel like a trilogy to me – it felt like one book, bloated into three. I honestly think Divergent could’ve been edited down to one concise book, two at most. I didn’t become invested in the story or characters, so the whole journey was a blue to me.

Note, I have nothing against people who like this book. It’s fine, we’re entitled to our opinions. I’m just curious as to why you personally like the book – maybe your input of opinion may help open my mind or help me understand something I missed.

So what exactly did you like about the books?

Why did you like the characters, and who was your favorite?

Emmi Garcia Okay, so, basically i like books which have a lot of action, and where it feels like you don't know what's going to happen or who's going to die etc. I don't know if that's what you thought but i got that with divergent.
I liked the fact that there are a lot of different characters, and I don't mean, like, a lot of characters, i think they seem quite different to each other, unlike some books where all the characters have the same personality.
What you said about how their society could still function, I kind of took it that it really wasn't. The factions 'weren't what they were supposed to be any more' and they couldn't function with each other as a society. So, I think that's what's going on there!
Hope you understand a little now about why people like this book :)

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