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This is where you may post your Chariot Rides and interviews. Be warned, this will effect your character's sponsor points, and, it'll give me an idea on who the other mod will be.

Chariot rides.

please add the following

- Costume Description
- Chariot Description
- Ride Experience

You write these as you please.


For the interview, you may post it in any format as you please. Be advised, you'll be doing a 1x0. Meaning by yourself.

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H :) | 207 comments Lena lifted her arms and twirled. The watery fabric rippled and spun with her. It looked so real, Lena had to reach down and touch it. She caressed the surface with her fingers, a smile tugging at her lips. The fabric was cool and silky, but dry as a desert. She laughed. She had half-expected it to be wet, given the appearance.

Lena turned to look at herself int he floor-length mirror. She looked stunning. She was wearing a sleeveless, ice-blue slip that came about halfway down her thighs. On top of that, she was wearing a cascading fountain of fabric that draped over one shoulder and gathered in at her waist before tumbling to the ground in a sea of ocean blue. The dress was made to look like water, but it was even more realistic than Lena had imagined. If she didn't know it was fabric, she would have believed with all hear heart that she was wearing a piece of the ocean. It was amazing.

It made her feel connected and happy, like she was wearing a piece of home with her. But she pushed that sentimental thought out of her mind. Victors don't think like that, she reminded herself.

Not that she wasn't ready. She'd done as much as she could to prepare--for her whole life she had trained. She was going to make it home. Or die trying.

Which was just the sad truth of it.

Her dark hair was in silky curls, made to look slightly damp. She had a waterfall braid that swept back some of her hair, starting on one side and wrapping around her head ending in a braid on the other side, while the rest of her hair cascaded down her back. She wore a crown of pearls in her hair, and thousands of others dotted in her dark curls. Her tanned skin glistened in the warm light and she wore minimal makeup--just dark eyeliner that brought out the blue-green of her almond eyes and a touch of red in her lips.

The dress was practically see through, and Lena was only wearing the light slip underneath. She felt exposed. She felt...beautiful. Stunning.


The chariot was almost as gorgeous as Lena felt. It could have been Poseidon's chariot from the Greek myths. It was, again, ocean blue and made of the watery material that splashed and fanned out behind the chariot. It was pearly and shimmering, and the horses were pure white and glistening, too. The chariot was open topped and the material spiralled out like a fountain. It looked like a small raft in the middle of the ocean. A small island in a fountain. Lena smiled. Beautiful. Lena looked up at her fellow district tribute, her face a mask of cool beauty. She did not smile, merely nodded towards the chariot.

"Let's go," she said.

She stepped up after him, and felt the horses shifting beneath their feet. She did not react. She stayed still and erect as the chariot began to move. Her cape ripples out behind her as they came out into the open and the heard some of the crowd gasping with delight at the gorgeous costumes. Lena debated on whether or not to move. She kept her face impassive and stunning, before decided that being cold wouldn't get her sponsors. She tried a small, dangerous smile and waved at the Capitol citizens.

They loved it. Flowers were tossed in her direction, people whooped and cheered. The other tributes were getting the same attention, but Lena only noticed the cheering directed at her. A gorgeous, probably genetically manipulated, blue lily that almost exactly matched her dress was tossed in her direction. Lena caught it by the stem and held it up to the crowd, smiling. They cheered louder.

All too soon, they were at the end of the ride. Lena stepped off the chariot, feeling like some otherworldly creature in her dress and cloak. She practically floated across the ground, revelling in the jealous glances that some of the other tributes gave her. She silently thanked her stylist for the costumes. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to get sponsors. Not with a dress like that.


"Let's give it up for Lena Hawke from District Four!" Caesar cried.

The stadium erupted with cheers. Lena smiled widely as she climbed the steps and emerged onto the stage. She lifted one arm and waved, widely, but delicately. The other arm was holding up the skirt of her new, ocean blue dress. This one was similar to the old one, but it had waves riding up her shoulders and pooling out on the floor behind her like a mini ocean. It was a gorgeous dress, but difficult to walk in, and the last thing Lena needed was a broken neck at this stage.

Lena took a seat on the comfy chair next to Caesar. "Thank you," she called,smiling at the crowd. "For everything. Especially the food," she grinned. "It's delicious."

The crowd cheered as Caesar continued. "Welcome to the Capitol, Lena. I'm glad you like it here." Lena smiled placidly. They both knew that she wasn't really enjoying it. "That was quite a dress you wore at the chariot rides the other night."

