Dominion (Dominion, #1) Dominion question

should read or not
Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Feb 09, 2014 07:04AM
This book was recommended to me. I read the mix reviews and am confused what I want to find out is this book another vampire saga? If it's like the vampire diaries then I don't want to read it I have read twilight liked some of the book in the series, loved the vampire diaries show an true blood show so I don't want to read this book if its same as the shows and books I have mentioned . I'll just get fed up if its another scenario of vampire meets girl all intense , mystery calm vampire love blossoms then his edgy , dark , mischief brother takes a challenge to seduce the girl girl gets seduce by brother then comes confused stage omg I don't know who I want a relationship with leading to the you need to choose in-between that you get villains meaning other vampires trying to kill the girl her 2 lover vampires trying to save her, something happening where there is no option but to turn the girl into vampire too.
That is the vampire show for you so you understand why I don't want to go through that I loved that scenario in the vampire diaries with sexy Ian Summerland

Hi, Sönïa. Yes, you should read it. Many of the characters are vampires, but the plot is very involved (far more than just the love story). There is lots of angst, mystery, action, and tremendous suspense. I loved every single book, so far, and am anxious for the next one!

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