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This is where you may post your Chariot Rides and interviews. Be warned, this will effect your character's sponsor points, and, it'll give me an idea on who the other mod will be.

Chariot rides.

please add the following

- Costume Description
- Chariot Description
- Ride Experience

You write these as you please.


For the interview, you may post it in any format as you please. Be advised, you'll be doing a 1x0. Meaning by yourself.

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Under Construction
Part I- Chariot Rides

A word do describe Paris' costume. Snazzy. It was red, his favorite color, and it had garnets. He held his head high. ((lol a sentence with all words that start wit h)) He was one with the crowd. The lights reflected off of is costume. He stood up in the chariot. He made the crowd like him. This was his game, and only his.

Caesar: Paris Manchina, District 2!!!
[Paris walks n stage]
Paris: district 1 Caesar
Caesar: [laughs] Let me try that again, Paris Manchina, District 1
Paris: [annoyed] thank you Caesar
Caesar: Where you from, Paris?
Paris: [more annoyed] District one
Caesar: Oh [laughs] I thought it was district 3
Paris: [looks even mare annoyed]
Caesar: Anything to say about the games
Paris: [looks at audience with a cold stare] I will win {walks off stage]

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COSTUME: http://windnstorm.deviantart.com/art/...

Goldie’s nerves were going nuts as she climbed on the chariot with her fellow tribute. They were wearing matching costumes of green fabric. Goldie has on heeled black combat boots with yellow laces that went up to her mid-thigh. She was wearing a skin tight pair of tan pants that were barely visible above her boots and a long sleeve collared shirt. The neckline of the shirt ended just above her breasts and it made Goldie feel uncomfortable. She had never shown off this much bust in her lifetime. The costume looked fairly nice all together except for one thing. There were huge thin rubber tire treads hanging off each arm. They were made to look like the treads of an excavator and weighed almost as much as the whole machine. Goldie’s fellow tribute was dressed in almost the same fashion, except he had his tire tread hanging off his neck. All in all, Goldie thought that they looked fairly ridiculous. As Goldie thought, the chariot lurched forward, carrying the pair toward the roaring crowd. Goldie’s fellow tribute looked almost as nervous as she, but when they followed the district 5 chariot out, Goldie’s nervousness melted away. The crowd cheered as Goldie smiled and waved. Her fellow tribute looked at her like she was crazy, but quickly got the memo. He waved and smiled along with her. She entwined her arm with his and the mob went nuts! He looked confused but realized what was happening and he smiled at her. She smiled back. Suddenly, a member of the crown yelled “Kiss her!” Soon the whole stadium was echoing “Kiss her! Kiss her!” Goldie glanced at her fellow tribute and shrugged, smiling. He grabbed her, dipped her and kissed her soundly on the mouth. If the crowd was crazy then, it began getting insane after that. The pair was quickly becoming a favorite of the throng. After the chariot slowed to a halt, Goldie jumped out with her tribute, their arms still entwined. The pair walked inside. Goldie was pleased.


OUTFIT: http://lghttp.15260.nexcesscdn.net/80...

HAIR: https://lh6.ggpht.com/aYEP4MU94s8MloB...