"Yes," Lena gushed. "It was gorgeous, wasn't it? I was gorgeous," she laughed. "For maybe the first time ever."

The Capitol cheered in obvious disagreement, rejecting her statement unanimously. Caesar voiced their disagreement. "A lovely girl like you? No way."

"Thank you," Lena laughed. She ran her fingers over her dress. "I'm wearing the ocean today," she laughed. "And it's the most beautiful thing ever." She stood up and brushed it down. After some encouragement from the crowd, she spun around. The dress began to ripple like real water when it was disturbed. Then the waves started in earnest, until she looked like she was in the middle of a whirlpool. The crowd oohed in delight.

"Wow, that was something," Caesar laughed. He steadied her as she walked dizzily back to her seat. She put on a false, giddy with excitement act. "Now tell me, Lena, what do you think of your fellow tributes?"

"I think that none of them have dresses--or stylists--as good as mine," Lena laughed. Then she smiled gently. "Oh, I don't know much else. Some of them are quite..." She smirked. "Good looking. But they seem like tough competition, from what I've seen."

"Oh? So, Lena, do you think you can win the games?" Caesar asked, seriously.

"Win them?" Lena grinned. "Oh, I don't know. I hope so. I think I've got a good chance. Better than most. But I'll have to be careful. So yes, I think I can win. It is physically possible. Although I'll have to play it right."

"First honest answer we've had all day," Caesar smiled. "Now, one more question. Who was that little girl? The one you volunteered for?"

Lena's voice hitched in her throat. She cleared it with a gentle cough, but she still felt like she had a lump in her throat. "I don't know..." was all she could say.

The Capitol sighed collectively, in a sound of pure, blind sympathy. They were all deeply moved.

Caesar wiped at his eyes. "What possessed you to...?"

"I don't know," Lena said, honestly. "I think...I thinking thought she was too young, too fragile to die. She was crippled, you know. I don't know how, but she could barely walk up to the stage. She would never have had a chance. It just seemed like...the right thing to do."

The Capitol was getting emotional now. Caesar gripped Lena's hand tightly. "Well, that was an incredible thing to do," he assured her. Then he lifted her arm in the air. "Let's have it for Lena Hawke!" The Capitol cheered over the ringing in Lena's ears as she smiled falsely and descended back down the steps.

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Part I: The Chariot Rides
Hero was wearing something that looked like this:
((click here))
It was uncomfortable to wear such a suit. He was half blind and the bricks were annoying him. He got onto the chariot, he could not wait for this day to be over. He rode the chariot with pride though. He waved to the crowd. He needed sponsor points. He tried to find a comfortable position on the chariot, there were none so he stood up. That got him an even bigger roar from the crowd. He smiled with a smile that said, "I will win these games". He was confident.
Part II: The Interview
Hero sat down in the chair wearing a blazer. Much better than his old costume.
Caesar: From district 2, Hero Mason
Hero: Hi everyone
Caesar: So, the costume you were wearing for the chariot rides, give me your opinion
Hero: Which one do you want, my honest one or the one that will make my stylists happy?
Caesar: Honest
Hero: I absolutely hated it, it was really uncomfortable.
Caesar: [laughs] well then, we can tell someone didn't their costumes. Well then, what do you think about your district partner?
Hero: I honestly don't like Katri, she's always making her self seem the greatest. I think she's a.....
[bell dings]
Caesar: looks like time is up, next!!
Hero got up and left.

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Chariot outfit:

Charlotte Hated her outfit. She didn't see any possible way it connected with transportation. She was walking around and trying to mingle with other tributes while she waited for the parade to start, she couldn't stand still like most to the other tributes were doing. When it was time for the parade to start, her stylist said something to her, not that she was paying any attention, and the first chariot pulled in front of the screaming crowd. Charlotte had a sudden moment of disgust. They were going to fight to the death within a week and here we are, being shown off like Chattel. Unable to wipe the slight frown she had on, the chariot pulled them into the crowd with the frown on her face. She managed to keep her face void of emotion and drummed her fingers on the side of the chariot.
It's Sick She thought as the crowd threw flowers at them. Her slightly narrowed eyes looked at the crowd with disgust. When they were finally done,she hopped off happily and rush to their floor.

