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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Here we are (:

Guy A and Guy B are on in the same, friends since childhood and more recently boyfriends. They do everything together, minus going to the bathroom. school most of the time anyways. Everyone knows these boys, yet nearly no one likes them. They call them faggots, queer freaks of nature. Honestly, individually, they don't mind the comments on them. But when someone makes fun of the other, that's when they get pissed. And they aren't freaks. Just in love. But that love is soon going to be torn.

Guy A makes a grave mistake, getting drunk one night at a party, that Guy B didn't go to for reasons, and ends up sleeping with some girl from out of town. People see this and take pictures. Putting them all around the school for everyone to see. For Guy B to see. He is mortified. Guy A tries to apologize, but Guy B will hear none of if, breaking off their relationship. Breaking off their friendship. Now, the two have to try to survive without on another. But can one really, truly survive without a part of themselves?

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Mysti  | 959 comments Yay! Thank you for making it. So which guy would you prefer?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Welcome (:

I suppose I prefer Guy B, but I've always played Guy A and I have a set character for him, so it doesn't matter to me. I'm comfortable with them both.

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Mysti  | 959 comments Okay. Well I don't really mind either way, so you can chose.

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Mysti  | 959 comments Sounds good! :)

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Mysti  | 959 comments :D So could you post your guy so I know what to go for with mine?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18690 comments Name: Andrew Moore

Nicknames: Annie (by his boyfriend) Drew, or Alex (he hates this one)

Age: 17

Date of Birth: December 05

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay and open about it

 photo adorable-emo-boy_zpsb4d3ead3.jpg
Andrew has jet black hair, dyed. His original color was brown. His eyes are hazel, but sometimes people can mistake them for a light brown. He is very skinny and tall for his age, weighing 140 lb and standing at 6'4. He does have muscle though, just not much.

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Family and Friends
Andrew does not live with his parents, them dying in an accident when he was very young. His adoptive parents are very nice to him however. His 'mother' is a teacher at the local Middle School and his 'father' is a business man, writing in his free time.

Adoptive Mother: Brynn Moore

Adoptive Father: Peter Moore

Andrew doesn't have many friends at all, just his boyfriend and his friend Keyl. Keyl is an online friend, so they don't get to actually see each other often. They did meet a few times at conventions however and he really likes having her as a friend.


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Like said earlier, Andrew's parents were in an accident when he was very young. He was luckily at home with a babysitter at the time, otherwise he too would have been killed. They were driving when his father swerved off the road and into a river, drowning the two of them. Andrew was not even a year old when this happened, so he was never sad about it and feel nothing towards his parents. He was put into an adoption home and actually got adopted quite quickly, his adoptive parents taking a liking to him. When he was 4, he met his best friend and they did everything together. Played everyday and always had play dates. They weren't ever really smiling and laughing when others were around, but they sure where when they were alone. They went into Elementary school together, having a wonderful time together, though they never spoke to anyone else except the other. Middle School the teasing started and they stook up for each other, his friend developing the nickname Annie that he still calls him today as his boyfriend. 11th grade now in High School and they are still best friend, except they have been dating for nearly a year now.

Andrew is very closed off. He doesn't trust anyone except for his boyfriend. He doesn't talk to anyone except for a few people, boyfriend, Keyl and his 'parents'. He is blunt, which could get him in trouble sometimes, but he doesn't care. He is blunt to his boyfriend sometimes too, because honesty is best, but they are rarely angry at each other for doing so. Which many people think that he is mean and cruel, he is actually a very sweet person. Secretly a hopeless romantic, he loves to be around people that he actually cares about, A.K.A his boyfriend. Okay, his boyfriend is his world.

♦ His boyfriend
♦ Cuddling...with his boyfriend
♦ Watching movies...preferably with his boyfriend
♦ P.E, yes he actually does like running around and doing things in gym. Shoot him.
♦ Listening to music alone in his room...unless his boyfriend is there of course

♦ Being away from his boyfriend
♦ Not being able to touch his boyfriend for a long period of time
♦ Jerks at school, mainly the ones that like to mess around with his boyfriend
♦ Annoying parents, A.K.A his parents
♦ Popcorn...he doesn't know why, but he cannot stand the stuff.

☻ His boyfriend
☻ Talking to people besides those he is actually friends with
☻ History
☻ Trying new foods...unless his boyfriend suggests them
☻ Sharing his candy...unless it's his boyfriend asking, do not expect him to share

☺ Teasing his boyfriend
☺ Getting a 120% on a 'Do you know you Boyfriend' test (they have a tendency to take those often)
☺ Running. He is very good at it
☺ Staying up a few nights at a time to talk with his boyfriend over Web Cam
☺ Playing the piano and the saxophone

Andrew has two tattoo's: one on his upper left back and one on the life side of his torso.

 photo tattoo-quotes-36_zpsdfa81ed7.jpg

 photo A-quote-from-Fight-Club-by-Chuck-Palahniuk-Its-only-after-weve-lost-everything-that-we-are-free-to-do-anything_zps5b4be8cd.jpg

Andrew has a small kitten. Widow is a girl and she is 5 weeks old.

 photo l-my-first-kitten_zps96444fc1.jpg

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Mysti  | 959 comments Oh! I am so sorry. I haven't really been active in this group. Do you still want to do this with me? If so, I'll get on remaking my guy.

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Mysti  | 959 comments Well....I'm still interested, so I'll make him again.

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