ADORNMENT: http://www.breakdownbettie.com/pictur...
Goldie waited in anticipation as the tributes, one at a time, made their way to the stage for their interviews. She was seated beside her fellow tribute. He looked pretty snazzy, but Goldie didn't let him distract her. District 4 had just gone and she was nervous about how her turn would go. Her stylist decided that she should try for the ‘sexy’ look and so far, it was working. Originally, Goldie had wanted to try the ‘hostile’ look because that was what best described her. But after trying on the dress, Goldie was sold. Goldie looked stunning in her silver ball gown. The dress clung to her breasts and hips, flattering her shape. The shoulder straps were see-through, with little diamonds sewn into the sheer fabric. The neckline drooped dramatically, showing off her chest. The length of the gown draped down to the floor and Goldie often times had to hold the dress up as she walked. Her chestnut brown hair was up in a beautiful bun, with thin curls cascading down her back. She had silver sparkling flower tied up in the bun and for once in her life, Goldie felt beautiful. The announcer called her to him and told her what to do when it was her turn. Goldie nodded and committed the instructions to memory. They called her name and Goldie walked toward Caesar Flickerman. Taking her seat, Goldie smiled sultrily as she tried to calm her shaking hands. “Hello Goldenrod!” Caesar smiled assuredly. “Oh please,” Goldie giggled, more out of nerves than laughter. “Call me Goldie; No one has called me Goldenrod in years!” Caesar laughed along with her. “Well then Goldie, what do you think of the capitol so far?” “Well,” Goldie smiled radiantly “It’s definitely very bright!” Caesar smiled as he asked the second question. “Watching the reaping, what crossed your mind when your name was called?” Goldie frowned. “Fear for my siblings.” Caesar nodded. “I didn't know what would happen to them if I died. But then I realized something. I don’t plan on dying, because I’m going to win!” The crowd cheered as Caesar laughed. “You’re obviously very sure of yourself!” He said. “Well then Goldie, tell us a little bit about yourself.” Goldie giggled again as she replied “Well, I’m 17 years old; I was born in District 6 and have 3 siblings!” “Tell us about your siblings, Goldie.” Caesar leaned forward. Goldie smiled “I have three, Ebony and Ivory, the twins and Lilac. Ebony and Ivory are 7 and Lilac is 11.” “And if you could say anything to them right now, what would it be?” Caesar inquired. “Um,” Goldie smiled knowingly and turned to the camera. “Lilac, watch the kids until I get back and keep an eye on mom. Ivory, look out for your brother and don’t let him electrocute the cat again!” The crowd laughed at this. After they had quieted, Goldie went on. “Ebony, look out for your sisters and keep out of trouble.” “That was very touching Goldie. Please, tell us about your mother.” Goldie made a face like she had just tasted something sour. “My mother? Well, there is not much to say about her. She’s a morphine addict and her children need her.” Goldie’s eyes started welling up. ‘Ever since my father died, she has drawn more and more into herself until none of us recognize her. I have had to get a job as a porter so that we can eat. I leave almost every day, leaving my siblings unguarded. My mother cannot fend for herself, so we have no choice but to keep her around.” A lone tear trailed down Goldie’s cheek. ‘I’m sorry, Goldie.” Caesar held out a tissue box and Goldie dabbed her tears away. She didn't mean for all that to come out, but it just did. “Let’s move on to a different subject, shall we?” Caesar asked. Goldie smiled, all bright and cheery again. “Are you excited for the games?” Goldie smiled cruelly “Oh yes! I cannot wait to win!” Caesar laughed again as the buzzer went off. “Well, thank you Goldie,” Caesar shook her hand as she got up the exit the stage. “And may the odds be ever in your favor!” Goldie thanked him as she strode off the stage. She was glad that was over!

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Dress: http://www.inspirationbycolor.com/wp-...
Brit wore a crown of spring leaves and flowers woven in to gnarled branches. Her dress appeared to be a black tree on clear fabric reaching to the ground. She hated everything about the elaborate costume as she pulled herself onto the chariot, but her most of all she hated the restraint of movement. Her feet were trapped in small brown flats that were apparently supposed to resemble roots and she could hardly breathe. She stood next to her district partner, not looking at him, not looking at the crowd but staring dead ahead. However much she hated it, Brit knew her stylist had done a good job. She looked fantastic. The crowds cheered in appreciation but Brit never looked towards them. She glared ahead and up at where President Snow sat. Thankfully, it was over soon, and Brit stepped off the chariot with as much dignity as she could muster in that ridiculous garment.


Outfit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-L6igYQwMNcA...

Brit sat calm and in total control as tribute after tribute shook hands with Caesar and played the audience's heartstrings like a violin. When it was her turn, Brit went up, testing her newly developed skill of walking in heels. The audience drew in a collective gasp at this outfit that wasn't elegant, that wasn't even formal. She shook Caesar's hand with a steady expression, heightening the air of mystery. As he greeted her warmly, she nodded cooly. She remembered what her mentor had said. I'm going to let you play mystery girl, but don't over do it, and gave him a small smirk. "Welcome to the capitol!" he said brightly, his white teeth blinding her. "I hope you've enjoyed your stay so far," She smiles without showing any teeth and nods. "Yes." Cool, distant, and mysterious. That is all she has to be and that is what she is naturally so this should be easy. His face grew somber as he asked the next question. "Who are you leaving behind?" Emotions fought to flash across her face, but she stays serene and blank. "No one. I never had a family." The crowd is hanging on her words, trying to decipher the silent girl from the shadows. "Oh, but there must be someone. Maybe a boy? Pretty girl like you," he says with a wink. "No, I've really always been on my own." He shoots a sad expression at the audience. "That must be hard for you,"he says softer. She shrugs, not saying anything. "So, who are you winning the games for?" he asked after a somewhat awkward silence. Me, echoes through her head, but she knows she can't say that. "My mother," she blurts out before she knows it. "I thought she died at your birth," he says a confused expression on his face. Brit simply nodded. Suck on that one, capitol, She thinks. "Well, we're all wishing you luck," he says as the buzzer rings, signaling the end of her time. "Good bye, shadow girl," he announces to the crowd as she strides off the stage. Mission accomplished.

