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Rose (rubyradke)

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Rose (rubyradke) ((what is vampire's name?))

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(( name: Laito
age: 17
gender: male
monster: vampire
Dark Shadows status: 4th leader
personality: extremely perverted. He is always cheerful and loves to joke. his personality suddenly changes when something goes against his wishes. Laito can also be shown to be good at interpreting peoples motives.

appearance:(both monster and human)


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Rose (rubyradke) ((Gottcha you start))

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(( fine >_<))

Yui walked down a pathway in the forest, waiting for Laito to show up.

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Rose (rubyradke) Laito teleports in the forest looking for Yui

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' Laito, where are you?', she communicates to him.

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Rose (rubyradke) He hears her and senses where she is and walks towards her

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" There you are, idiot" she walks to him and punches him lightly on the head.

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Rose (rubyradke) He rubs his head "I just came here"

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" Does master Angel know about our secret meetings?" she crosses her arms.

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Rose (rubyradke) ((is angle knowing a good thing?))

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(( Hell noooooooooo))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((KK))
"no, he doesn't know, I managed to sneak away before he notices" he shakes his head

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" good! We don't want him to know about our plan! He is too overprotective, he'll never agree to it" she leans against a tree.

(( the plan is about a sneak attack to hell))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((KK))
"yeah, he really is" Laito nods in agreement with her.

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" Alright, so did you talk the rest of the leaders into it? we need as much warriors as we can get"

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Rose (rubyradke) ((um...))
"yeah, everyone is in except witch and angel, I knew witch wouldn't agree and just go ahead and tell angel about the plan, so I didn't tell her.... what about that boyfriend of yours?" He smiles

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" I'm not sure he should join. If the attack didn't go as planned, we... we might die, and I want to protect him from that. But I'm considering him joining. He is pretty powerful, so we might need his help" she debates whether to bring Umehito along or not in her head.

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Rose (rubyradke) "well, we need more people to join, and he has unlocked all his forms, he might be the most powerful of us all" He says

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She shrugs," I don't know" she sighs,"do you think Silver should join?"

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Rose (rubyradke) "I don't know, maybe" he shrugs

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" he's pretty powerful" she suggests.

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Rose (rubyradke) "I know that, but is he going to be able to get back to hell without dieing first, and plus he was very mad at who made him because they think he was just an experiment" Laito says

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" we have our own motives, I don't really care about his. What weapons did you get?"

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Rose (rubyradke) ((what weapons should there be?))

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((anything you like. make them up if you need to. Make sure they're magical, sort of))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((KK))

"well, I brought these, I don't know if they are powerful enough, but they were in angel's secret weapon room" he says and snaps his fingers together and weapons come flying in the air

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" oh, the Weapon Room? Those are nice, powerful enough" she nods.

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Rose (rubyradke) "they are? oh well, I just took the ones that looked powerful, no one has ever used these weapons before" he shrugs

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" well of course except for Angel. Raziel always keeps everyone away from the weapon room, telling them it's too dangerous like we can't handle it"

(( Raziel is Angel's real name))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((ohhhhh now I get it...))

"yeah, he has problems trusting others" Laito nods

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(( yep, I based his name off of a book))

" alright, have you decided on a day to attack?"

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Rose (rubyradke) ((KK))

"uh.... in two days or this weekend?"

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" how about this weekend? I will be needing to inform others and get all the potions and weapons ready"

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Rose (rubyradke) "alright then" he nods

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" alright, there will be a lot of magic letters to be sent... Do you want to help me?"

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Rose (rubyradke) "sure, why not" he smiles

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" can I see those weapons... they will be needing magic energy you know" she reaches for the weapons, which she was too short to grasp.

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Rose (rubyradke) Laito's magic couldn't make the weapons go down so he carries Yui up to the weapons

Umehito walks into the forest sensing Yui close to the place

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Yui reaches for a magic pistol that caught her attention. She reaches for it and looks down at Laito," you can out me down now"

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) he nods and puts her down, but then he accidentally gets her close to him and kisses her

Umehito was getting a strong sense from a part of the forest so he just walked to it then he was surprised of what he saw...

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Yui was surprised at this and tries to pull away, but Laito is much stronger than her.

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Rose (rubyradke) Laito pulls back as he notices it.

Umehito just stands there in somewhat sadness and anger and he backs up, surprised in an angry way

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Yui looks at Laito thoughtfully and slaps him. " you idiot" She turns to walk away but sees Umehito." uh... Hito..." she hesitates.

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito shakes his head "I-I can't believe you" he looks at them, about to kill Laito, but decided to stay calm and backs up more

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" Umehito, i-it's not... it's not what you think." she reaches for his hand and holds it.

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Rose (rubyradke) He looks at her "It wasn't an illusion, so it's true"

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She looks at Laito for help, wanting to tell the truth but not wanting to blame it on him." I didn't want the kiss to happen." she hesitates and lets out a breath that she's been holding.

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Rose (rubyradke) "yeah, It was just an accident, it wasn't her fault" Laito says

Umehito shakes his head "it was both of your faults" he says and walks away from them

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