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message 1: by Van (new)

Van Hoang (iamvanhoang) | 4 comments Hi guys! Looking for a beta reader or critique partner for my novella. Blurb is below. Email me if interested!

Pinned is a 30,000-word contemporary romance set in bustling city of Los Angeles, California. Sophie Thomas wants that huge promotion, but her boss tells her she needs to land a high-profile account to get it. It’s nothing she can’t handle, considering she’s worked her butt off as a sales manager (read: glorified cold caller) for the past three years. But when she meets with the potential client, she never anticipated that Nathan, the CEO of Anderson and Company, would refuse to sign...under one condition. It appears he’s less interested in what Sophie’s company has to offer--and more interested in her.

Nate doesn’t believe that internet marketing could replace personal interaction. But at least he’s offering Sophie the chance to prove him wrong. The only problem is that Sophie isn’t sure she’s up for the challenge. That is to say, Nate wants her to prove that the internet can replace most things, including sex. Sophie is desperate to get his account, so against her better judgment, she agrees. She’s pretty sure she can prove him wrong, that she can engage in online sex, and it will be better than the real thing. But Nate is doing everything in his power to prove her wrong. In fact, he is having a lot of fun showing her how much better real sex is. And despite herself, Sophie begins to agree with him.

Soon, Sophie finds herself involved with a sexy, head-strong, and intelligent Nathan Anderson who is nothing like the bar-hopping, class-A jerk the tabloids made him out to be. But Sophie wants to focus on her career and win that promotion. A romantic relationship with a potential client isn’t exactly what she’s looking for. She knows what she has to do...but it would be so much easier if only she wasn’t falling for him.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 37 comments Are you still looking for someone to read this? What kind of sex is in this story? What is the POV?

message 3: by Van (new)

Van Hoang (iamvanhoang) | 4 comments Hi! yes i would love more readers! :) it has...normal sex lol. no bdsm. just average relatively vanilla good ol' steamy sex scenes.

message 4: by Van (new)

Van Hoang (iamvanhoang) | 4 comments oh and it is 3rd person from both Nate's and Sophie's pov.

message 5: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Golden | 37 comments I'll read this for you. I'm sending you my email address in a PM here at GR. I can accept a Word doc or PDF, whichever.

message 6: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 57 comments Hi,

If you are still looking for readers I'm open.
Kindle email is
Regular email is kindle format or PDF.


message 7: by Sue (new)

Sue | 55 comments I can help with this if you need more

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