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Julia ●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●cнαrιoт rιde●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●

coѕтυмe: In black with diamonds as the crystals. Since Penelope is from District 12, the mining district, her dress resembles the coal that is found, and the rarely found diamond. Her hair is swept up into a beautiful up-do, looking elegant the whole ride. Penelope's feet were bare, her nails having the classic french tip, an easy neutral look. Her lips were a dark red, like the color of leaves in the fall. Penelope looks elegant and modest, showing her own style in what she was wearing, odd for what most would think. Her beauty easily shown through her costume.

cнαrιoт: District 12's chariot is the envy of all. Silver and black, studded with diamonds, it is a beautiful, fantastic, and unique sight. The harness and bridles are silver and black, the main colors used to represent District 12, as normally. This year, the chariots are pulled by gorgeous Friesian horses. Beautiful and black, they are the envy of all.

rιde eхperιeɴce: Penelope had never seen horses before, so the experience of them at first frightened her, but when she pet the mighty beasts, she laughed and loved them. Penelope was glad to be barefoot, as she saw others wearing painful-looking heels. She let herself look as innocent as possible, knowing that her life really did depend on it. When she climbed up onto the chariot, and it started to move, Penelope nearly screamed. As it lurched forward, she gripped on to the side, glancing at the tribute from District 12. The thrill of the wind in her hair, her dress flapping behind her, and the muscles of the horses all excited Penelope. She loved it, though it also could most certainly mean sudden death.


Appeαrαɴce: A knee-length dress, but in the color satin, is her main attire. Penelope wears these cute silver heels paired with a prefect manicure. Her hair is down, but not in her face in waves, tied with a satin bow, to match her dress. Penelope is wearing bare-minimum makeup, showing how young she really is.

Caesar: (Shouts) Penelope Willow! District 12!
[Penelope walks onto stage, head held high, fingers slightly twitching out of nerves, but confidence in her strut]
Penelope: [blushes] Hello Caesar!
Caesar: You look stunning Penelope!
Penelope: [blushes scarlet] Thank you Caesar! You can just call me Ella, if you'd like!
[Caesar takes Penelope's hand as they sit down.]
Caesar: Alright, Ella! You dazzled everyone during the chariot ride!
[Penelope blushes]
Caesar: Now, onto other matters! You have a sister who just got out of the reapings, correct?
Penelope: (nods) Yes, and another older sister, who's been out of the reapings for a few years now. My younger brother started being in the reapings too...
Caesar: (gasps) Quite a family you have there! I take it your parents must take good care of you all then?
Penelope: (turns red, but not from blushing) Um... Actually, we just live with my mother most of the time, but we also stay with our father at other times...
[Crowd awes sadly]
Caesar: (frowns) I'm sorry to hear that. That must be hard for you, Ella.
[A real tear falls down Penelope's face, but her makeup doesn't smudge.]
Penelope: (mutters)Yes, it is... [She quickly wipes away the tear]
Caesar: So, Ella. You seem to be a strong, independent young lady.
Penelope: I guess you can say that...
[Crowd laughs with Caesar.]
Caesar: Well, Ella, how do you like your stay at the Capitol so far?
Penelope: (laughs shyly) I do. I'm much cleaner than normally, and smell better too!
[Crowd laughs]
Penelope: I found out the hard way that I have very sensitive skin. (frowns) I got hives from it.
Caesar: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you still have these hives?
[Penelope shakes her head]
Penelope: No, I was helped immediately, which I am grateful for.
Caesar: I'm glad that you like it here.
[Penelope smiles slightly, Caesar flashing his perfect white teeth]
{Buzzer Rings}
Caesar: Well, I guess that's all we have time for now! But one last question. Who are you trying to win for?
Penelope: My mom and siblings.
[Somebody in crowd whispers, "Not her father?" and they all repeat it]
Caesar: Not a boy for a pretty girl like you?
Penelope: (sighs) No...
[Caesar kisses Penelope's hand, and she walks off stage]

