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Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple, #1)
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Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) This is where we will be discussing our February group readalong winner Murder At the Vicarage from now until the end of the month. Enjoy! ^_^

LauraT (laurata) | 114 comments I'll have to look for it, but I'm sure I've got it at home!!!

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) Awesome! I'll get it at the ebooks library soon.

message 4: by Drew (new) - added it

Drew Delaney (BeatricePrasek) Just finished reading Murder At The Vicarage by Agatha Christie. I found that I wanted to get to the end so that I could find out who was the guilty party. Again as usual for me, I can never guess correctly.

I enjoyed the read and always love the characters. Then what I find out what they are capable of doing, I am in awe, as to how cruel humanity is and how humans seem to always want something that is not their's to begin with.

In saying this, I will not be a 'spoiler' and hope someone will discuss further. Through my own good fortune, I have the entire series of Agatha Christie in leather bound by Bantam. Got them through a rummage sale and they are in mint condition.

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) I'll have to wait and read this when my library has it in at the ebooks library . It's on my tbr list to read. I'm glad you enjoyed this beatrice. :-)

LauraT (laurata) | 114 comments I'll be also waiting a week or so ...

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Drew Delaney (BeatricePrasek) Iasa...It was quite a remarkable find. The fellow had an entire room filled with books, and several collections. He had passed away too soon but had been a devout reader. I was thrilled to have gotten this particular set and a couple more. He belonged to a book club and enjoyed his collecting of old and new books alike.

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) I didn't get a chance to read this this month but I'll find some time to read this one sometime this year with northanger abbey. so when do you guys want to nominate for the march group read?

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