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♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 460 comments Mod
This is where you will RP before the games. There are many stations to choose from. Be advised, i'll be watching over your progress to see who'll i'll make assistant mod.

Happy Hunger Games ^^

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine walks into the Training Center, her head held high, her white blonde hair pulled back into a messy braid that reaches down to her mid-section. She wears black pants and a shirt, with fabric that doesn't cling to her arms or legs, giving her room to move around. She turns her head to see she was the first one to arrive, this she doesn't mind. She goes straight toward the weapons area, picking up a small, lean knife. She twists it around her fingers, getting a feel for it, memorizing the way it looks and feels in her mind with all the other things she remembers over the years. She walks over to the instructor to ask him to show her how to throw it properly.

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The elevator door slid open with a swish and out stepped Goldenrod. Dressed in a black tank top and loose jeans, her startlingly sea-green eyes scanned the room. So far, there was only one other girl. She was as pale as death itself, probably about 18, maybe 19 at the most. Her almost translucent skin made a shiver run down Goldie's spine. She looked like she could possibly be a threat, until Goldie saw her knife throwing skills. They were almost comical! The girl couldn't throw to save her life. She leaned too far back and didn't loosen her wrist properly. Goldie found a pole to lean on as she watched the strange girl practice. She was getting better, but only a little bit at a time. Goldie allowed herself a small smile. "Piece of cake." she thought to herself as she watched.

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Paris walked into the training center with a confident smile. He was going to win. Everyone else was either weak or dumb. He walked to the arrows to show off. He shot all of the targets directly in the bulls eye.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine turned away from the instructor to see a girl and a boy come, the boy was shooting arrows and the other was leaning against a pole watching her. She looked down at the knife she was holding and examined it further, remembering every little detail. She didn't want to throw the knife just yet and she watched with interest what the boy with the bow was doing. Every arrow hit its mark and as they whizzed from the bow, Rhine watch intently how he did it, wanting to remember everything.

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((Quick question, is Paris a boy or a girl? I couldn't find your file in the character creation section, so I don't know.))
Goldie watched as a kid entered the room with a confident smile. He went to the bow and arrow station and started showing off. It was almost funny, to see him try to impress whomever was watching, which was pretty much just her and the snowflake princess. He was pretty good at it. She studied the way his body moved when he shot the arrow, committing it to memory. She is probably going to need it. He didn't look like much of a threat, but as her father always said, 'never underestimate your opponent'.

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Ember wrote: "((Quick question, is Paris a boy or a girl? I couldn't find your file in the character creation section, so I don't know.))
Goldie watched as a kid entered the room with a confident smile. He went ..."

❀♥♬Emily♬♥❀~My thoughts are notes I can't fathom into music~ wrote: "Rhine turned away from the instructor to see two other girls come, one was shooting arrows and the other was leaning against a pole watching her. She looked down at the knife she was holding and e..."

((Paris is a boy))

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((Ok, good to know. Thank you.))

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Goldie twisted her ring around her finger. It was silver and gold, with two hearts in the middle. Her dad had given it to her before he passed away. It was her grandmother's engagement ring originally, but when she died, it was passed down to Goldie's dad, who gave it to her for her birthday. She missed him. Goldie stood up and strode to the edible plants station and memorized all that the instructor said and showed her. Growing up in district 6, there weren't very many plants. Almost everything was made up of metal or concrete. Goldie smiled.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments ((Oh, my gosh I'm so sorry, I cant believe I didn't see that you put he, I guess I just assumed, im really sorry :$

Lol, snowflake princess :) ))

Rhine continued to watch the boy, her mind trying to calculate how everything he did was put together to let the arrow fly and hit its mark. The girl went to the plant station. Rhine was hesitant to talk to anyone so she just remained with her knife, trying to find the courage to try and throw it but she didn't want to make a fool of herself.

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Paris caught notice of his follower. he turned around. "why are you watching me?" he asked

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 †Emily† | 465 comments ((He's talking to Rhine, right?))

Rhine was startled a little by the boys question, "I-um-I don't really know anything about archery and I was watching to see how you shot those arrows." She stuttered, still surprised by the sudden question. Her ice, white cheeks becoming a light shade of pink as the heat rose to her cheeks with embarrassment. "Sorry.."

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"Paris Manchina district 1" he stuck out his hand "you are?"

message 14: by †Emily† (new)

 †Emily† | 465 comments A Career. She thought, her grey eyes looking at him with curiosity. "Rhine Evans, District 3." She said, taking his hand in her own. "That's a very cool name, it was actually the capitol city in a country called France way before our times and they spoke the language French." She couldn't stop herself from saying these facts, she thought they were interesting. Her cheeks began to go back to their normal pale, white colour as she grew comfortable as she spoke.

