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Undettered by the lack of uninterested customers and viewers, Lai approached the bar, looking for the comfort of an old friend. Not that alcohol was exactly old, it was more of a two year habit for her, ever since she arrived at Noir Paradise. Her practically see through red lingerie dress was a must of course, and one she preferred. Coupled with the leopard print boots, it was to her belief that she looked as perfect as ever. Her hair cascaded naturally down her back, and she chose to perch on one of the bar seats that she found particularly comfortable. A drink was passed into her hand immediately, and Lai accepted it with a smile. Of course, she wasn't planning on getting to drunk off her ass, just a little bit would be fine. Being extremely drunk would not allow her to do her job in the best possible way. Examining the customers with mild interest, she sipped her drink slowly, her eyes flowing over the figures in the room.

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Bree Dallas had just finished his performance on stage, and since his act involved a lot of dancing, and invoked a lot of pelvic thrusting and gluetius-maximus twerking, he was sweating slightly. Fresh droplets clung to his temples and several more were hidden on the back of his neck. He enjoyed the thrill of dancing, and the amount of money that was made from the ladies in the audience who were kind enough to tuck it into his pants was enough to buy him a drink. He walked over the bar seeking refreshment. He ordered himself a drink, and while he was waiting, he noticed a familiar face beside him. He'd seen Lai perform before, and she wasn't exactly that bad looking either. After he gave her a head to toe glance, he smiled wryly at her and said "Hey." He then received his drink and took a long sip of it.

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If Dallas wasn't enough to make her heart skip a beat, then no man ever would be. He was all around gorgeous, and it reflected in the amount of ladies who fell to his feet. Honestly, Lai believed he could probably have any girl he wanted to sleep with him. And judging by the way he gave her a quick once over, he believed the same. "Hey." She replied warmly, taking another casual sip. On another day, Lai would have certainly considered thoroughly giving him the pleasure of her company, but today she just wasn't feeling up for it. But maybe, she could work something out. Not that she was going to transition into a customer or anything. Shaking her head softly at her own thought and feelings, she perked up a little bit when he took a long sip of his drink. Lai had been watching him, and she felt a tad of jealousy of all the people he had worshipping his ever move. Not that she would every admit to anything of the likes.

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Bree "You know when I first came to this place, someone asked me, 'Why a strip club man? What's there that makes it worth wild?' I looked at him, and said 'Because the women there aren't like any you've ever seen before. They've all got something about them that drives you crazy,'" Dallas said. He wasn't lying about what he just said too. After a year into his job, one of his friends who used to be close with him in high school found this place and found Dallas here. Of course, he didn't tell Dallas' parents about his new job. And even if he did tell, there was no way in hell that Dallas would ever go back. He stayed for two reasons: one reason being the women here, and the other that he could dance and people wouldn't judge him for it.

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"Ah." Lai murmured quietly, her voice taking on a more provocative tone. "And what is it about me that drives you crazy?" She whispered seductively, tossing some of her hair over her breasts with a small shake of her head. Dallas did intrigue her, she would give him that much. That and being a glamorous performer whom she envied and admired at times. So he was that type of guy after all. Not that she minded, or so she thought as of now. Taking another long swig of her drink, she turned her seat, so she was more directly facing Dallas, her body angled and positioned towards his. He was very interesting, and most customers she was only in it for the money. But Dallas wasn't even a customer, just a performer like her. On the other hand, Lai wasn't in it for only the money, she also loved to perform.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) "You can pay" she smiled and slid onto a bar stool, removing Ace's hand from her butt. Leaning forward onto the counter, her g-string riding up, she ordered a Bloody Mary for herself and glanced at her client, waiting for him to order. All the while she was tapping the silver watch around her wrist and saying something under her breathe in Russian.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) With a groan she hopped off the stool in sheer annoyance. "Why are you such a f*cking mistake?" she snapped though the moment it left her mouth she shook her head quiltily. "That's not what I meant- it's just been a long day" she apologized quickly and started pressing napkins onto whatever clothing she was wearing in an attempt to dry it off.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Alex watched him with a strange look on her face: though it wasn't a readable expression. "Watcha doing gorgeous?" She tilted her head to watch him in excitement.

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Bree Coral wrote: ""Ah." Lai murmured quietly, her voice taking on a more provocative tone. "And what is it about me that drives you crazy?" She whispered seductively, tossing some of her hair over her breasts with a..."