Interview dress: "Why thank you Caesar. You look dashing as well." She said back.
"Now, tell us, what was going through your head as you walked up to that stage after being reaped." Well I guess we just jump right into it Charlotte thought, keeping a look of surprise off her face.
"Well, to be honest with you, I was shocked more than anything else. I felt as if there were some mistake. Walking up there reminded me of my brother a few years ago, walking towards a certain death and I knew that's where I was headed."
"That's certainly deep." Was Caesar's reply. Charlotte supposed he had thought that she was going to say that it was a glorious moment. But it wasn't; and that was the truth.
"Well, I'm sure the Capitol wants to know, where did such a beautiful young woman like you come to be?"
"I grew up in the depths of District Six and when my city was bombed," There was a collective gasping noise, "I was adopted and raised then in the heart of District Six." Was Charlotte's reply. She could tell Caesar was sort of at a loss for words. Luckily for him, time was almost up.
"Well, I'm sure you'll do great!" He replied, a bit too perky.
"The female tribute from District Six, Charlotte Grace!" There was a roar of applause as she stood up and walked off the stage.

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{✯|| ๓ ค เ ค ||✯} ☾⇜The Chariot Ride⇝☽

(view spoiler)


☾⇜The Interview⇝☽

(view spoiler)

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Part 1

Chariot Rides

Katri had crossed her arms with a sense of pride when she had her first glimpses at her chariot ride dress. It was beautiful, a work of art. The costume was a gladiator’s corset. Silver helm with startling red roman Mohawk on the top, which the helmet had a Spartan look to it. The main corset looked rather more flashy, the corset silver with red, white, and black diamonds here and there. But, above the corset was a flashy dress shirt, the hem and string red and black. On the end of the shirt’s sleeves, the shirt had dazzling black matte armored cuffs. Which, gave the top half of the outfit beautiful, and battle prepared at the very second. For the bottom half, the corset was cut short so the black matte armored base armor held up the fanned out metal battle attire. Which, flapped out with a sticking silver and red tone. The shoes on the other hand, were knee height. White, Black, and red. The Outfit made her smile.

“I feel like I’m being prepared to deck out the other tributes.” Katri smirks, overlooking the outfit on the mannequin. “I bet I could kill in this thing.” Then, almost as if she’d been asking for it. The stylist comes up short behind Katri. “That would be fabulous if you could do that! Hell, you could kill with just your looks. Besides, who could break diamond or Black Matte? Honestly, the components in the matter are-” As the stylist trailed off in his pointless chatter, The eighteen year old tribute took a few steps towards the costume. Then, she looked at the Stylist. “It would be nice of you if you could put me in this.” She said with a soft smile, making her remark anything but hostile. “It’s killing me seeing this thing not on such beautiful being!” Katri was trying to play model, already making her act of the ages. Which the charm works as the Stylist nods with joy and snaps his fingers. “You and I are going to have so much fun! He exclaims.

Inside, Katri was groaning in agony.


It took Katri a few seconds to adjust to the lighting of the prep room. All the tributes preparing for the chariot runs. It made her laugh inside. Though, she wasn’t here to make fun of the walking targets. She was here for business. “Aha! Here it is!” Katri’s mentor said. Since District two had so many victors, the district decided that they should have two mentors. One for the girl, and one for the boy. But the women, who was easily twenty one, threw her brown hair over her shoulder. “Don’t you just love the model?! Oh my gosh! It so matches your style!” The women exclaims. “Ugh, Damn. I’m going to admit, but it’s a hell of a lot better then my chariot ride.” Then, the mentor looks at Katri. “We had to wear stupid weapons for clothing. I swore Jim had a knife up his ass that night. I think that’s why he lost that year.”

The joke made Katri laugh, Syd was funny for a career. Bright, Bold, Sarcastic, and completely lawless. Syd didn’t give a damn about what other thought of her. Even as some of the nearby tributes and mentors gave the two of them weird looks and started to murmur things. Which, were probably about how freaking low standard Syd was for a career. Even the male mentor from four gave the two of them a disapproving look. But, as Syd raised a brow, she stuck her tongue out and then laughed. Which, made it look like the man chuckled as he looked away. “Back to you, darling, let’s get you and your knight in shining armor on your hefty steed.” she giggles, then winks as she presents the chariot.

The chariot’s base was standard Black Matte. Which, didn’t surprise Katri. Though, there was more to it as she examined her ride. The chariot had red died brass framed artwork on the side of the chariot. Which, had formed an alignments of swirls and zigzags‘. The Rim, which Katri and her partner would be gripping, was standard brass. But, the handles for the two to hold was oak wood. Which, was barnished it give it a deep brown look. The same was for the floorboard. The wheels on the other hand had some kind of spiked suspensor on the axel. Which, gave Katri a small sense that a teaser was coming ahead. Though, the Wheels were brass and deep barnished oak wood.

