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Niran | 842 comments Also! If you wanted to do doubles then that would be fine :)

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Yeah, I usually do doubles. :) Would you mind posting the idea again?

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Niran | 842 comments Oh yeah sure!
I just basically wanted to do a romance, real life, sweet, cute and funny sort of role play. One that is based in university/ collage. One of the couples could really hate each other but even though they hate each other they would do anything to protect the other.
But I'm not sure about the other couple.

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How about for the other one, that she's a new girl and she's never really had friends. Maybe she could be a shy, bullied girl and he'd be a popular boy. They could get paired up for a project, and then start to fall for each other?

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Niran | 842 comments Oh yes! I love that idea!
So should we have a boy and a girl each to make it fair? Where would you like to be the boy and where the girl?

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I would like to be the shy/bullied girl and the boy for the other one.

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Niran | 842 comments Okay cool, I'd be the girl for the other and the popular guy.
I was thinking for the other one that the characters have known each other since high school, they used to date by the guy kind of broke her heart by leaving her for another girl. But they are both single now, they just hate one another but eventually become civil again, then friends and then they realize they are still in love with each other.

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I like it :D So shall we move to charries?

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Niran | 842 comments Sure thing, can you create first? It doesn't have to be detailed

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Sure thing, just a sec

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{Name:} Rosella Danielle Kalier
{Nickname:} Rose, Ella, Dani, Danielle, Elle. Tiger (Only by her brother)
{Age:} 19
{D.O.B.} June 29
{Sexuality:} Heterosexual (Straight)
{Relationship Status:} Single
{Gender:} Female
(view spoiler)
Rose has always been a sweet girl, but very shy and quiet. She's secretly very competitive and doesn't like to give things up easily. She's extremely insecure and antisocial because of all those years with her parents and everyone hating her. She's secretly got the singing voice of an angel. Though since she's so insecure and shy, she won't sing in front of anybody. She loves to make people laugh, and is extremely kind and selfless. Though some kinds of people just set her off, and its one thing she hates about herself.
Rose's father was a drunk, and one night had come home deeply intoxicated. It was when Rose was 13, and her brother was home with her. He ended up getting severely mad at her mother, and shot her. This left Rose with her brother and her father tried to sexually abuse her throughout the horrid night. Though many times her brother tried to help her. It scarred her for life, the things he did to the two. Eventually, the police arrived but found that her father had killed himself on the scene. The rest of her life, she was bullied into silence. They always called her the 'mental' girl. Or even things like the dirty whore. It was tough for her to ignore, but she learned a lot from it and hopes to get away from it finally at this school.

((Here's the girl, I'll post the guy in a bit. ))

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{Name:} Liam Peter Kalier
{Nickname:} Lee, Pete
{Age:} 20
{Gender:} Male
{D.O.B.} November 4th
{Sexuality:} Heterosexual (Straight)
{Relationship Status:} Single
(view spoiler)
Liam is a very goofy boy, he loves to make people laugh. He's pretty athletic, but he's not a jock at all. Though he might come off like it. At heart, he's really sweet and can be shy at first. Though when he opens up to someone, he'll be completely silly. He's a real romantic, and he's very protective of his loved ones, especially his sister. The boy is also very persistent and deeper than you would think. He’s very compassionate as well.

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Done ^.^

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Sorry for the wait :(

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Niran | 842 comments Sorry I took so long to reply! Great characters by the way :) I'll post mine now, I was out all day.

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It's fine :) and thanks

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Niran | 842 comments //role play 1- popular guy//

Name: Sebastian James Edwards

Nickname: Bas

Age: 19

D.O.B : May 16th


•Usually always wearing black.
•jean jackets
•white or grey tshirts

Sebastian is a very bold person. He is funny, adventurous, daring, free spirited and open minded, some people say that's why he's popular. Though he parties and has fun and is daring he also has a dark side to him. He hates people who judge or pick on others, he's always been one to step in or stop whatever argument or disagreement is going on. Sebastian usually covers up how he feels, he doesn't like burdening someone with his problems and doesn't really like to share his deep feelings with others.

Sebastian didn't have the usual child hood experience, he didn't have a house or a dog or learn to ride the bicycle with his dad. He never had that because he didn't have any parents.
He went from orphanage to orphanage until one day a couple adopted him when he was 13. They were an older couple, they didn't have kids of their own. They gave him a somewhat childhood, but Sebastian was angry kid, one who never understood why he was in such a situation. But he grew up, he learned by his adoptive parents and grew to understand what he should make of his life. It's probably for them that he's not in jail or dead.

Relationship status: Though Sebastian is a good guy, he can sometimes be quiet a player. He's never usually in a relationship, he's usually in benefit relationships.