Dallas' gaze shifted from seductively admiring, to openly admiring when she asked him what made him go crazy for her. "Everything about you drives me crazy," he said honestly. He raised his glass up as if he was making a toast, which he was, then he brought his drink to his lips and took another long sip of it. He ended up downing it all in that sip so he set his empty glass down and slid it to the bartender. A thought occured to him, and his lips became smirk as he leaned back in his seat comfortably with his arms folded across his chest. "Are you going to ask me what that everything about you is now, or are you going tell me that I drive you crazy too?" he asked with his smirk still on his lips. He had an appraised and mischeviously smart intelligent in his eyes as he waited for her answer.

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A smile overtook Lai's lips, and she propped herself up with an elbow, against the counter of the bar. Before answering him, she met her glass with his in a symbol of toast, taking another long drink until her glass was empty. And because she hadn't wanted to get too intoxicated...but now she was with Dallas, so she passed her glass back to the bartender. "You drive me crazy too." She told him softly, her voice rich and smooth. "You intrigue me. Which not many men do, so you should feel honored." She whispered fiercely, her eyes flashing with excitement as she looked up to hold some seconds of eye contact. "It doesn't help that your gorgeous." Lai added, tilting her head to the side. She would never be one to withhold the truth from someone, especially not a guy like Dallas.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Wall-E wrote: ""trying to get drink" he said smiling. "isnt this my lucky day?" he asked, "i get to have wet stripper." he smirked, "you really are beautiful." he got up and kissed her some more."

"Thanks" she puckered her brightly painted lips and took him by the hand, leading him away from the bar. "How about one more magic trick?" she mocked him with a perfectly trimmed eyebrow slightly raised up.

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Bree Coral wrote: "A smile overtook Lai's lips, and she propped herself up with an elbow, against the counter of the bar. Before answering him, she met her glass with his in a symbol of toast, taking another long dri..."

Dallas' lips that were smirking formed a satisfied grin when he listened to what Lai had to say. When she said that it didn't help that he was gorgeous, he shrugged and said modestly "Some people are just born with natural good looks, and I'm looking at someone who has more than just good looks to her. Everything about her is God given in my mind...Maybe that's because I'm crazy for you, Lai." Her name glided right off of his tongue and was warm, and rich. He looked back to the bartender who was working, then he looked back to Lai. "Why don't I buy you a drink?" he offered to her. He found his gaze lingering on her eyes when the two made eye contact. His own hazel eyes met her blue eyes, and he seemed to be seeing her on stage again. She was born to be a star, and from what he had seen of her, she was born to dance like he was too.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Wall-E wrote: ""If I buy you tonight, I'll show you how long my wand can get" He said. He smirked. She stretched his arms and smack her ass again. "You are an angel of beauty and death" he said, "i'd love to have..."

Boredom was starting to surround her: she had seen enough of this man. At least he wasn't an eye sore. "Sorry hun, maybe another time. I'm going to go change. I'll see you around maybe" she winked in slight disgust and walked off, losing all interest entirely. Her walk wasn't sexy, though she was trying not to fall over in the insanely tall heels they made her wear. Her voice was thick with a Russian accent as she made her way onto the floor, pulling out her phone from where it was hiding in the waistband of her g-string. Hoping to change into something.... a bit more... comfortable.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Evan sat down at the bar, tired. "One whiskey water" he ordered with a sigh. It was always weird for him to see Harper here doing her job. He didn't have feelings for her anymore, but it still bothered him to see his best friend having to get naked just for money. He'd offered to help her out many times and she always refused.

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Teigan walked into the bar after her shift. She sat down and put her bag St her feet, she was ready to go home after a drink. She ordered a beer and looked around at the other people around her, like she always did. She checked her surroundings to make sure everything was normal, just like every night.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Pay now" evan said, tossing a bill onto the table. He smiled at the girl next to him, "whats your name?" He asked her softly, his eyes glinting in the bar light, "I'll pay for hers too" he told the bartender

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Teigan looked at the guy sitting next to her and shook her head "I can pay for my own" she looked at Sebastian "on my tab please" she smiled and nodded. Teigan looked back over to the man next to her "I'm Teigan" she nodded and looked him up and down "and you are?"

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments Scarlette made her way to the bar and ploopped her butt into a stool. In her rush she actually made it several minutes early so she decided to calm.herself before getting to work.