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Goldie watched as the boy addressed the other girl. She started blushing. It kinda looked strange on her pale features. But it slowly dissipated as she continued to talk to the boy. Curious, Goldie approached the bow and arrow station and shot some arrows in the same way she saw the boy (Paris) do it. She was actually surprised when it worked. She listened to their conversation, hoping to learn something.

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"Thanks for the history lesson" he said "that I did not need"

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"Watch your mouth, Career," Goldie told him "Or you just might find an arrow through it." She shot an arrow at the target to emphasize her point.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine, a little taken aback by his coldness, retorted, "I'll remember that," She said, her jaw set with determination, her grey eyes almost becoming ice cold as he got on her nerves. "When we're in the Arena. You better watch it." She said, her voice as sharp as a dagger as she looked down at him, seeing the height difference for the first time. He was shorter than her, many were, she being abnormally tall for a girl. She stood there, rigid, making a mental note to watch what he did to know exactly how he fought, so if they ever were to meet, she'd know his moves. She looked at the girl who spoke also, giving her a look of thanks for putting the boy in his place.

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"what do you know, you're just a lowly outer district" he said smirking at them. He may be small, but he was strong.

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Goldie caught the ice princess's look and gave her a reassuring smile. "Look France," Goldie addressed the short boy. "we may be just 'lowly outer district' kids to you, but we could still whoop your sorry butt." Goldie glared a the boy as she set down her bow. Her ocean blue-green eyes glinted coldly in the fluorescent light.

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"Oh really??" he asked. 'are you sure you can, or are you bluffing?" he was toying with their minds. Making them think other things then what they were supposed to be thinking. He took Goldie's bow and arrows and started to shoot more targets.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments "You'll just have to see in the Arena." She said, her jaw clenched as her eyes followed him as he shot more targets. Her eyes bore a calculating look, matching her mind that was turning with thoughts and ideas. She could see what he was trying to do but she just walked over to the girl, "Thanks." She mumbled, looking down at the girl, her grey eyes like dark clouds.

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As the Paris kid grabbed her bow, Goldie laughed. "I don't think you want to find out if I'm bluffing, unless you have a death wish. But Snowflake over there is right, you'll have to see in the arena." Goldie turned to the other girl and was about to speak, but thought against it. "Oh, and by the way," Goldie turned to him "I'd suggest you watch your back, kid. Cause you have just gotten yourself on my kill list." Goldie turned back to the pale girl and motioned for her to follow her. She lead her to the knives section and said "I'm Goldie," She stuck out her hand. "District 6."

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine followed obediently, which made her feel downsized to nothing as she followed Goldie to the knives section. She towered over the girl, looking down at her, "I'm Rhine, District 3." She said, taking the girls hand in her own. She was probably the oldest here, giving her some advantage but this girl seemed to know how to kill, which made her uneasy. She took in the girl, with her ocean-blue eyes and brown hair. Rhine's eyes bore a calculating look as if she was trying to solve something. This girl was dangerous, she could tell.

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Goldie firmly shook Rhine’s hand and turned to the table of knives. After deep contemplation, Goldie chose one and started throwing it up in the air, testing it weight and feel. She did this for a moment, watching Rhine out of the corner of her eye. Without warning, Goldie threw the knife up, caught it and threw it at the dummy with such speed, force and precision, that it caused the manikin to topple over with a knife hilt deep in its forehead. She looked up at the girl, watching her reaction.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine's eyes widened and she smiled, "Wow, you're really good!" She exclaimed, looking at the toppled over dummy. "Such velocity.. Speed.. aim." She mumbled now to herself as she calculated the technique needed to throw with such speed and perfect accuracy. "Where did you learn to throw like that?" She asked, interested to learn.

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Brit strode out of the elevator as her blue eyes searched the room. She decided to head towards the sword table, as it was both empty and a weapon she had never used before. She admired the swords before requesting help from the trainer on her grip and stance. Brit then tried it out in the simulator and found she had some level of natural talent, as she was able to take down the beings coming at her from all sides.

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Goldie was surprised at Rhine's reaction. Most people were scared at her ability's with the knife. It pleased Goldie that at least someone wasn't scared of her talents. Goldie beamed. "My dad taught me the basics, but I learned the rest on my own. It takes practice, but it's pretty simple." Goldie picked up another knife, studied it, then asked timidly. "Do you want me to teach you?"