“Is that what I think it is?” Katri asked, pointing at the joints on the wheels. “Yes, they are flare rods.” Syd says. “What nasty inventions. I do believe I set some off in the Victor’s village last year-” Then, the victor taps her chin. “I think it shot threw Hannah Von Lueson’s Window. It’s not sure, but I got an ass kicking the day after.” Since the remark was so random, it made Katri laugh. “You guys sound like you have fun there, at the village.” Katri giggle, then standing on the chariot. “Oh boy, you have no idea.” Syd says, then winking. “Hey, if you win this. I promise I’ll invite you over once a week for tea.” Then, with a last burst of laughter, she turns and walks off to chatter with a victor from three. But, after three minutes. Her District Partner joins her and the two take off. Then, Katri’s vision blurs from bright lights. The Chariot Ride.


The ride was extraordinary! Beautiful! Exciting! Katri was waving her hand and grinning with suspense. Which, her face showed up on the banners multiple times. Possible slipping over the shared air time. As she waved with both hands, ignoring her district partner, the wheels on the chariot light up. Red sparks fly out of the wheels and leave a dazzling wake behind the two’s chariot. It made the screams even more louder, which made her ears throb. But, as her smiling face shinned on the banner’s screen, she felt a sense of pride. In Territorial kind of way. Then, without warning, she lets out a battle cry. The Crowd goes wild, and starts to throw flowers.

By the times the chariot had stopped for the president’s speech, the crowd was still loud and pumped. Which, it took a little longer to quiet them down. Brushing a stand of black hair behind her ear, she sighed and finally accepted the fact that the ride was over. It was fun, a thrill. But, what could she do? Nothing yet, she thought. Not until I win. Then, the chariot road off into the training center with Katri holding a grin upon her face. An idea.


“That was amazing!” Syd cheers as she strolls over. Katri threw her hands into the air with pride. Which, made people turn. “Well, it certainly felt amazing!” Katri says, but maintains a calm tone. “You looked like you had fun! I swear, the guy next to me pissed his pants when you let out the battle cry. He said he was scared.” Syd says with a hilarious gargle of laughter. Katri was smiling, but then yawns slightly. “I’m tired as hell, want to crash or something?” Katri asked. Which, her mellowness made Syd laugh. “Come on, chap. Let’s get you to the complex.” Syd says, slinging an arm over Katri’s shoulders and the two walking to the elevators.

“Be careful, Syd! Don’t let the costume get ruined.” The stylist calls out. “I love that one, it makes me proud!” The remark made the two girls look behind them at the man, then at each other, then they bursting into laughter. That’s when the elevator doors close.

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Part 2

Under Construction

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Part One, Chariot Ride
Emerald smiled at the mirror, she thought she looked amazing she smiled at her partner then looked back at the mirror. Her hair had pink streaks dyed in by the stylist and it was in a loose bun. ((Outfit http://images.search.yahoo.com/images...))
When she got into her chariot, she stood up straighter and once they emerged, she half smiled with pride. She caught a flower and the audience went wild when she held it in her mouth. She waved and by the end, loved her audience even more.

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((Here is a correct link, http://images.search.yahoo.com/images...))

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((It didn't work! This one might work http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/ori...))

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Part Two, Interview

Caesar: And now, the unstoppable, the incredible, Emerald District One!
Em: smiles Hello Caesar, you are looking just dashing tonight.

Caesar: Why thank you, a dress such as your's needs complementing too.
Em: Why, thank you.

Caesar: Now, Emerald...
Em: Call me Em.

Caesar: Em, what strategies to you have, going into the games.
Em: If I told you, would it be any fun to watch?

Caesar: No, no, you're right. So are you excited?
Em: I have mixed feelings, I have the talent and training to win, but I feel it is somewhat unfair to the other tributes who never got that oppurtunity.

Caesar: I see, now, one last question. Is there anyone back home that you want to win for?
Em: I guess my family could use a victor.

Caesar: Give it up for Em!
Em: Thank you. I will miss you! Blows a kiss to the audience while exiting.

Dress: http://www.bsckids.com/2012/09/disney...

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Costume Description

Aiden had his deep dirty blonde hair curled, giving off a sleek and hot look. His suit was a mix of a shade of green that seemed to be in between inchworm and a brownish tone. Underneath was a crisp white dress shirt with a deep but dull golden color. His dress pants were the same color as his dress coat, it was loose and felt much more normal than the rest. Although he didn't like dull colors,(since they usually didn't suit him) with what he was wearing, his hair actually matched and stood out. It looked...normal for once. He took a hanker-chief out of his pocket (a habit he gained from his father) and dabbed at his sweaty and flushed forehead, until he felt it return to it's normal cold feeling. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He had to admit, the stylists really had outdone themselves, anyone could see that.