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 †Emily† | 465 comments Rhine Evans, District 3

Chariot Ride:


Chariot: The chariot was almost identical to Rhine's outfit, with wires and blinking lights to catch attention. The horses that drew the chariot were grey with speckled coats, not as bright as the chariot itself but they were wearing bridles that seemed to glimmer slightly. The spokes on the wheels were flashing at different times, in almost a mesmerizing way.


Rhine looked down at herself, a small smile evident on her face. She was satisfied by the outfit, it really did impress her. Her stylist had actually done well, much to her annoyance. For some reason she did not really want to stand out but she kept that thought at bay because she knew that attention was good. She quietly thanked her stylist, before being helped onto her chariot, trying to get the train of her dress in. Finally, she stood by her District partner and was ready to get this done but her eyes wondered towards the chariot itself and in an instant she was trying to figure out how they had wired everything and what they had used to make the wires. Her face was almost frowning with concentration. "Rhine!" Her stylist called. Rhine's head shot towards the noise, "Chin up, smile on! Don't frown!" Her stylist said frantically as the chariot jolted forward. Rhine tried her hardest to smile and avoid the urge to make calculations in her head and as the ride began, her smile was no longer forced. The crowd cheered wildly, giving Rhine's heart a reason to beat faster. They loved the outfits and she waved, forgetting for a moment why she was really here.



Rhine walked onto the stage, smiling shyly as she gave a small wave to the audience.

"Well, hello Rhine!" Ceasar yelled.

“Hello,” Rhine said, taking a seat by Ceasar, looking from him to the audience.

"Nervous, are you?"

“No, no.” She chuckled, putting on a smile.

"No? Good, there is nothing to be nervous about, we’re all nice people here, aren’t we?" He asked, turning to the crowd which resulted in loud jeers and screams.

Rhine laughed, smiling out at the crowd. “I just love all the lights,” She said, looking around at all the lights around her, silently trying figure out how they were wired.

"Oh, yes, they’re as dazzling as the Capitol itself, speaking of the Capitol, how do you like it?" He asked.

“It’s nice,” Rhine mumbled, her mind still on the wires. Suddenly her mind reeled back to why she was here and she, surprisingly, snapped out of her haze. “I mean, it’s all so bright and pretty.. Would you mind telling me how the lights are wired here? And the doors that slide open, are those pulleys being used or another invention I don’t know of?”

"Oh my," Ceasar turned to the audience. “We have a true District 3 tribute on our hands.” He chuckled, the crowd laughing with him.

Rhine blushed, “Oh, sorry.. I didn’t mean to.. sometimes I get carried away.” She said, looking down.

Ceasar put a hand on Rhine’s shoulder, "Don’t be sorry! It’s always interesting to see how your tributes find their way around the Arena, it really brings a different level to the Games. Quick question, Rhine, how do you think your intelligence will help you in the Games, have any skills?"

Rhine looked up, smiling now, “Well, I do think my intellect will help me in the Games.. I was the smartest back in my school. I know almost everything about technology and electricity, I know it’ll help.”

”Smartest in your school? Wow!" Ceasar cried, looking to the crowd. “I know I’d sponsor you knowing that you were the smartest at your school, imagine all the strategies you would have!”

“Oh.. Well thank you.” She smiled wide, thankful that Ceasar was trying to help her get sponsors. “As a matter of fact, I have many strategies already.” She said, remembering all the nights she would stay up in her room, trying to think of a way to win.

"Well there you go, folks! This girl is a strategist! I can see her coming up with the best ways to eliminate her competitors." He said, smiling widely.

“I also.. I also have a photo graphic memory.” She said, turning to the audience. “I remember everything.” The audience gasped in amazement.

"Well, I know you will go far with a mind like that." He called out, laughing with the audience. ”Now, Rhine, just for the fun of it, tell us something peculiar that you remember.”

“Peculiar? Well, I can recite our whole conversation.” She giggled. She recited the conversation up to the point where he asked her to tell them something she remembered.

