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Athena led him up to the door and unlocked it. "Sorry. It gives off the wrong impression, I know." Her house was large and fancy, making it seem like she was a stuck up rich kid.

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H :) | 421 comments "Wow," Alex said. "No, this is cool." He really was impressed.

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H :) | 421 comments "Nothing could change my impression of you. Nothing could taint it in the slightest," he added, smiling.

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She smiled back and kissed him quickly. "Your the best." Athena opened the door and indicated he should go inside.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex walked inside. He smiled as Athena walked in after him. "You hav any brothers or sisters," he asked, laughing. "I wish I didn't sometimes..."

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She shook her head. "Nope. I'm an only child, unfortunately." Athena closed the door behind them and grew her bag on the stairs.

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H :) | 421 comments "Why's that unfortunate?" Alex sighed. He removed his wet jacket and wrung it awkwardly in his hands.

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"Because I wish I had an older brother to annoy." She said smiling and took his jacket from him. "We have a dryer."

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H :) | 421 comments "Oh," he sighed. "I don't pity the big brother that you want."

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She laughed. "You should. I can be really annoying if I want to be." Athena took off her own saturated jacket and laughed. "Hey, want to go for a swim? We're already wet."

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H :) | 421 comments "Great idea," he said, brightly. "I have my gym bag in the car...I can go grab it--it's just outside."

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She smiled. "Great. Either that or you can just wear your underwear." Athena laughed and dumped their jackets into the kitchen sink to drain off a bit.

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H :) | 421 comments ((Brb, gotta go do something...))

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((No problem.))

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H :) | 421 comments ((Srry, emergency maths homework that I totally forgot about until the last minute :\ sorry, I was gone for a while...lol))

Alex flushed, caught off guard. He smiled, "Anything for you, Athena. Although I think I'll be fine in my swim stuff."

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((No problem lol We all have lives outside of GR :). ))

Athena kissed him smiling and nodded. "OK. Once you grab you stuff, the bathroom is just down there and to the right." She grabbed her bag and ran upstairs. "Won't be a minute."

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Ketisha | 107 comments Kat found out were Athena lived although it was weird, she was a rebel and broke into the student profile locker
For a major girl session
Kat walked up to the door and knocked

"Athena you there I really need to talk to you" Kat yelled while knocking the door again

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Athena was walking down the stairs in a black bikini and board shorts. "Hey Kat. Yeah, as you can see, I'm here."

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Ketisha | 107 comments ((I'm just goon a make my character have told you already that she likes freak))

"OMG okay your here, and you have company, anyway that's not the point the point is what am I going to do about freak

And second it would be nice if you opened the door" Kat said while swinging her bike Keyes around in her hand

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H :) | 421 comments Alex emerged from the bathroom in swimming shorts and an old t-shirt. He whipped around when he heard another girl speak.

"Umm...hi?" He ventured. "Who are you?" He laughed. "Sorry, that was rude. I'm Alex. Athena," he said, turning. His eyes clearly asked, "what's going on?"

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Ketisha | 107 comments "I'm Kat since you girlfriend's not going to introduce me" Kat said waving

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She looked at him amused and answered to both Alex and Kat a the same time. "Hang on Kat, I'm coming." Athena unlocked and opened her house door and smiled. "Come in. Alex and I were just going for a swim."

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Ketisha | 107 comments "Great, I'm glad I didn't bring my swimmers, hope you don't mind me going skinny dipping" Kat said walking in and looking serious

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H :) | 421 comments Alex nodded and hung back. He was confused. He kept quiet and watched.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex went an odd mixture of amused and appalled. He wasn't entirely sure if Kat was kidding.

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"Um, I have a spare pair if you want to wear them. Are you going to stay?" She looked at Alex with an apologetic expression and turned back to Kat with a small smile.

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Ketisha | 107 comments "Okay I'm Kidding jeez I'm kidding" Kat said looking at Alex then at Athena
"Anyway am are you going to help me figure this out Athena"

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Ketisha | 107 comments "Cause once you help me I'll leave" Kats aid noticing she interrupted something

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H :) | 421 comments "What?" Alex asked. "Figure what out. What's going on?"

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Ketisha | 107 comments " I think your girlfriend can explain" Kat said nearly laughing her head off

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H :) | 421 comments Alex turned to Athena. He felt like a five year old. He was clearly missing something. He turned innocently to Athena, waiting for an explanation.

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Ketisha | 107 comments ((Gotta go talk tmz))

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She grinned at remembering their conversation in the gym and looked a Alex. "OK, don't hate me, but I kind of told Kat about Freak and how she would like him. But Clarissa is dating him and I said she should go after him anyway. She was a cow to me, and dissed me about not having a mother." Athena frowned and looked down.

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H :) | 421 comments There was a moment of stunned silence. Alex gave Athena a loose hug, wrapping his arms around her. He didn't know what to say. "She sounds like a real charmer," he sighed. "Don't listen to her. Anyway...so Kat's mad at you?"

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"No, actually the opposite. She wants me to help her figure out how to break up Freak and Clarissa so she can date him herself." She at least had the decency to look guilty as she told him.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smirked. "That's my girl," he laughed. "Oh, God, Athena, be careful. You don't want to mess with Freak. Mess with Cla-priss-a all you want, just... He's dangerous sometimes," Alex laughed.

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She smiled and kissed him happily. "I thought you'd be disgusted with me. As for Freak, he has only seen me as that 'embarrassed' persona I put on to avoid asking him to the dance. Trust me, he's nothing compared to what I can do."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex nodded. "I don't underestimate you. That's not what I meant." Then he stiffened a little bit. He hoped they weren't making a scene in front of Kat. .is she still here?" he murmured.

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She nodded amused and wrapped her arms around his waist smiling. "Yes. And I never said you underestimated me ... I said he has."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex nodded. "That would be a huge mistake," he smiled. "I'm glad I'm not in his place. Shall we swim? Or do you still have to help Jealous? Uh, I mean Kat."

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"Kat can wait." She gave her a smile and turned back to Alex. "Come on, lets swim."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smiled. He turned and gave Kat a civil nod. "See you," he said, smiling and waving. He followed Athena.

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She smiled and walked out the back door, entering out near the pool. "Last one in." Athena poked out her tongue at him playfully and ran towards the pool, then dived in gracefully.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex tossed his t-shirt over the nearest chair and dove after her. He moved swift through the water until he pulled up in front of her. With an evil grin, he slashed the water, sending a wave at her face.

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"Hey." She exclaimed indignantly and did the same back to him. Wriggling out of his arms, she ducked beneath the water and pulled him under as well with a strong tug.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex squirmed away and flipped back through the water. He swam strongly away, amazingly quickly. He smiled and bobbed up at the other end.

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She laughed as she broke the surface and swam to the edge of the pool. Jumping out, she ran and dived at Alex smiling.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex ducked and came up laughing. "We're so mature," he spluttered.

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She gave him an innocent look. "Of course we are."

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