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Ok so I thought we could all add a bit of a story and make a big one. So I will start with a few sentences and the next post will continue the story.

I ran. Away from my house. Away from my family. Away from my world. I ran until I met the city walls. Outside the walls were the remains of America. They said no one survived. I climbed the wall. It was 50 feet high and made of stones , which gave me footholds. I had to get over before dawn came or else the police would....... ( ok the next person can add on)

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Tachi (I love this idea!)
force me back. I almost slipped, which made me gasp. I didn't do anything, afraid that a breath would cause it again. I decided to keep clinging after getting ahold of myself. Later, I had finally made my way over the wall. One thing that I needed to know was how I would make my way down...

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Kaylyn Erskins (kerskins) ...this side of the wall! There was a raging river right next to the wall, so one slip would mean death. I finally make my way, painstakingly, down the wall. I walked for what seemed like hours and hours with no signs of civilization or even life. No noises except for the river. Then there was a house..,

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It was made of metal surrounded by the woods I was walking through. It seemed out of place. I heard a noise. I slid back against a tree. A man walked out of the house.

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Then another followed. The first man looked middle age but the other boy was my age. Maybe 17 or 18. I wondered how they escaped the city or how they even lived out here.

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The sun was setting. That's when they come out. That's why we built the city walls so the few with the disease didn't kill us. The disease took over after a chemical experiment gone wrong it made people turn into savages. Could these men be savages? No savages were supposed to have a crazy look. They didn't look crazy.

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Tachi I counted my chances. Who knew, maybe they were in the early stages of the infection. Who was I kidding? I needed help, and they weren't infected yet. I came here for an escape. An escape always needs help, even if it's after. I dug my nails into my palms as I decided something; I was going to meet them.

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Kaylyn Erskins (kerskins) I walked up to the door and knocked. A guy around my age,18, opened the door and with a stern, serious voice he asked,"Who are you and what are you doing here!" I replied,"I came out from the barriers of the city." He looked at me dumbstruck and asked," Why would you leave the safety of the barriers!" I just shrugged my shoulders because he thinks I stupid for leaving anyways, but as soon as I did that I felt a sharp, sudden pain in my left shoulder blade. I reached back to rub it and I drew my hand back when I feel a warm, thick liquid. I looked at my hand a saw blood. All of a sudden I was dizzy and tired. I was used to seeing blood because all there was inside the barriers was blood from savage breaches. My legs started giving away. The last things I remember was him asking me if I was alright and strong, steady arms holding me. Then everything went black...

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Tachi “Leaving the barriers is something only an idiot would do,”the same voice of the the I approached says. My eyes are closed, and I'm dead tired. I guests that I fainted.
“I don't know. Babe, maybe she ran away from something. Don't be too harsh,“a woman's voice coos. I open my eyes and see that I'm on a hard wood ground. Ironically, there's a pillow under my head. I didn't expect such nice treatment, now that I see that the guy and the woman are on one of three fancy couches. She's our age as well, with red curls and tanned skin. The guy and her are holding hands. The guy narrows his eyes at me.

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Kaylyn Erskins (kerskins) He tried to look stern and mean, but I saw a hint of curiosity and sympathy in his eyes. He must think that I am slowly turning savage or that I have lost a lot of people inside the barriers, which I have. My father was turned a savage at the fences on day and my mother was so devastated when it happened that she killed herself. My brother was the only family that I had left, but after everything that happened he went to go work at the fences and I rarely saw him, much less speak to him. That's when I decided I would leave the barriers because I basically had no family left. No parents and a robot brother.
I was about to say something when I heard a loud, booming voice that came from the hallway. The funny thing was is that I felt like I had heard that voice before, but not inside the barriers. From the woods or in my dreams, but I can't really remember in the state I am in right now. But I do remember that musical voice from somewhere...

