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SOLVED: Children's/YA > 1970s? Celtic or Druid girl drinks poison /s

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Susan (the other Susan) (theothersusan) | 61 comments What I remember about this short novel is that it seemed terribly romantic and sweetly tragic: a teenager growing up in the pre-Medieval Ireland or Britain falls in love, but winds up volunteering to be her tribe's sacrifice to fend off whatever is threatening their way of life - could have been invading Romans? At the end of the book, she is drinking a bitter potion that will give her beautiful dreams before she dies. I can't remember if the young man she loved had died, and she was hoping to be reunited with him; or if the couple both took the poison and expected to be together in the afterlife. Only that there was a chalice with the drink, hemlock or mistletoe, and that the ritual occurred in the last pages.

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Lee Anne (ladyofrohan2995) | 182 comments The Faraway Lurs? I keep running into that one when looking for a book about a girl's body buried in a peat bog.

Susan (the other Susan) (theothersusan) | 61 comments That's it, yes! Unusual name, isn't it? Thank you!

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Lee Anne (ladyofrohan2995) | 182 comments Yay! Glad that was right. Very odd name, for sure.

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