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Calling All M/M and Romance Fans
Bailey Bailey Feb 08, 2014 05:17PM
So I just feel in love the whole series and the author! But of course to has to come to the end. (Meaning I finished all the books) So I was hoping if anyone could give me some recommendations and suggestions to read next? I'll take anything! I am not a sci-fi reading though! Thank you to anyone who comments! I really appreciate it!

Bailey...I am a huge fan of R J Scott and have only started this series...I just finished her "Ellery Mountain" series and it was great also!!! There are hundred's of other m/m series out there for us to I am listing a few that you might want to check out below!!!
Alanea Alder: Kindred of Arkadia m/f & m/m...may want to grab a box of tissues for this will be laughing and was GREAT!!!
Shira Anthony: Blue Notes...for all the music lovers out there!
A.M. Arthur: Cost of Repairs
Avril Ashton: Brooklyn Sinner's
Victor Banis: Deadly Mystery...for us Mystery lovers!!!
Dev Bentham: Tarnished Souls
Ally Blue:Bay City Paranormal Investigations...I LOVED this series!!!!
Bailey Bradford: Love in Xxchange
Lee Brazil: Truth or Dare
Cardeno C.: Family
T. A. Chase: Home
Rhys Ford: Cole McGinnis....this series is GREAT!!!
Sandrine Gasq-Dion: Assassin/Shifters...this series was not liked by everyone...but I loved it!!!
Toni Griffin: The Atherton Pack
India Harper: Creatures of Sin...awwww...another good one!
Kaje Harper: Hidden Wolves...just started this series...very good so far!!!
Jordan L. Hawk: Whyborne & Griffin...something a little different to break the monotony!!! lol
SE Jakes: Men of Honor
Amber Kell: Banded Brothers...I hated waiting for the next book to come out...toooooo long to wait! haha : Mercenary Love...another good one! : Hellbourne...yep...loved this one also!!! lol OKAY...I love this all you can find of hers!!! haha
TJ Klune: No series...but great author
Amy Lane: Johnnies...unusual subject matter...but great writing!!!
J. L. Langley: With or Without
Josh Lanyon: Dangerous Ground
A J Llewellyn: Orgasmic Texas Dawn...don't let the name fool you...great reads all!!!
Z.A. Maxfield: The Brothers Grimme...and all of her other books are great also!!!
Tere Michaels: Faith, Love & Devotion
K.A. Mitchell:Bad in Baltimore
Ellen Quinn: Spirit Walkers
Charlie Richards: A Paranormal's Love...loved these guys!!!
K Z Snow: Mongrel...a little Steampunk...if you like!!!
Lou Sylvre: Vasquez& this one!!!!S W Vaughn: might want to try these...they were "different"!!! haha
Silvia Violet: Wild R Farm...cowboys!!!
N R Walker: Blind Faith...5 stars all the way through!!!
L. A. Witt: Cover Me...just started this series...wonderful so far!!!
These are just a few I have read or started to read...there are tons more!!! Good luck with your search!!! Donna

Alanea Alder Thanks for the mention Donna!
Apr 27, 2014 08:59PM · flag

OH!!! Thank you so much for the list...I am always looking for books, I read too fast and am always in NEED MOORE! mode.

Abigail Roux, Cut and Run series

K Sep 05, 2014 03:55PM   0 votes
The person above posted some good ones. I'll just add a few random books/series.

Abigail Roux - Cut & Run series (This is a must, tbh.)

Ella Frank - Try series

Marie Sexton - Promises

Damon Suede - Hot Head (Firefighters)

Fae Sutherland - The Gladiator's Master

Willa Okati - And Call Me in the Morning (Older friends fall in love)

Katie Allen - Private Dicks series

River Jaymes - Author only has two books out. Both are good.

LB Gregg - Men of Smithfield series

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