Jace looked over at his feminine district partner, who wore a golden outfit with lots of bling to it. Woah- he had never understood how ladies wore such high heeled shoes without falling. Anyways, the odd greenish brownish tone of his dress jacket and gold tie contrasted nicely with Em's golden and white outfit. A memory drifted back to him: Two Hunger Games ago when he had watched D1's chariot ride. It had been horrifying, really. They had so much make-up on they had looked like monsters, and after that, he had to endure the bling combined with the lights, which had dimmed his eyes.
The chariot then pulled up, relieving Jace of this memory, finally.

Jace was suddenly welcomed by his younger sister, Clarissa, who embraced him tightly.
"Jacie!" She cried out babyishly. She had been let in to see her older brother before she would join her parents back in the audience.
"Hey-o Claire," he says warmly in return.
"Daddy wants me to get a picture of you."
The stylist comes up behind both of them as if by magic.
"I have a camera right here," she says.
"But-" Jace starts, he hated pictures.
"No buts," his sister cuts him off.
He just groans and kneels down until he is his sister's height.
The stylist quickly takes a snapshot.
"Beautiful," she says, before showing to the two siblings.
"Now, go and find mum and dad," Jace orders his sister.
"Okay, bye, Jacie!" Clair says and gives him one long hug. Maybe his last.
His sister then scampers out through the hordes of people, photo (maybe his last,) in hand.
"Cute sister," the stylist comments.

Chariot Description

Before getting into the chariot, Jace made sure to acknowledge its every little detail. This whole process of preparing for the games was something he never wanted to forget- not that it would be something he could forget easily. Now, as he studied the chariot, Jace realized the true beauty of these things that he had never noticed from sitting in the audience. He traced his fingers over what looked to be a fragile white porcelain. The golden engravings that seemed to represent flowers were strewn over both sides. The wheels were also engraved with odd shapes and dots, and what seemed to be the head of an animal in the center spindle. He could only wait to see how the other districts chariots had been decorated. He guessed not nearly as grand as ones for the Luxury District.
[image error] http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/16600/1665...


Ride Experience

Jace loaded himself into the gleaming white and golden chariot. Behind him came in his district partner, Emerald- or Em, as she preferred to be called. They had had a small amount of time for formal introductions before their chariot was carried down and throughout the Capitol. He also remembered seeing her around District 1.

Just between the first few moments of the chariot wheels turning and just beginning to pick up some speed, Jace thought at least 20 flowers had been thrown, and more were coming in by the minute. There were lilies, daisies, carnations, but mostly red roses. He caught two golden lilies in his mouth (which actually wasn't on purpose), and the roaring audience cheered all the louder. The ride continued on flawlessly. As the chariot ride through the Capitol was coming to an end, there was no more audience to be seen. Yet, mysteriously, as Jace and Em were being loaded off of their chariot, a golden rose fell into his hands. He looked from the way it had come and saw a wave of a hand. He waved it off, and waited for the next preparation before the arena.

Part 2

The Interview

Caesar: Please welcome the always entertaining, Jonathan- District One!

The crowd roars and cheers loudly as Jace waves and walks out onto the stage

Jace: Good evening, Caesar.

Caesar: As to you, Jonathan, you look charming in that suit.
Jace: Thank you, you don't look bad yourself.

The audience settles down and listens in to the interview

Caesar: Now, Jonathan-.
Jace: Do call me Jace.

The crowd oohs

Caesar: Jace, what's your opinion on the games?
Jace: I think hat they are a great way to keep order in Panem.

He lies, he hates the games
But the crowd pumps and howls with approval

Caesar: I must agree with you on that one.
Now, do you have a specific strategy in the games?
Jace: I'd love to tell you, Caesar, but I hate giving out spoilers, it's so boring.

He puts extra emphasis on the boring part.

Caesar: True, and we all expect great surprises from you.
Jace: I must say, I'm not surprised, you should.

Caesar winks

Caesar: Now, before you must unfortunately leave us this evening, is there anyone you would like to dedicate your participating in the games to?
Jace: Yes, definitely to my family watching tonight.

Caesar: Give it up for District One, Jace!

Jace exits but bows and waves to the audience first.

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