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Ruby Smith The Movie is being directed by ridley scott and is in development

Ruby Smith Yh i know

Bruno Hache wow.. that came out of nowhere :) Loved the first two books but I am still scratching my head if this would even make an interesting movie or not..

Bruno Hache yes.. mid-May here in Canada. Book sales here have been relatively quiet --haven't heard anything in my neck of the woods.

Crystal Johnson This would be an interesting book to movie transition...I'm intrigued...

Allie Pinto If they make this a movie they will destroy it!!! Please tell me someone agrees!!!

Allie Pinto Have ever read hunger games, I am number four, the host, maze runner, Percy Jackson, city of bones. We'll if u haven't they are all books turned into movies, each turned into a hacked, destroyed version of the books!!! The film maker, directed, whatever u want to call THEM the movie will have flaws!!! Books are better than movies because they are longer, more descriptive and they revolve around ur mind, ur imagination. Movies are the versions of the creators of this movies they offend send the wrong message. Believe me they shouldn't make this movie!!!!!!

Bruno Hache I have to agree.. movie adaptations are only good for Hollywood and the almighty dollar.

Allie Pinto Has anyone read maze runner?? They're making it into a movie and the preview only makes sense to people that have read the book

Bruno Hache heck even the Divergent trailer only made sense to those who read the book. I predict a flop similar to the Mortal Instruments.

Allie Pinto I totally agree, honestly I was too scared to watch city of bones out fear that it would totally suck :P

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