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Social Order

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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew In "Things Fall Apart" there are several examples of social hierarchy presented.One example of this the gender roles presented in Iwo society. While by a modern standard this seems barbaric, do you believe our culture can be judgmental, as, at this same period in history, we had our own shortcomings?

Chris Nope, we can't! Achebe's portrayal of that culture forces us to look at our own. While his goal was to show that Africans are not just a bunch of savages, he showed us the bad of the culture as well, in essence, showing that no culture is without flaws. Had he showed that the Ibo culture was a utopia, he knows his readers would call bullshit. Because of the flaws, the culture he presents is more real, and thus, more beautiful than any kind of artificial perfection.

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