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight

Adoptive mother- Anna Jenkins, 64
Adoptive father- Stuart Jenkins, 66

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Niran | 842 comments //role play 2- broken girl//

Name: Alana Sophia Klaus

Nickname: Lana

Age: 19

D.O.B: July 20th

Appearance: http://snickeriggles.files.wordpress....


Alana is quite an abrupt person, she's blunt, outgoing, free spirited, wild, dangerous and fun.
But though she is those things she is also respectful, grateful, selfless, open minded and caring. Many people judge her on her cockiness and what she looks like and what she wears.
But truly, once you get to know her you see that she is a loveable person who is there for anyone.

Alana had a happy and perfect upbringing, her parents were always there and were always very supporting of the decisions she made.
When Alana was 10 her parents popped out another puppy, it was a boy and he was named Kyan. Kyan was an old soul stuck in a little boys body, wise for his age and too smart for his own good.

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight

Mother- Tanya Klaus, 40
Father- Nicholas Klaus, 45
Brother- Kyan Klaus, 9

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Sweet! So did you want to post first or should I?

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Niran | 842 comments Can you?

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Sure :) Just a sec

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Rose walked through the halls of the school, her bag over her shoulder as she made her way to her dorm. She had a dorm alone, and she was glad about it. She'd gotten here not only minutes ago. As she set the bag down, she smiled and started to decorate the room how she wanted. As she finished, she sat down on the bed and let out a sigh. As she started to get bored, waiting for her first class, since it was four in the morning, she started to sing softly. She hoped the walls were thick, because she was deathly afraid of singing in front of people even though she had a beautiful voice, she just didn't believe that.


Liam was lying down, asleep in his dorm room that he shared with some popular guy named Sebastian. He knew his sister was going to get here this morning, he was just too lazy to get up and greet her. Plus, he wasn't a morning person at all. He had talked about it a little with Sebastian, but not much since they weren't really friends. He'd had quite the argument with Lana the other day. They were still fighting as they had been since high school, and he was getting really tired of it.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian tossed and turned on his bed, he didn't have any classes today, but he felt useless already. He hated having days off, it was like a waste of his time. He let out a big huff and sigh and threw the covers off of him, he didn't know if Liam was awake, so he left him.
Liam was his dorm roommate, they had only met a few weeks ago since collage had started up again. Sebastian moved to get his towel, some clothes and go to the bathrooms that were shared between both boys and girls.


Lana lay in her bed, unaware yet able to think. She was dreaming, she was moaning and talking slightly in her sleep. She was talking to Liam. Liam was her ex boyfriend, her enemy of some sort. She hated him, yet she knew she didn't hate him. She was confused by him.
They dated in high school and it had ended there, somehow they ended up coming to the same collage.
Lana lay on her back, asleep and listening to calm music that settles her emotions and thoughts.

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Rose finished unpacking her things, she didn't get her schedule until later today, so she had no classes today. As she sang softly, she felt like she should try and explore the school. So she got up and stopped singing, only humming now as she went out and down the hallway. She eventually made her way to the library, one of her favorite places in a school. She sat down with a book, her headphones still in as she started to read it. Eventually, she fell asleep from her lack of rest with the book in her lap and her headphones on.


Liam woke with a start when the door closed, sitting up in bed as he tried to forget his hellish dream. It seemed that nobody had been able to sleep, because he noticed that Sebastian was gone. As he got up to go and pull a pair of shorts on since he slept in only boxers, he remembered that his sister was here. Though he didn't want to do anything right now, he just wanted to go back to sleep. So he took a drink of water and climbed back into bed, playing a bit of soothing music on his phone that Lana had gotten him into a habit of doing when they had been dating.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian had eventually showered and clothed himself, so he decided to go to the library. By the time he had done all of that it was morning, students were out and about and going to classes lazily. Sebastian couldn't help but to go to the library, it was his favourite place.
To read was one of his favourite things. He couldn't imagine a life without reading or books, it created escapism for him.
He rounded the corner to see that there was a girl sleeping, her headphones in and her book open but not being read. He laughed slightly, but he walked up to her and shook her softly.
"Um", he hesitantly said," Excuse me".


Lana soon awoke, her body and mind didn't allow her to sleep past 10am, though now it was 7:45am. She got up, throwing her covers away and walking towards her bathroom to get ready, it only had a toilet and sink since now they had those stupid combined showers. She noticed that her roommate, Lisa, wasn't in: she must have gone to class already. She was transfer student from London who had a really busy schedule, but Lana knew Lisa could handle it.
Lana walked towards her wardrobe, she got a pair of high waisted faded shorts, a black crop top and black boots. She put them on and brushed her naturally straight hair out. She was ready before she knew it, so she walked out of the dorm and headed towards the coffee cart where she was sure they sold the best coffee ever.

