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Did you expect more out of their goodbye? Maybe Aunt Petunia apologising for being such a bitch?
Annemarie Musawale Annemarie Feb 09, 2014 04:28AM
I expected that after torturing Harry for 17 years, Harry would get more from his aunt than that awkward goodbye. what do you think?

it's nice to think that Petunia could've hated magic because she lost her sister to it, but i doubt it. Before Lily's death Petunia and well the Dursleys were quite horrible to the Potters.

Petunia hated Lily because

1. she felt that their parents favored the latter.
2. She wanted to be magical but couldn't and Lily could.

I think that was really frustrating for her. She was in denial her entire life that she has sort of convinced herself that magic is detestable. When she got married to Vernon she got one step further by denying that it exists. When Harry arrived it all came crashing down and all that anger and frustration resurfaced but she couldn't really admit to it so she vents it all on Harry.

Even Jo doesn't have a very high opinion about Petunia. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually hosted a party because they're finally rid of Harry.

I think in a way what she said was her apologising or at least it was the most she could muster of an apology. I kinda got a vibe that the reason she hated magic so much was not only because she was jealous of Lily's powers and felt rejected by the magical community but also because she believes it was magic that caused her sister to die and from then on she felt a sense of vengeance and fear toward it and Harry Potter was the epitome of magic.

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Apologizing is NOT something that Petunia Dursley does. unless she is apologizing to dudley, because she loves dudley. i agree that a huge part of her anger must have come from loosing her sister.

Well durr, she obviously thought she had every right to treat Harry the way she did. Rowling simply sticked to the way the character is.

I wish I had a like button for Sammy's comment! <3 Very well explained...couldn't agree more!

Sammy Young Yes but I think a huge part of her anger came from losing a sister, Lily and Petunia were close before Lily could recognise her powers. And when she s ...more
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Annemarie Musawale she didn't say she lost a sister. Its Harry who realised that Petunia was Lily's sister when that letter from Dumbledore came. Petunia never broke cha ...more
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There was a deleted scene in the movie in which Petunia says:
"You didn't just lose a mother that night, I lost a sister."
Not in the books, but I sooo wish they would have left it in the move!

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Her? Apologize? Yeah, right.

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