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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments Sebastian is not sweet that is just his disguise and Clary doesn't like like him.

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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments If I told you I'd be spoiling the book for you

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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments That's what I was thinking because you want that to be a surprise especially that certain part.

F.Y.I that book has a ot of "twists and turns"

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Oh honey :) Sebastian's the best he's my favorite character. Totally not evil at all. *wink*

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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments My fav too

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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments not evil *wink, going to idris*

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And his hair is naturally black *wink*

Milena *call me Lena* (odairsea) | 35 comments oh honey, keep reading...

Milena *call me Lena* (odairsea) | 35 comments Lots of stuff will happen, but this is my favorite one of the series till now.

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Elise (jewessaloover) | 201 comments Milena wrote: "Lots of stuff will happen, but this is my favorite one of the series till now."


Laura ~Passion flower (nature88) | 126 comments Hi Everyone!
Boy, do I have A LOT going on inside of my head about COHF, I'd love to talk about what I've been thinking today. Before I continue, I will admit, I have NOT read the book, and, I don't know if I will. Honestly, it just sounds too emotionally draining to me. What I have come across has yanked right out my heart.
For right now, I'd love to talk about Sebastian/Jonathan. I could never have imagined that I would develop the feels for him as I have. I am stunned as to the kind of feels that I've been having. Actualy, more than anyone else. I have NEVER had these kinds of feels EVER. I must be not seeing something bc these feels are worse than ANY other book that I have read (or not read)!!


I am completely aware with what he has done. Jonathan was dealt a tough and unfair hand. A tough tough life. I feel SOO badly for him. He deserved so much more. He deserved love. He deserved companionship, a family etc.. He practically had no control over what he was dealt.. It broke my heart.

So, when Clary did what she did with the sword, (AND why did it have the heavenly fire in it??) and his eyes turned their true color of green, and Jonathan was able to reveal himself and repent, that was just SO heartbreaking. What a brave boy/man to repent. This seemed to be a slow and cruel doing, he said that he felt lighter, and was able to feel both physicaly and mentally. Why? He ddn't deserve it. Jace said they were two individual people. And over the Lake?? "Forever.." Are you kidding me? Rip my heart out why don't you! And you have been! All day! And the dream?? Get me another box of tissues will you! Yes, we got to see the real Jonathan, but, for such a short amount of time, what a tease. I am glad that he was able to turn good, he didn't have ANY demon blood in him. but..he deserved so much more. Yes, he did what he did, but, he still deserved more. I had hoped and wished that he would stay around longer, since he was good.

I just saw a drawing of Jonathan, and it was I believe one of the teasers, which stated basically, how can a boy be raised as a devil, be anything but a demon. Ever since reading this, I felt even more badly for him. He's not a demon, despite how he was raised.
For this reason, at least, Jonathan deserves a good TMI ending. What about making him a Silent Brother like Jem was, or something?? That'd help him, I believe.

As I completely acknowledge the things that he has done, I feel that he is still redeemable. Everyone on this earth is redeemable. It might be difficult to do so, but, he is. Forgive. I believe, I think, Clary had some sort of doubt regarding Sebastian's being. On his being good. Yes, Jonathan would feel certainly the guilt, the shame and everything that went along with this, but, he would heal over time. Now, with what happened, I think, through "death", everything is in limbo. Forgive and heal.

I do REALLY hope that Cassie will somehow...somehow..bring Jonathan back in future books..

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