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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments Random back stories about most of the people randomly mentioned. Feel free to add your current back story if you couldn't think of one prior to this :D

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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments Throughout the Castle of Arcania

King Arion
Arion's mother was a witch and his father was a wizard. He had been blessed with their powers and had lost them for some reason at the age 14. He was sent to live with his Aunt who was the Queen at the time. She thought he was a demon because he had powers, but she was on her death bed. He somehow ended up as the King of Arcania's Human population. He found Narissa and now has her trapped. The reason he's gathering as many magical beings as he can is because he has them all trapped in the dungeons and labs. He's experimenting to get his powers back.

Prince Cain
Cain is the prince of Gemaria. He was supposedly sent to try and trade with the people of Arcania, but his real motive was to investigate the rumors that surround it. He has found Narissa.

Valencia is the Stable Keeper. She lives in the Castle Grounds of Arcania. Although she hates the King's actions, she's a rebel in training and was asked to keep an eye on him. (She kinda looks like Valencia from DragonFable, but... prettier.)

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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments Within the Forest of Midnight
Sylvia, Fairy
Sylvia usually greets the newer beings that are lost. When she is unavailable, Robin takes over that role. She is one of the two representatives and guardians from the Nature Realm *nonexistent cough cough*.

Robin, Phoenix (Transformation)
Robin is a stubborn being. He is kind when he needs to be but for the most part, he's pretty cold. He is also one guardian and representative (out of three) of the Skies. (Sky Realm... Not real.)

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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments About the Scenery
Mostly everything takes place in Arcania, the land of Powers. (The reason it's called that is because of ancient rumors about a magical forest within the lands.)
There are other neighboring cities too, for example, Gemaria of Jewels, and Harvest the land of Crops, etc.

((It gets a little confusing, but basically, Arcania is where everyone's going and the realms are where they're coming from. If they were launching an attack on Arcania, it'd kinda be like the American Revolution with England attacking :P))

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Lyra Everheart (aurelialilliem) | 201 comments Bad Guys That Will Probably Try to Hurt You if You Run Into Them:
(All are playable and ownerless :D))

The Infinite Gang
*All of them may or may not have powers. They are a mysterious bunch.*
Consisting of:
Orion's a major flirt. Right now, he's dating Jesse. He's a master of hypnosis and memory wiping, but if the memory resurfaces, it's harder to erase. In the past, he burned down Alice's town and took her from it because he liked the way she looked. Then, after all that trouble, he dumped her for Jesse. -_- He's a complete playboy, but the worst part is that he's actually good at it-Except when he loses his temper. He has a really bad temper.

Jesse is the only female of the trio She's okay as a person except when she gets jealous. She's the team strategist. She makes all the things happen. Any arrangement or adjustment they need so they won't get caught is her job. She's extremely stubborn and isn't afraid to fight.

Ukyo is the calm one. He also has a job as a secretary for a healer in training. He is good at manipulating the physical world. Some would call it magic, others call it illusions. He makes traps and things like that. It was hinted that he and Araxie were friends or possibly more in the past, but it was never too clear.

The trio's "lair" is within the Caves in the Mountains of Darkness

One of the leaders of the Darkness Realm. He doesn't like to socialize much and he keeps to himself a lot. Because of all the time he's had to think, he usually comes up with brilliant schemes. He isn't very violent so he's probably the only exception to this list. He is a bad guy though- He hates humans with all his guts. He and King Arion used to be friends growing up, they were so close that there was a brother-like relationship between them. He doesn't like the way things are now, so he's starting an inter-realm revolution which is bigger than mankind and magical beings had ever known.

Master thief from the Darkness Realm. He doesn't like to brag, and he's pretty young for who he is. It started as a way to support his family, but after his family died, he did it as a way for revenge. Currently, he is responsible for stealing the Vase of the Water Flames. He almost never fails and is never caught.

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Rayve | 1092 comments Just note that unless someone else is already playing a character from here... You can play any of these people without having to "own" them. :) As long as it would fit their descriptions. For example, I'm pretty sure Jesse wouldn't treat all girls equally. (She's often jealous and prejudiced against the world)

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 427 comments Anias

Vampire General from the Darkness Realm, A master Assassin he Is a master at Death dealing and worships many dark Gods. Quiet and cunning he will not stop once hisbtarget as been found, Rarely fails

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Rayve | 1092 comments I just thought I should introduce a few people... Just so others are aware that they're not anyone's specific character:

Evander: Fire Sprite. Currently at: Secret Meeting Place #1

Emery: Unknown. In a relationship with Alice. Currently at: Rooftop

Harper: A servant boy who often visits the Prophecy room. He has a "crush" on Narissa, and enjoys her company whether it be for personal or business reasons.

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