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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke)

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe walked around the the dark castle.

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) Hikaru went to the dark castle hoping to find some demons for the project

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe sensed someone else in the area.

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Rose (rubyradke) Hikaru looks around not really fining anyone, he didn't want to get too close to the castle.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I know you're there so come on out." Phoebe said.

message 7: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) Hikaru heard a voice, it sounded like a demon's he got his hopes up and followed the voice till he saw a girl standing in front of the castle.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "What are you doing here?" Phoebe asked.

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Rose (rubyradke) "Looking for some demons" he says

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Well you found one." Phoebe said.

message 11: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "Okay, then, can I get one drop of your blood?" He asks

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Why?" Phoebe asked.

message 13: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "For a project my brother and i are doing" he says truthfully

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I don't give my blood out to just anyone." Phoebe said crossing her arms.

message 15: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "Please...." He smiles and gets close to her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "No." She said sternly.

message 17: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " you are cold" he smirks and stands in front of her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I know." Phoebe said smirking.

message 19: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " come on, just one drop what would you lose?"

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Nothing. I just don't give people my blood." Phoebe said crossing her arms.

message 21: by Rose (last edited Feb 24, 2014 06:34PM) (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "Fine then, I'll just find another demon to help me" he smirks

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments ((What monster is Hikaru?))

"Wait. Show me you're worthy of my blood." Phoebe said.

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Rose (rubyradke) ((Shapeshifter))

"How?" He looks at her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Hmmmmm shapeshifter are you?" Phoebe asked.

((Agh I did a Yoda sentence!))

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(( I'm stalking! You know, if he's a shape shifter, he can just shift into her and take her blood. To spice things up a bit))

message 26: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " yes, why?" He mumbles

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•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments ((Noooooooooo don't give ore ideas........!))

"Show me your powers. Then and only then I might give you my blood." Dilan said.

message 28: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) ((Kiki))

Hikaru touches her arm and turns into her then cuts his arm a bit and takes some blood then turns back to his normal form. " never mind, thanks" he turns around

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments She grabbed him and held him by his neck.
"Nice move." She whispered.

message 30: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " thanks " he looks at her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "But you really shouldn't take things that are not yours." She said.

message 32: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " but I want your blood, you know, the original blood" he says, getting tired of even trying

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Why?" Phoebe asked.

message 34: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " how many times do I have to say its for the project my brother and I are doing, we have everything but demon blood" he sighs

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Fine. You already have it." Phoebe said turing away.

message 36: by Rose (last edited Feb 24, 2014 07:00PM) (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " no I don't, I need your DNA " he stops her

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe cut her cheek.

message 38: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) " you didn't have to do that, you know" he says

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Take it or else." Phoebe said.

message 40: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He smiles lightly " thanks, phoebe" he says and takes a drop of her blood

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "You're welcome." Phoebe said.

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He smiles at her one more time and leaves.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe was in the center of the castle. This was her home. She felt safe. Her father would give her a final test, when she turned 20. He couldn't find her here.

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Rose (rubyradke) Samoko wandered around the place with his phoenix with him in it's normal phoenix form, hoping to find some new places built. He looks at the castle and walks towards it.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe felt someone walk towards the castle. She locked the doors, and windows. Thinking it was her father. He was the only thing she was truly afraid of.

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Rose (rubyradke) Samoko goes to the doors and tries to open them but they were locked

his phoenix turned into a girl and landed on the floor "the door is not going to open, Samo" She whispers

" Oh yes it will" he says and keeps trying to open the door.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Go away dad!" Phoebe yelled.
"This is mom's spot not yours! You're not allowed to be here!" She yelled again.

message 48: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "What?" The phoenix whispers

"I'm not your dad!!" Samoko yells back and keeps trying to open the door.

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments Phoebe slowly crept to the door. She unlocked it.

message 50: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He kept pulling the knob on the door till it was opened, he got dropped back into the ground "ow, you could've at least gave me a warning" he says getting up.

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