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Carole M The place to talk about Queers for those who have already read it.

Carole M OK, so new to this Goodreads thing of creating topics under groups and hope I did it right. The other topic involved the buddy read so I thought of maybe having another for people who have already read it. I HATE posting things and accidently revealing stuff to people that haven't gotten to that part yet. I figure this way you could enter at your own risk. We'll see what happens.

Carole M Just wrote my review trying very hard not to say anything that would give anything away. I am paranoid about ruining it for someone else. I like to be able to discuss freely so here it goes...

As much as I really liked all the characters I think I would have to say I leaned towards Garrett being my favorite. He was so full of life and so funny and witty and in the beginning before all the drama hit he was just a pleasure to be with. Obviously after being with Landon over time took that away but even then he was so hopeful that things would get better/turn around. It was heart breaking because you knew it wasn't going to happen. It broke my heart everytime the abuse would happen and I have to think that it was dead on how it really is in a real abusive relationship (having not been in one myself, thank God!)
I loved the bond that Duff and Garrett had together and hated when Garrett had to go and throw it out there about following Duff out to California and being there to support HIS dreams. I just thought at some point something so terrible is going to be said that can't be taken back. Pass the point of no return.
I was happy that Duff and Brad's relationship never had too much drama except for the beginning. I mean the viewing the line up was pretty terrible but it really didn't carry over to the relationship. They continued to have a strong bond through out. I had enough of the drama from Garrett and Landon. Back to Landon really quick, I can't remember if his age was mentioned. I know he was older than Garrett whose age was mentioned but didn't know if Landon was suppose to be in his late 30's, 40's or even 50. I was assuming somewhere around early 40's.
That's all for now.

Jaycee Edward I liked Garrett too, but OMG, did I LOVE Jackson. And Brad. I am such the angst-whore, so I always gravitate to the men who are pining away. I've seen some of the reviews tear apart the whole Garrett/Landon relationship and say it wasn't realistic. I've never been in that type of relationship either, but I think, from the little I DO know, that it was VERY realistic! Of course, Garrett would be drawn to the financial security and the glitter of the "good life".

The two scenes that totally stuck out for me were when Brad shows up with the HUGE bouquet of yellow roses. That just cracked me up the way AJ wrote it...like the flowers were at the door...not Brad. And the scene with Jackson and Garrett in the bathroom stall when Jackson starts crying. That got me worse than the whole Garrett dying thing. I honestly thought AJ would kill Garrett off. I really did. I was totally surprised that he let him live.

Carole M I would have totally freaked out if Garrett hadn't lived. I am also an angst whore too but that would have sent me over the edge. Only because it would have killed Jackson. That whole scene actually with Garrett & Landon at the end was so hard to read.
When I was about 75% done I read a comment on FB about poor Jackson & thought that maybe while he was saving Garrett Landon shot him or something. I was so relieved when I got to the end & everyone was alive & together & happy.
One of my favorite scenes was when they went to Queers for the first time in the beginning. There were some funny lines. I couldn't believe what a sense of humor AJ had.
My mind even went to thinking It would be discovered Landon had hit Scott or in the beginning I thought he might be married. Haha! My brain jumps ahead sometimes in a story trying to guess what will happen.
I didn't write this all @ once so it may sound pieced together.
Thx for chiming in!!!

Jaycee Edward Oh, the humor was wonderful! Who knew? Haha!

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