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Goldie turned to Rhine, but then noticed another girl enter the room and walk toward the sword station. She watched as the girl demolished all the simulations closest to her. Goldie studied her style, memorizing her moves to that if they ever came in contact in the arena, Goldie would understand how she worked. But, Goldie had to admit, the girl was good. She could possibly make good ally....

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((BTW, Emily, I wanted to add you as my friend, but you require an answer to a question, but I don't know it. Could you maybe add me?))

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 †Emily† | 465 comments ((Haha, yeah no one can really answer it :3 Sure, I'll add you ))

Rhine smiled at Goldie as she spoke, replaying how she had thrown it in her head, watching it over and over again until she knew how to flick her wrist how to lean forward and follow her arm all the way through. She eyed Goldie as she asked Rhine if she wanted her to teach her. She pursed her lips, knowing this was a good opportunity to actually learn. "Sure," She said, taking a knife from the rack and studied it.

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Goldie smiled as she began instructing Rhine on how to hold, balance and throw the knife. Rhine threw it over and over. The first couple times, she missed, but soon, Rhine was hitting random places like the torso, legs and arms. Goldie watched as Rhine threw the knife again, this time it landed shallowly in the dummy's neck. Goldie smiled "Messy, but effective. Your flow is good, but you need a little more force." Goldie instructed Rhine on how to add muscle to her throw. Soon enough, Rhine was throwing like a pro.

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine absorbed everything Goldie said, running it through her mind over and over again as she threw the knife, correcting the mistakes she knew she made after running Goldie's instructions through her head again. She stored all the information away in her mind, her photo graphic memory allowing her this. She smiled as she grew more used to the knife, which she had also memorized. She continued to throw, improving significantly. "You're a good teacher." She said, after retrieving her knife from the dummies neck.

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"Thanks." Goldie replied "I have often had to teach my siblings how to throw knives and such so they can defend themselves." Goldie picked up a knife and threw it at another dummy. "So, what else can you do?"

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine turned the knife in her hand, looking at it with a frown. She flicked her eyes up a bit to look down at Goldie, "Weapons aren't my strong suit but I know medical knowledge very well." She said, her deep grey eyes searching hers. Rhine knew Goldie was dangerous, she was practically a trained killer. She knew how to hit her mark and Rhine knew she'd be a good ally but to her, Rhine was useless, maybe she could change that.

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"Cool. Being in the transportation gig, I don't really have time to study medicine. Do you know anything about edible plants?" Goldie cocked her head to the side, interested at what Rhine had to say.

message 37: by †Emily† (new)

 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine's eyes became distant as she searched her mind for any knowledge of plants. She found it, her mind filling with facts. "Mhm, mostly healing plants but also basic poisonous and edible plants."

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Goldie tapped her chin. "That could be useful." Goldie threw another knife. "I've been thinking, we could make a pretty good team. Maybe even allies?"

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((Gotta go, see ya later!))

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine raised an eyebrow down at Goldie, "Maybe even allies.." She repeated, a small smile forming on her mouth, her eyes casting a mysterious glint. She was hesitant because Goldie seemed like someone she couldn't trust but she had offered to teach her and someone who had wanted nothing to do with her would never had cared to even offer. She let her sentence hang in the air as she threw her knife, it landed next to Goldie's, near the heart of the dummy.

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Goldie smiled with Rhine. "What do you say?" Goldie stuck out her hand. "Alliance?"

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine returned the smile, her eyes lighting up to a light shade of blue. "Alliance." She said, taking Goldie's hand and shaking it firmly.

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((could you friend me,i have a question, but it is easy, I was going to friend you but, the quesyion I couldn't))

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Paris shot some more arrows , waiting for another career to come.

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Brit quickly slid her sword back into the shelf as she caught another girl watching her. There was no use giving away her talents, although she wouldn't call swordsmanship a talent quite yet. She glances around the room trying to decide what could help her most. Edible plants- she knows those. Obstacle courses- she had climbed trees since before she could walk. Snares- now thats something she could work on. She headed towards the empty table and asked the trainer for some help.

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Goldie smiled genuinely as she said "So, I know your not too good with weapons, but what about, say, snares?" Goldie lowered her voice to a whisper. "I want to see what that other girl can do."

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Brit was not used to snares and manipulating rope to her will, but she learned quickly. By the end of her session, she had enough skill to trap a squirrel if not a bigger animal. She had felt someone watching her again but decided to ignore it.

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((isn't that a form of godmodding))

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

((What part? Do you feel that her skills are unreasonable or I'm godmodding Goldie?))

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((how are you godmodding Goldie if she is not your character? But it seems as if your character is perfect at everything in this room by the end of her session))

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