She glanced around at all the dancers and questioned herself. Why was she here? She loved it and all but she really wasn't the type of girl for tgis kind of scene. She was too sweet and innocent, not sexy and seductive, so why did she bother? She was unsure really, she thought about leaving because she could never do what the other girls could, stripping for a stranger or even sleeping with them. It just wasn't her, but she really didnt have too many options at this point so she stayed.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Evan.Nice to meet you" he said, holding out his hand for her to shake. "Do you work here? I mean, I'm assuming you do, but we all know what assuming does" he laughed lightly.

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Teigan smiled and laughed lightly "yes, I think we all know what happened when people assume things" she looked him over "I'm a dancer here, so your assumption was correct" she smiled and shook his hand. Once she got her beer she took a sip of it, even thought she was only twenty, the bar tenders knew her so she was able to drink.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Impressive" he said with a smile, "doyou know Harper? Shes a performer here as well. Shes actually working right now" he indictated towards her direction where shewas performing for a customer.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments She laughed. "I look what? Frazzled? Like shit? Yeah I know. I thought I was going to be late so I rushed. Guess I rushed more than I thought." She grinnex.and ran her hand through her hair. "A drink sounds good, something light though. I don't think I should drink the heavy stuff before my shift otherwise I might end up on stage before its over." She wasn't joking either. Scarlettr was kind of a light wright, partially because she was so small and the other reason being she was only eighteen. She was allowed to drink though, seeing as she had permission from her legal gaurdian. (I know some states allow under age drinking as long as a parent or guardian allows it.)

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Teigan nodded "yeah, we perform together sometimes" she smiled slightly "how do you know her?" She asked him. Teigan knew almost every staff member and performer here, and they all knew her. She was one of the popular dancers, but she didn't really like that.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "We're practically family" he said with a smile, "I've known her since grad school,we've been best friends since...i donteven remember" he let out a low chuckle. "Is shegetting on alright here?" He asked her, slight worry in his voice

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♥The Queen of Hearts♥ wrote: "Coral wrote: "A smile overtook Lai's lips, and she propped herself up with an elbow, against the counter of the bar. Before answering him, she met her glass with his in a symbol of toast, taking an..."

Lai made a soft clicking sound against her teeth, reaching a hand up, she held a strand of her hair between two fingers. "Isn't that..twisted." She told him finally, her tone seductively teasing. Lai shook her head again, so that her hair cascaded down between her cleavage. "You may buy me a drink." A grin slipped onto her face, and she let out a quiet laugh under her breath. When a guy offered her a drink, she usually suspected they were planning on taking advantage of her. But with Dallas, she would never think he was the type of guy to do that. He already had all the girls he could wish for, if he wanted them. But yet, he wanted her, or so she thought as of now. "I think I'm crazy for you too." She admitted in a fierce whisper. It was true, Dallas had to be the one of the few men who actually interested her. That was rare for her.

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Teigan laughed a little bit at his worry "everyone that works here is nice, she is in good hands, so don't worry" she nodded. Teigan smiled "your all worried like my brother would be" she shook his head and looked down the bar for her brother.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments She laughed and took a drink, smiling when the liquid hit her tongue. She may be a light weight, but she still loved to drink. "You say that now, but that'll change when my clothes start flying and then I end up passed out on tge floor."

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments Even though she was used to his teasing, her cheeks still flushed a bit, one of the signs that she wasn't quite like the other girls. "If that was the otcome then I may just have to start drinking." She joked back as she finished off her drink and stood.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments She pouted and her stuck her tongue out him playfully. "You know in a place like this it is kinda insulting calling a girl cute." In her opinion true, but she didn't take offense. She knows she isn't on par with the rest of the girls. She excepted a long time ago that she could never be sexy, a fact that was drilled into her head when she still lived with her mother and douchebag.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments "Hm. I figured you a guy that liked that kind of thing." She grinned. "But you are right. I'd rather be cute than used like that." She shrugged. "Thank you." She smiled sincerely. She liked Sebastian, he was really cool even though he was a bit of a perv, but then again everyone here was.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Bayle -What We Dont Know- wrote: "Teigan laughed a little bit at his worry "everyone that works here is nice, she is in good hands, so don't worry" she nodded. Teigan smiled "your all worried like my brother would be" she shook his..."

"Who's your brother?" Evan asked with a soft smile, glad someone understood her worries. He was also relieved that his friend was going to be safe. It helped calm him down a little.

ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments She took the tray from him with a grin. "It is totally your fault for distracting me with your sexiness." It was only a partial joke. she did find him rather attractive, but that was the extent of it all. She wasn't one of the girls that drooled over him. "I'll be back." She playfully blew him a kiss and turned to walk away. He was one of the few people she felt comfortable enough with to joke like this with.

