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Sanja | 18 comments Hey guys! I just released a book and it's for any Cassie Clare lovers. :)

Here is a summary:

Cursed, that’s what twenty-one year old Castalia Everclear was. A curse accidentally placed on her by her gorgeous, mysterious boyfriend, Rylan: a demon with faerie blood who is also Lucifer's son. A silver metal band she wears on her ring finger is the only thing that protects her from it but in turn, wipes out her memories of Rylan and Amaranth, a city that houses the pure blood and half-blood demons.

Now, three years later, Castalia is having visions of the past while strange things start happening to her each time she takes off her ring, leading to an incident that has deadly consequences.

And Rylan is the only one that can help her. Unfortunately, he has bigger problems…His father wants him to rule over Amaranth, and his plans for Rylan are more than sinister.

You can also buy on amazon UK, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe.

Amaranth (Demon City Chronicles) by Sanja Dragojlov

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Sanja | 18 comments Also, forgot to mention, am willing to send copies of the prologue and first chapter for free for those interested. Just reply here or it's better to send me a message, thanks!

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Sanja | 18 comments Here is the prologue to my book:


Three years earlier.

Rylan made his way to the solitary figure standing as still as a statue and looking out over the brilliant jewel-coated lights of Amaranth. The figure was that of a man, tall and lithe, with a thin layer of muscle coating his chest and arms, his face beautiful as that of an angel but dark and cold.
The single ray of golden sunlight breaking through the steely gray of the clouds made his pale blonde hair glow like a halo, and he was dressed in the finest of clothes: a dark gray long-sleeved shirt and black trousers but the strangest part of all was the enormous pair of black wings that jutted out from his shoulders and were currently folded back as if in perseverance. He turned his head and his coal-black eyes, flecked with bits of red, met those of the teenage boy that had come into the room.
His face did not change, cold and severe like the marble angels that had held the curtains apart.
“Well? The curse has been prevented?” Lucifer inquired.
Rylan nodded though it looked as if he’d been crying. There were tear tracks down his cheeks and his crisp white shirt was flecked with bloodstains, the top few buttons open. His brilliant golden hair, so unlike the snowy white of his father’s, was damp with sweat, sticking to his forehead and temples. He made no move to brush it away.
“It worked, the ring will block its power and prevent it from taking hold, so long as she never takes it off…I told her…” He closed his eyes, his expression full of pain. “But…” He seemed to hesitate for a moment, eyes fluttering open as he looked down at the crimson pattern on his shirt. Blood. Her blood; his love.
“She doesn’t remember me…” His voice cracked; his father paid him no heed. He turned back to staring out the window; the sun had vanished and Amaranth was thrown in darkening clouds once again.
“Fortune is glass; just when it gleams brightest it shatters.” Lucifer began, his eyes made redder by the light of the ruby lamp just outside, giving him a demon-like appearance instead of one of wretched angel.
Rylan’s body trembled slightly; he wanted to get out of here.
“Both of your brothers have disappointed me.” Lucifer’s eyes sparked as they flicked over his youngest son. He seemed to study him for a moment before speaking again.
“They are rash and irresponsible and I do not want to give either of them rule over the Eternal City.” He took a step towards Rylan who stood stock still, trembling under his father’s intense gaze.
You have power, Rylan. A power that neither of your brothers would be able to even comprehend. It is a part of you, defines who you are.
That was what Lucifer had told him when Rylan came begging to his father to save Castalia from the curse he accidentally placed on her. It had nothing to do with him being better than both of his brothers, and everything to do with some horrible power he was given that he never knew about, until this morning. It was a power that Lucifer craved ever since he was exiled from Hell.
But Rylan did not want control over the city; he just wanted to find a dark hole in the ground to crawl under and mourn Castalia. However, he could not leave his sister.
“You remember our bargain then?” Lucifer said without looking at him.
Rylan nodded again. “Yes.”
“Very good. Jade will come find you later to deliver the potion. And if you refuse to take it, Rylan…” He turned his gaze back to his son, a cold smile crossing his face; it had all the warmth of ice collecting on rooftops.
Rylan bit his lip, hand slipping inside his pocket to touch the necklace that she had given him, fingers running over the birds, the diamonds…He squeezed it between long fingertips, promising himself he would find her again someday. If only to see her once more.
“You may leave now. Go.”
Rylan didn’t wait a minute longer. He ran out of the room all the way down the huge, silent mansion until he reached his bedroom, slamming the door shut and collapsing onto his bed. With his face buried in the pillows, he wept.

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Sanja | 18 comments Also, please help me out by checking out and perhaps maybe liking the page :)

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