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What would you do if you found out your life has been a lie for the past year or so?

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Connie I liked the idea of this book and started wondering what I would do if I found myself in the situation that my life had been a big lie for at least a year. I know we all lie at some point in our lives, even little white lies. But I to have a problem with family that lies to me at times or tries to keep secrets that may be harmful. I find that knowing there is forgiveness, empathy, and kindness in most people helps. But I really think you lose trust and the relationship changes once you are lied to. You can forgive and move on, but I don't think the relationship is the same as before and their are big trust issues that now affect the relationship and it has shifted.

inkwell reviews-Rachelle I would be furious! Relationships are based on trust, and when you break that trust it's hard to repare. I must say though, I don't like that this book didn't talk about forgiveness that much. Summer kind of got on my nerves because she was so stuborn.

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