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Haruka looks for Ceasar's markings as she hikes the mountain with Silver. His marking looked like a hand with demon wings on the sides and a magic circle on the back of the hand.

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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver was scouting the area very cautiously, he noticed a trap right where Spring was about to step. "HEY!" He yelled out, her foot touched the trap for a split second before Silver pulled her away and put her down on a rock. The trap started to sprout, suddenly a giant carnivorous looking plant appeared from the sprout. "Ugh..." He mumbled before turning into his first monster form. (( http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/a... )). Silver turned towards the plant and glared at it, his eye color shifted to a dark black, the plant immediately started to wither up, and before you knew it, the carnivorous plant had been withered to a small dead leaf.

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She rubs her eyes," thank you" she nods at Silver. " cool, form"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "You haven't even seen the half of it"

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" It's a bit scary though. But I like it" she shrugs and starts walking again, looking for the sign.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver continued to look for it too.

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She finally finds the winged hand on a giant rock," found it" she calls to Silver.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver teleport's to her and examines the mark thoroughly.

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She lets her claws grow and she redraws the mark, activating magic portal that will send them to Ceasar's lair.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Once the portal appeared silver walked inside it, he got teleported to ceasar's lair.

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She steps into a room, Ceasar's magic lair.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver steps in after her, changing into his second monster form, demon.

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(( can you Rp with Ceasar. if i do that, it'll be a conversation with me and him mostly))

A man steps from the shadows and looks at them with eager eyes.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments ((Ok, But just quickly, what personality do you want me to give him?))

Silver stood there examining this man.

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(( make him= full of himself, underestimates people, scary, teasing, dark, callous... something like that))

Haruka jumps behind Silver, scared of this man that had killed her parents.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver stood there in his Second form waiting for the man to say something. "Oh Lookie what we have here? The poor weak crying girl from a couple of years ago!" Ceasar said.

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" you evil bastard" she takes a peek from behind Silver.

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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Ceasar walked up to the girl and took a breath on her face, licking his teeth creepingly. "It's too bad you will never live up to what i do" Ceasar said to her. Silvers gauntlet immediately had a thin sharp sword come out of it, he put the sword to his neck and said "Shut the hell up you bitch".

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Haruka shook rapidly, why did he want to kill her," why?" she cries.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Ceasar Stood back a bit at the sword and replied to Haruka " Thats for me to know, and for you to never find out ".

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" Silver, please kill him" she cries, falling to the ground as tears sprout from her eyes like a waterfall.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver started making clones of himself, around 30 of them. "No mercy" They all stated before every Silver's gauntlet turned into a type of weapon.

((You can control Ceasar from here on out))

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Ceasar retreated back and formed a protection magic runes around him. He stood in the magic circle, waiting for the boy's attacks to fail.

Haru just sat there, not daring to open her eyes.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Half of the Silvers turned into Silver's dark angel form (monster form 1) and they started to chant a rune breaker, a magic circle was around each of them. The protection magic started to crack and then... ' Shatter ' the protection magic was broken, before you knew it, the demon form Silver's (monster form 2) had all of their weapons pointed at Ceasar, from every angle possible, down, up, north, south, northeast and ect.

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Ceasar could do nothing, except one thing... He drew a magic circle, dropped some of his blood there and summoned two demons. The demons faced Silver eagerly, waiting for a fight.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Two of the Silver's turned into their Vampire form (monster form 3) which was recently unlocked with the help of Mizore. The vampire Silvers started close combating the demons far more advanced than there combat skills were. In a matter of seconds the two demons perished. "We can do this all day" All of the Silver's said.

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Ceasar could summon the dragon but it would take forever for it to get here. So he just but his hands up in defeat.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments One of the vampire form Silver's walked up to Haru and asked "Do you want us to kill him?".

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" make him tell the truth first" she wipes a tear away.

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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments The vampire form nodded and cleared a path through all of the Silver's, infact he was the real Silver, the one more powerful then the other clones. All of the clones Put their weapons to his head, neck, body, legs, arms and feet. "Why do you want to kill her?" The real Silver asked in an extremely intimidating monotone voice.

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" The girl's family possessed a magical device that could kill the creatures of the dark. The girl may not know of this yet but even I do not. It runs in her blood, her ancestors and she and her children will be the only ones to use this device. For i must kill them all. Every last one of the Springfields"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Sick Bastard..." The real Silver said before the rest of the Silvers stabbed there weapons deep inside him, killing the sick idiot in an instant. The clones all dissapeared into the real Silver, he walked up to Haru and said "Done...".

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Haru was shaking, crying her eyes out. She couldn't believe she has lost her parents because of that power.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver saw her tears and comforted her with a small hug, understanding the pain she went through.

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She put her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, seeking some comfort.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments While comforting her, he thought 'This WAS a good compromise... i got to kill the bastard from my childhood and help out someone...'

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" just one question!" she manages to say between sobs.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver shot back to reality and replied "Hm? What is it?"

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" why did you help me?"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Well i had a bit of business with that guy, and i was in a good mood, therefor i helped you, not only that but i couldn- oops I've said a bit too much" He replied before letting her go and walking up to his dead carcass and ripping an item out of his coat, the item looked like a large... rubix cube?

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" what's that?" she hops over to him to examine the item.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver turned and said "You might wanna stand back". He took out a smaller rubix cube from his trenchcoat and placed it inside a slot inside the big rubix cube. The rubix cube burst into peices and a small fire hydra came out, the fire eventually grew until it was about the size of an average human. Suddenly the human sized hydra charged toward Silvers chest, as soon as it hit his chest ' FLASH ' a giant wave of light flew over the room. As soon as the light dimmed away, a figure stood there, not a human figure, but a hell beast, it was as powerful as Satan herself.


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" woahhhhh" she stares in amazement and surprise.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver took a good look at himself and said in a weird hell language "Ϩ Ϫ Ϭ ϮϤ Ϧ".

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" I don't know what you're saying" she frowns.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver reverted back to his human form and replied "Neither do i... I tried to speak and those weird sounds came out".

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" I guess you know a foreign language without actually... knowing it?" she tilts her head, plopping a chocolate mini bar into her mouth and eating it.

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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "I guess so"

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" man, I'm so mean... thank you so much" she smiles sweetly.

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