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Denver wrote: "Bayle -What We Dont Know- wrote: "Teigan laughed a little bit at his worry "everyone that works here is nice, she is in good hands, so don't worry" she nodded. Teigan smiled "your all worried like ..."

Teigan smiled at the thought of her brother, she loved talking about him. "His name is Asher" she nodded and pulled out the pictures from her bag, she had a lot, a few of her dad, some of her with her dad, some of her mom, and then some of her brother and her with her brother. "See" she held up a picture of him smiling, he looked like her, the same eyes and hair color, but he dyed his hair blond.

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Bree Coral wrote: "♥The Queen of Hearts♥ wrote: "Coral wrote: "A smile overtook Lai's lips, and she propped herself up with an elbow, against the counter of the bar. Before answering him, she met her glass with his i..."

Dallas side smiled at her as he turned to the bartender and ordered two more drinks. When the drinks were slid to him, Dallas picked up Lai's cup then handed it to her. Once she took her cup, Dallas had his drink raised. Proposing a toast, he said "Here's to being crazy then." His glass met her's with a clink then he took a sip of his drink. With his drink, his gaze flicked to her hair and where it landed. He set his glass down beside him then he leaned forward. Not only did his hand move some of her hair aside from her breast exposing some of her clevage, he tucked several strands behind her ear so he could see more of her face. Once he had done this, Dallas smile. Dallas was typically good at guessing what people, especially girls, were thinking. But Lai was a mystery to him, so for now, he waited to see what kind of response his gesture would bring out of her.

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Lai nodded and said firmly, "To being crazy then." Tipping back her head to take a good long sip of the drink that was passed to her. When Dallas reached out to her, she could've sworn her heart skipped a beat, her breath hitching in her throat. No other guys ever made her this nervous, and they especially didn't have this effect on her. Dallas was like that, she supposed. "I'm not as slutty as the rest of the girls here." She whispered softly, her eyes shifting upwards to meet his rich hazel ones. To be honest, Lai wasn't sure why she had made that statement. Mainly out of nervousness, which was an incredibly rare side of her to come out. "But I can be." She added, clicking her tongue against her teeth slowly. "I can be whatever you want me to be."

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Bree Coral wrote: "Lai nodded and said firmly, "To being crazy then." Tipping back her head to take a good long sip of the drink that was passed to her. When Dallas reached out to her, she could've sworn her heart sk..."

"Don't do something because someone tells you to do it. Do it because it feels right to you," Dallas said. Their faces were close enough to where he could smell the alcohol on her breath mixed with something sweet. He looked away from her for a moment losing his smile, then he smiled when he realized something. His gaze locked with her's again. "If you decided to be a slut, you're going to have a hard time finding someone besides me to hook up with you. I'd have to keep you to myself and become a selfish bastard if you changed," he said. The clicking with her tongue was a new habit of her's that Dallas hadn't seen before. What was different about her now that wasn't there when she was on stage? Maybe because on stage, she doesn't have to speak with her lips, only with her hips.

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Snorting, even though she was aware it wasn't the most attractive thing to do, Lai smirked. "Thanks for the advice cowboy." She sneered, her tongue sliding out of over the edge of her lips as she stuck it out at him. At his next statement, she became composed and serious. "I never said I wasn't a slut, I just said I'm not as slutty as everyone else here." She explained, reaching a hand out to touch his arm. They were close enough that Lai could examine his features in details, the shape of his lips, the prominent rich details of his entrancing hazel eyes. "So you're crazy about me because you want to be?" She asked, raising a curious brow and going back to his earlier statements. As much as she hated to admit it, Lai had slipped up, letting on even just a little bit how nervous Dallas made her. She just needed to be confident, she kept reminding herself. Just like she was with other guys.

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Bree When Lai snorted, Dallas didn't mind. He smirked after her comment about him being a cowboy, just because his name was Dallas, and he was from Alabama didn't mean he was a cowboy. Then again... Cowboy had a ring to it. He didn't back away or make a comment about her hand touching his exposed arm. A good amount of his upper body was exposed from what he was wearing, and since women that came here were more than eager to touch him, Dallas was used to a woman's hands on his body. Something about Lai's hand excited him more than any other touch he had received. "Exactly. And I wouldn't stick out your tongue again. Unless you want me to bite it that is, then go right ahead," he said.

