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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 16: Finished Honor Student**. I was disappointed, as I have enjoyed what I have read from Teresa Mummert so far. This novel was just a sub-par erotica, and a less than average love story.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 17: City of Bones****. A bit slow to get through since I watched the movie first, but a good book.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 18: Stardust**** I enjoyed this. The comedy gave it a little something.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 19: Everything Changes*** This novella complimented the original novel quite well. It answered many questions I had with the original, and put the unorthodox relationship between the three, especially the two men into better perspective.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 20: The Valentine's Arrangement****. This was a sweet story. A tattoo artist, lives in an Army town, had her heart broken by a cheating soldier. In comes a soldier to her tattoo parlor, and immediately starts breaking down the walls she built around her heart.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 21: Starlight****. I loved this book. Erotic romance with so much humor I laughed the whole way.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 22: Rush**** I liked this book, as I did the entire series. I just wish the three best friends had different personalities. Why couldn't they all be strong alphas without all being into BDSM and/or dominance? What are the chances that three best friends were all into the same kind of kinky sex? It was weird. But other than that, it was a solid read.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 23: I've Got Your Number***** My fifth five star of the year. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was so charming and filled with humor. I loved that it turned out to be a blossoming romance. The love story was second to Poppy's self discovery, but it was adorable and a rewarding to see.

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Autumn (noxzemagirl007) | 44 comments Book 24: Rule**** Again, another book I loved.I love the bad boy/good girl love stories.

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