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Askmiddlearth | 31 comments Mod
Gimli! Go, everyone, start discussing!

Michele Who is his mother?? This is what I always wanted to know :)

message 3: by Bess (new)

Bess | 6 comments The lack of information of dwarf women in general is a little disappointing - isn't Thorin's sister the only one who's ever named? Peter Jackson gave us a picture of Gimli's mother, at least. In Jackson-land, they were probably a happy dwarf family.

Michele Gimli says at some point that there aren't very many dwarf women and that because they're short and stocky many people mistake them for men.

This does not excuse Tolkien for leaving them out, however!

message 5: by Hika86 (new) - added it

Hika86 | 48 comments And we do see dwarf women in the scenes about Dale and the realm or Thror (they don't have the beard! XD)

message 6: by Castillon02 (new)

Castillon02 | 23 comments Did anyone else catch this slip of a sentence in the Moria chapter?

"Aragorn picked up Frodo...The others followed; but Gimli had to be dragged away by Legolas: in spite of the peril he lingered by Balin's tomb with his head bowed."

OW MY HEART. Poor Gimli!

message 7: by Hika86 (new) - added it

Hika86 | 48 comments I did, I did. I guess he was very fond of Balin as he was his father's good friend. Do they have any blood relation too? O.o

BTW, I felt a very strong curiousity about the book Gandalf gave to Gimli, the one with the records of the things done in Moria when Balin entered the Mines again. Lucky the Wizard gave it to Gimli, or else it would have been destroyed in the falling wih the Balrog.

message 8: by Castillon02 (new)

Castillon02 | 23 comments Yes, I'm so glad that Gimli was able to bring that history back to his people!

I don't know if Gimli was related to any of the dwarves in Moria, but it seems likely that he may have had an uncle-nephew kind of relationship with some of them. Anyone else know more about the dwarvish family tree?

message 9: by Bee (new) - added it

Bee (nurphy) I think they are related. I don't have a link at present of the family tree, but I think I saw one on AskMiddleEarth's tumblr somewhere.

message 10: by Hika86 (new) - added it

Hika86 | 48 comments I think it's THIS post you're talking about.
So, it seems that Balin it Gimli's second cousin, because he was his father, Floin, first cousin.

message 11: by darchildre (new)

darchildre And Oin (who was killed by the Watcher in the Water) was Gimli's uncle.

message 12: by Elenorasweet (new)

Elenorasweet | 5 comments And regardless of blood, Ori was one of the Company or Thorin Oakenshield, and judging by how happy Gloin was to gossip about Bombur et al, I like to assume that all of them stayed rather close, bound by trial and bloodshed as they were. Gimli recognized Ori's hand at a glance, too, so I assume that all the surviving Company were like uncles or cousins to him.

(Also, I'm a big fan of the Hobbit movies, and I like the movie canon that Ori and his brothers are some kind of distant cousin, so I like to run with that.)

message 13: by Elenorasweet (new)

Elenorasweet | 5 comments Hey, so, random thought while looking at the family tree of Durin's Line: Dain is king at the start of LotR, and Thorin Stonehelm is first in line for the throne, but assuming that his son hasn't been born yet, is... Gimli... fourth in line for the throne...?

Fror had no children, and Thror's line is dead, so we have to go up and back along Borin's line. Which means next in line is Dwalin, then Gloin, then Gimli, right?

Granted, I'm assuming that Gror, Nain and Borin had no other children, and maybe that's a simplified version of the family tree, but... is that right?

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