Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America Operation Paperclip discussion

This is my grandfather, and it's lies.

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message 1: by Tina (new) - rated it 1 star

Tina I'm posting this everywhere I can find, because I am horrified to find this pack of cruel lies actually published.

"So began Operation Paperclip, a decades-long, covert project to bring Hitler's scientists and their families to the United States."

I haven't even read this book, nor do I need to. This sentence tells me all I need to know. I know that this author did NOT understand Operation Paperclip, or chose to ignore a large part of it.

I am the granddaughter of one of those scientists, and thank you very much, he was NOT a "Hitler scientist", and neither were a majority of them. By and large, they were GERMAN scientists, working in the country of their birth. Just because some idiot took over the presidency of the country does not make them HITLER'S scientists any more than working as a teacher in America makes me an OBAMA'S teacher.

Most of those scientists had no clue what a very small, rotten percentage did or was doing. If you asked, your children might not come home from school one day, so you didn't ask. It was a scary time to be a citizen of Germany, and since no one could have conceived of the horror of what was going on, they didn't think for a second it was. It's not like people stood around the water cooler bragging about what they did that day. It was reserved to a very small, intimate, highest security group of bad people, and that was it. People always ask "Why didn't anyone ever say anything?" Yeah, ask Snowden about that. And don't act like "Oh, Snowden's different, that wasn't killing people." Well, the government knew of the slaughter of the Benghazi workers, and THAT one got pushed under the rug too. The Germans certainly do not have any sort of lock on having a government that can permit horrific acts with the full knowledge of the higher ups. You have no clue what our government does, and God forbid you are accused one day of having known.

Operation Paperclip came through AFTER the war was over, and chose scientists who were excellent in their field and could advance the US's knowledge of space travel, among other things. The scientists were just as afraid of the US people...they'd already been lied to once about what the plans were for them, and they feared a second.

Annie Jacobsen, I don't know who you interviewed or who you talked to, but I suspect you talked to people who were more interesting in making up a sensational story than people who were interested in the truth. The truth: most of those scientists were interested in space travel and rocketry, and they had no clue that they were pawns in an insane man's game. They found out with the rest of us, and to suggest otherwise will sicken the families of every decent Operation Paperclip scientist out there.

message 2: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Twaine This poor woman is in denial. No one suggested that every German scientist or physicist was a "Dr Mengele",
or that they all looked on as millions of people were tortured and gassed. But her grandfather knew what was going on. He did not protest or leave the country.
To bring in Snowden, Benghazi, or call the president an idiot reveals how much this woman is trying to push facts under the rug. Your grandfather was no "choirboy", and it seems you would do just as he did. Hide your head in the sand. Annie Jacobsen spent years interviewing actual participants, scientists, and those that lived through the war and the post war period. To sully her name and her work is just cowardice on this unfortunate lady's part. Michael T.

message 3: by Tina (new) - rated it 1 star

Tina I started to write a scathing reply, but then luckily I was able to realize that you are a troll. You are a person who makes ridiculous claims only to upset others. Obviously you didn't know my grandfather, so clearly what you say about him can't be true. Therefore, since your knowledge is faulty, so must be your conclusions, and we can dismiss you as merely a pot stirrer. Good day.

Robert Wright Tina -
I am currently reading this and will certainly take the personal knowledge you relate into account.

You don't note your grandfather's name (and I respect your right to privacy, if that is your choice), but in the body of the book, the author, so far, seems very specific in naming names and citing sources for their knowledge and complicity in Nazi war efforts.

I agree, the jacket copy would seem to paint all German scientists with the same broad brush; the body of the work so far does not.

For example, it makes a pretty persuasive case that Wernher von Braun was aware of the use of slave labor and treatment of the workers involved in assembling the V2s. The documented actions show, at best, a callous disregard for anything that did not advance his scientific objectives and, at worse, someone that was in accord with the regime. He, at least, does not act like a man being coerced or one that is unaware of what was going on in the larger scheme of things.

Certainly, I would like to believe some of the German scientists were unaware and/or working under fear for their own and their families' lives. If that is your grandfather's story, you have my sympathy.

If you wanted to share it, I'm sure readers would find your grandfather's story fascinating. Maybe a book of your own to set the record straight?

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