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Ken (kensamcampo) list of open characters.

Zachary "Zach" Matthews (lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Moved from Boston. Single. Crushing on Annie Lehane-Winchester. Zach is 26 years old. He is the ex-boyfriend of Caroline Winters, but they broke up and Caroline is dead. Zach doesn't care anything about Caroline anymore)

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Ruby (Genevieve Cortese)- Before she was very tough" and hard to get close to conflicted over where she is now versus where she's come from and a total 180 from [how she was] now calmer and more fear-driven, Having more humanity now then before"

Ruby (Katie Cassidy)- An ally of Sam and Dean who "also likes to stir up a little trouble." She is also "manipulative" and in control of her situation, being "always 10 steps ahead of everybody else".

Death- Due to his advanced age, Death is completely detached from the rest of the universe. He even compares Dean to a bacterium. He cares little for major events of the world like the Apocalypse, and despite his coerced involvement by Lucifer, he only pays the events vague interest, resulting in his tendency to wander off from his assigned targets. Unlike the angels or Lucifer, Death considers the Winchesters and their involvement in the Apocalypse highly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, unlike his siblings, Death is shown to have a more civil and calm manner when dealing with the Winchesters; Death tells Dean that most people also talk to him with respect. Instead of attacking Dean during their encounter, he invites the Winchester to join him at the table to discuss the Apocalypse. Death also claims to be an acquaintance of God himself, claiming that the two both share a similar advanced age to one another and that neither of them can remember which is older any more. Despite being callous at times, Death has a respect for the natural order of the universe. He explains to Dean that there are times when it is difficult, but in the end, breaking the order in even the smallest way can cause untold chaos. While he does not hate Dean and Sam, Death feels that the pair are an affront to the natural order due to their constant resurrections. Even though he is capable of it, as a rule, Death himself does not normally resurrect people (most likely because it disrupts the natural order) though he can and might make exceptions or even "an exception once, not twice." He also seems to genuinely like, to a certain degree, Dean as the two share an almost father-son bond; Death even went as far as loaning Dean his Ring so he can become Death for a day, as a way to teach Dean quality of the Human Soul, along with the consequences of disrupting the natural order. He also appears to Dean when he briefly dies to contact him, something he does on his own as Tessa is unwilling and unable to summon him. While Dean does lose their wager, Death is satisfied enough by the fact that he has learned his lesson to do as Dean asks anyway, though he says it is also so they will keep digging into what is going on with the souls of Purgatory as he presumably doesn't like the idea of souls being used for power. Unlike the other Horsemen, Death has a level of respect for humans, specifically the human soul. Death tells Dean that the soul is stronger than anyone knows, and that it can suffer much and be broken but can't be destroyed, not even by him. Over time, Death expressed more respect for the Winchesters, and has even indicated that he was honored to be reaping Sam himself.

Bobby Singer- Bobby is a hunter like the Winchesters, though he seems to stay fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always seen in a trucker's hat. He runs an auto salvage yard as his day job, and is a go-to guy for supernatural research. He seems to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years (being the first to deduce on his own that Meg was in fact possessed), plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and John Winchester were old friends, though they had a falling out prior to the onset of the series. After John's death, Bobby becomes like a father to Sam and Dean. He was very loyal to them and cared for them deeply like they were his own. It is also implied that Bobby enjoys reality shows and pedicures. This is a secret, however, but Sam and Dean both know.

Ellen Harvelle- She was a retired hunter who ran a saloon called Harvelle's Roadhouse that her fellow hunters often visited until it was destroyed by demons, at which point she resumed hunting. Ellen hunted with and was married to Bill Harvelle prior to his death. She also had a daughter with Bill who was named Jo, who later became her new hunting partner. In an alternate timeline, she married Bobby Singer.

Jo Harvelle- When Jo was first introduced, she acted confident yet reserved when subduing Dean. She gradually revealed more of her personality to the brothers as they got to know each other, revealing her enthusiasm, a sarcastic sense of humor, and an intelligence that suprised Dean when he realized that she had put together a comprehensive file on a case. However, after she learned that their father had gotten hers killed, she became closed-off once more. She hardened up moreso from hunting. Initially Jo held "half-baked" idealized notions about hunting. She wanted to be a hunter because it was her way of feeling close to her father; she disliked attending school because she felt it was a waste of time and believed others viewed her as "the freak with the knife collection." When Sam asked her if hunting was as glamourous as she expected near the end of "No Exit", she admitted it was frightening but pointed out that it was worth it because the person they'd saved would live because of them. Jo was strong-willed once she set her mind to something. She was also quick to call people out on their behavior, such as Dean on his perceived chauvinism and her fellow hunters when they refused to admit that she could not be saved. Even when she got scared, Jo was quite brave. She briefly broke down into tears when trapped to die in No Exit but then quickly pulled herself together in order to comfort fellow abductee Teresa. She was reckless and willing to risk her life in order to get the job done. Jo's emotions sometimes led her to be foolish or irrational. Her grief over Bill instilled in her the desire to become a hunter, and she became so upset once she learned of John's association with his death that she unjustly held a grudge against Sam and Dean for it. Her crush on Dean was strong enough that she still had feelings for him despite her anger at him over her father's death.

Samuel Campbelle- Samuel grew up in the hunter life and had years of experience under his belt--his forebears, including his grandfather Jebediah have all been hunters. He had a hunter mindset and was very stubborn. In addition, he did not trust other hunters. He also could not understand why his daughter Mary refused to hunt and wished to be normal instead. Samuel believed her daughter's notion to be foolish. Despite their different outlook, Samuel was a family man and loved and protected his immediate family. Although, given a choice between his grandsons and Mary, he chose Mary. The seasoned hunter had always been a leader as well. When he gave orders, he expected them to be followed. Samuel, due to both his own experience and the experiences of his family for hundreds of years had a massive amount of knowledge of the supernatural, more than any other hunter Sam and Dean knew including Bobby Singer and their own father. Crowley called him an "encyclopedia" of knowledge on the supernatural. Among the things he knew was a cure for djinn poison, a cure for vampirism and information about Eve who hadn't been on Earth in 10,000 years and had little to no lore on her. This knowledge seemed to make him slightly arrogant as he told Dean that he knew "things your daddy never even dreamed of" and tells Bobby that "you don't know half the things I know," but despite this and somewhat flaunting the knowledge when he revealed it, he never hesitated to use it to help.

Gwen Campbelle- Is the third cousin of Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. She hunted with Christian Campbell, Mark Campbell and Samuel Campbell, her cousins.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Alice Forbes- 17 year old teenage girl. Sister of Caroline. Alice is the type of girl who is shy.

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