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Lai laughed, lifting a hand to cover her mouth before she was to get too affectionate with the situation. "Now wait just a minute." She declared, pinching the skin of his arm between her index and middle finger. "I can stick my tongue out if I want. I'm doing it because it feels right to me." She waggled her eyebrows, proud of herself for quoting his serious earlier statement. "And I shouldn't be doing anything if anyone tells me to do it, only because it feels right to me." Lai smirked even wider, sticking her tongue out again in a step of defiance. However, it slinked back inside her mouth immediately, because she was only going to tease him, she wasn't going to let him bite her tongue just yet.

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Bree Dallas laughed. She truly was something. "I'm not telling you to do something though. He didn't mind the pinching she was doind to his arm that she was holding onto. He'd felt worse and harder before at the hands of a woman... There's a reason that they had long fingernails. "I'm just letting you know what will happen if you keep doing what you're doing. I'm only trying to be helpful," Dallas said simply after he was done laughing. "And as long as I'm being helpful, you should keep your hands away from your face. Otherwise I can't see you," he said.

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He liked her face, he wanted to see her face. That had to be a first. "You're kidding right?" She asked, raising an eyebrow an stifling a laugh. But she listened and brought her hands away from her face. "You want to see my face. Most of the time men want to see different parts of me, they aren't concerned about seeing my face." Allowing herself fo roll her eyes, Lai took another sip of her drink. Life was full of firsts, that was for sure. Something about Dallas was different, and she wanted to figure out once. She needed something to do in her spare time, not that she had any. Her new dream, Dallas.

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Bree Dallas smirked at her question then pointed to his own face with one of his index fingers. "Does this face look like it's kidding?" he asked giving the most non serious expression ever then his facial expression changed to him just smiling and he lowered his hand. "Keep in mind, I'm crazy, so of course I'm not like other guys. And that's not a problem that I want to see your face, is it?" he asked. He grabbed his drink and took another sip of it. Dallas shook his head then he set his glass down and looking past Lai. "I've seen enough of women's other parts, but just this once, I want to see something else," he said then he looked back to Lai.

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Lai bit down on her lower lip, holding it between her teeth. It wasn't meant to be a seductive gesture, but somehow she made it into one. "Of course it's not." She stated firmly, rolling her eyes for the second time. "You're just very..." She trailed off, searching for the right word. "Unusual, you're very unusual." At his next statement, Lai withdrew her hands from her arms and crossed them over her chest. "Be that way." She joked, holding her head up high. Brining her head back down, she returned to a more serious expression. "I understand, I guess I'm the same way. I've seen more guy parts in my lifetime then probably any other guy has seen his own." She smirked again, cocking her head to the side.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Bayle -What We Dont Know- wrote: "Denver wrote: "Bayle -What We Dont Know- wrote: "Teigan laughed a little bit at his worry "everyone that works here is nice, she is in good hands, so don't worry" she nodded. Teigan smiled "your al..."

Evan smiled at her, "very nice, you look quite a bit alike" he ran a hand through his hair, then ordered another drink. He glanced back to where harper had previpusly been and noticed she had disappeared

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Teigan smiled and nodded "Yeah, we do" she smiled and put them away "So, do you come here a lot?" she looked at him and took another sip of her beer. She couldn't see her brother at the bar so she assumed he was walking around looking for her and that he would find her someday.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Evan shrugged, "i come here about twice a week Just to check on harper and givr her a little money. She hates it when i give her money, she wants to earn her own keep amd stuff, but i cant just let her struggle, you know?"

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Teigan smiled and nodded "You're a good friend, not many people would do that" she finished her beer and set the bottle on the counter "So, what do you normally do when you're here, you have to have a favorite spot here"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Bayle -What We Dont Know- wrote: "Teigan smiled and nodded "You're a good friend, not many people would do that" she finished her beer and set the bottle on the counter "So, what do you normally do when you're here, you have to hav..."

Evan shrugged, "I usually just stay around the bar. I feel like it'd be weird to get dances from her coworkers and stuff, you know? I mean, that's not why I even come here in the first place. So I usually just drink. What about you?" he asked her

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Teigan smiled "Well, normally i'm working, dancing and stripping" she nodded "But, when i'm not I hang around her, normally down there waiting for my brother to come say 'Hi' to me" she smiled at him and nodded "And just so you know, it wouldn't be weird if you go a dance or two from one of us, my friends do and I dont care" she nodded.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Evan laughed, "Well I'll be sure to consider it. Does your brother work here or just come to visit?" He took a sip of his drink, shaking the ice around before setting it back on the bar, "And that's what Harper's job is as well. I told her she should try singing, but she doesn't think she has the talent"

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