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Tachi It was him. My eyes water as I gather new strength and push myself up from the floor. “Fai,”I murmur. Fai was now out of the hallway and was standing in front if me. His blue eyes widened and he broke out in a grin. As did I.
I wasn't repaired for the bear hug that followed. I didn't care, though. Fai was my haven from the times that I was at my worst. He was, well, my boyfriend. I didn't just come here to escape; I came here for him.
After the bear hug, there's a kiss from him. I return it, cherishing the moment so much.
“I love you.”I haven't said it since he was going to scout outside the walls for us a a week ago. I was supposed to wait two days more to escape. He was going to help me. But I just couldn't take it. It was my impatience that has earned me these bruises.
Fai traces my cheek and this time, I bear hug him. We're both laughing and smiling like idiots. “I love you too,”he says.
“We've only said that about seventy times,”I smile. In our year and three months relationship. I've been with him since I was sixteen.
Fai shakes his head. “Seventy-eight as of now.”
“Hey, you idiots!”the red-headed girl shouts. “We're here too!”
Fai and I exchange a look. I don't want to say anything. Except thank you to these people. And I've already told Fai that I loved him. I nod at Fai.
“Guys, this is Leila.”

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Kaylyn Erskins (kerskins) It was dark by the time we had gotten settled in our very own room. I was relieved that I didn't have to sleep in a room alone because I still didn't trust most of these people simply because I haven't met, but just two of them. The only things I really learned about the red-headed girl and the guy was there names, what they do here and why they are here. The girl's name was Laurell and the guy's name was Derek. Out here they were considered young to do most of the jobs, so they both had the same job. That was all they gave us on their jobs. They must not trust me yet because it seems as if Fai knows these people by the way they act around him and the way he acts around them. I was still exhausted and sore from this morning. "Thank you guys for everything, but I am going to go to bed. I am really tired and still really sore," Laurell and Derek just nodded, but Fai looked concerned.
"I'm think I am going to go to bed, too," Fai said without taking his eyes off of me the whole time. Laurell and Derek tried to protest saying that they had a lot to catch up on, but Fai wouldn't take it. He kept repeating, "My main concern is Leila right now. Tomorrow morning." I was super tired, so I started walking towards our room, when Fai caught up to me...

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"Wait"he said grabbing hold of my hand. I noticed it was more calluses than last time. The world outside the fence must have brought more challenges than I thought. But that didn't matter I was with fai now.

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Tachi (Btw, Fai is my favorite manga character ever. He never does anything bad, and he cares about his friends more than himself. He was prepared to die for them, but one of them didn't let him... And he's forever my book boyfriend.

“I'm glad that your safe. I should've planned the date sooner-”
“Fai.”I cut him off. “You're the reason why my life date was longer. So don't talk about things being too soon, alright? Because it only took three months for our first kiss.”
He smiles. “Our year and a half anniversary is up next week, by the way. Not that I'm good at remembering things.”
“Good night, Fai.”I laugh. “Count to see how long it'll take you to fall asleep. I love you.”
“I love you too.”he replies. “Sweet dreams, Leila. Be safe. I'll always be here for you.”his eyes have a flash of the fierceness Fai gets when he's thinking about how much he cares about those he loves.
I kiss him and frown at his hands. If Fai, the strongest person I know, has been through challenges here, then they will surely be tougher for me. Fai grabs my hand gently and squeezes it. “I'll always be here for you,”he repeats.
“And you have been, ever since I met you. You still are. I'll do the same for you, Fai.”

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Madison | 65 comments Mod
The next morning I woke up and Fai was gone. It's not like him to disappear I think. I started to panic "Fai, Fai!!" I scream. I hear him shout my name back. "I'm coming!" he shouts. When he walks in I ask "Where have you been?!". He says " I was just taking a walk to clear my head." I know it's dangerous and he does too but I get the feeling he doesn't care right now. I don't know what I might do today. Should I talk to the others or try to figure things out on my own.

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