"Oh my, well, that’s quite remarkable, am I right?" Ceasar asked the audience, who cheered. "Well, we’ll definitely be looking to see what you have planned for the Games. Rhine Evans! District 3!"

“Bye!” Rhine called as she walked off stage, breathing a sigh of relief.

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Mel (melsheard) Mel "Swallow" Button, District 9

Chariot Outfit and Ride

Ride: Okay. The time had come. Nervous? Pssh, as if. ' I am going to boss this ride. '
Yeah, the other districts look snazzy. I mean, gold-plated armour and whatnot? But District 3? They looked like they'd gone to a 3-year-old's birthday party and had got caught up in the streamers. Not that that bothered me. Their stylist could have done better. Blame the people, not the dresser, that's what I say. You can't help it if you've been put with snobby people, right?

Our Chariot started to move. I wasn't feeling the rush, as the Capitol audience was. They were literally falling off their seats with joy. IT'S THE FLIPPING HUNGER GAMES. IT DOESN'T SOUND FUN, DOES IT? I could have got out my bow and arrow and shot about ten people. Some were stuffing their faces with food as we rode down the aisle. How childish of them. PEOPLE ARE STARVING IN DISTRICTS, AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EAT?

Okay, maybe I was taking it a little too far. Oh, what a coincidence. Do you think they planned it like that? ' HUNGER Games'. Yes, we are starving from Hunger, what do they know? Drinking stuff that makes them sick it back up. Well you know what think? They can stuff that down their throats and choke on it until they die.


I was so obsessed in blaming the Capitol that the parade had finished and I hadn't even looked around me, or at the man at the front of the podium. Oh well, who cares? The guy next to me, the other one from District 9? Yeah, quite good-looking. He took my hand as we rode down the path again, ready to meet our stylists. Gross. Not so good-looking now.

Interview With Caesar:

"So here she is! Swallow Button, from District 9! Let's give her a massive round of applause!"

I walked on, my head held high, smiling my nicest smile. My blue dress shimmered under the light. Looks like I was making a good impression huh? That's when I saw them. Them. The snobby, stuck-up Capitol people. This was going to be a great interview. I must have stopped smiling because there was silence everywhere.

"Um, Swallow?" Caesar asked me with a sound of concern in his voice.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry..." I burst into tears. Fake, of course. I don't cry. A huge 'Awwww' rippled over the audience. They know nothing.

"No, no, it's fine! What's the matter?"

"It's just-" I tried to think of something that would give me Sponsors. Ah, yes. A little love. Everyone likes relationships, especially these suckers right here. "I-I just keep thinking of- of someone back home and- and if I d-die, I-I'll never be a-able to see him again." Oh great. As soon as I said it. Questions about who he is. I couldn't say he was made up! Let's just say he liked to sew. Sew? Oh, these games have messed up my mind.

"Aw, now, now, she will see him again, won't she, audience?" Caesar bellowed out. Again, a huge 'Awwww' and another round of applause followed his remark. So much for making an impact. At least they'll feel sorry for me in the Arena. When I kill all those people, they'll think it's because I want to see my lover back home. Too bad he doesn't exsist.

"T-Thanks, Caesar, but I r-really don't think so." I made the tears stop. Okay, I'll put on my tough act. Why don't I turn the questions on him? "So, what do you think of the games? I mean, a dashing man like you-" I reached out and stroked his suit from where I was sat, "-must have an opinion." A slight chuckle from the interviewer. Things were back on track.

"Yes, well, you're not the one asking the questions! Any strategies you've got for the Arena?"

Come on, that's it? Strategies? I laughed. "I can't tell you, you know I can't! The other tributes would steal my plan!" I looked to the audience and smiled. They clapped me on. "Looks like I'll have to show you when the Games come."

He didn't look too pleased at this. "Alrighty then! Swallow Button, everyone! District 9!"

Looks like that was my cue to leave. "Thanks, for having me." I stood up, walked over to him, and kissed him on the cheek. I then turned to the audience: "Watch out for me in the Arena!"

"She's one to watch out for, folks." Caesar said, laughing, as I walked away.


Phew. It was over with. I think I have a good chance of killing people now. When I make allies with them, they'll think I'm sweet, but just you wait, I will act nice first, then they'll never know what got them.

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