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Rose woke quickly, blinking her eyes open to see the handsome boy in front of her. She slipped her headphones off, "H-Hi... I seem to have fallen a-asleep.." She said, stuttering from her shyness as she looked up at him. The boy had to be popular, he was very handsome. Rose had always been bullied and never popular, she was used to it that way. So why would this boy be talking to her, didn't he care about his reputation? That was a question only he cold answer, so she tried not to bother herself with wondering.


Liam eventually got up, pulling on a hoodie and changing into some pants. After brushing his teeth and hopping out of the shower in the shared bathroom, he combed his hair out and made sure that it stayed in place. The boy was a little obsessive over his hair, but he tried not to make it obvious. As he pulled some shoes on, he went down the hall. He hated coffee, so he didn't go to the coffee cart. Though he passed by Lana with a frown, ignoring her as he hoped she would ignore him. They hadn't been on the best terms lately.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian chuckled softly and nodded, slightly amused and intrigued by the cute girl.
"Yeah, it looks like you did", he said, smiling softly. A few people walked past and all of them said hi to him, smiling and nodding their heads to greet him. Sebastian simply smiled and nodded back, but he quickly put all his attention back to the girl.
"Are you okay?", he asked, looking down at her with his still amused smile.


Lana smiled at the guy working at the coffee cart as he handed her her coffee and her change. She looked around and immediately spotted Liam, but she stayed away. Though she couldn't deny that she felt slightly upset and mad every time she saw him.
She went to sit by the nearest bench, sipping her coffee and taking some time to just relax and let the world around her move as she stayed still. Silly concepts like that calmed her.

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Rose looked up at him with a faint smile, "Yeah I'm fine. W-Why do you ask?" She asked timidly, noticing how the boy got a greeting from basically everyone who passed by him. That planted firmly in her mind that he was indeed popular and that she was very shocked that he was talking to her. Wouldn't he lose some of his reputation or talking to the loser girl? She fidgeted slightly, why would he even care if she was okay? This was all new to her, and she didn't know if she liked it.


Liam looked back to see her sitting down on the bench alone. A sigh escaped his lips, and for some reason he didn't feel mad at her so much right now. So maybe he could get a kick out of being annoying to her. As he walked up to her, he grinned and sat down next to her. "What's up?" He asked as if nothing was wrong between them and they were actually good friends. He liked to annoy her sometimes, she looked cute when she was mad... Wait what?

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Niran | 842 comments "Just asking, it never hurt anyone to ask it", Sebastian stated, looking at her calmly.
He could tell that he made her nervous, she was constantly fidgeting and stuttering and talking as if she couldn't believe he was talking to her.
"Do I make you nervous?", he asked, popping the question out randomly and looking down at her with his eyebrows raised in a joking way. But he knew it would probably make her more nervous.


Lana's peace and quiet was soon interrupted.
She rolled her eyes and sipped her coffee as Liam came crashing down beside her, grinning like an idiot and acting as if everything was fine.
She moved away from him and looked to him with a scowl, her hair moving down her shoulders and down her back.
"Some annoying brat has just disturbed my quiet, that's what's up", she said bitterly.
She crossed over her bare legs and then placed her hand over her stomach, guarding herself.

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Rose bit her lip and looked up at him with her creamy brown eyes, how did he know? Was it really that obvious? "Y-Yeah kind've..." She stuttered, meeting his gaze for the first time since he spoke to her. He had pretty eyes, to match his handsome face. "I just don't get why you w-would be talking to m-me.." She said and looked down, her hands in her lap as she had her headphones in her lap as well. The book was sitting on the table next to the chair she sat on, completely forgotten. Another thing boggled her, why on earth would a popular kid be in a library? That was something she'd never seen before.


Liam scooted right next to her again, "Oh... Who?" He asked as he kept up the act, looking around as if someone else was there. The boy didn't realize it, but he actually still had feelings for her. That's why he loved to make her mad. So that nobody would get suspicious of his little crush. Nobody knew, and he liked it that way. As he grinned over at her, he found her annoyed face completely adorable as he wrapped an arm over her shoulders. "Why are you upset? Aren't we besties?" He joked, looking over at her with a grin.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian looked down at her, observing her eyes, face, hair and expression. He never truly realized just how cute and beautiful she was, but he shook that thought out of his head.
"Don't be nervous", he smirked.
He continued to observe and immediately picked something else up from her, he sat next to her and was on the same level as her now.
"You think I'm a popular kid, which yes, some consider I am. But just because people think I'm popular doesn't mean I'm an ass hole", he stated, shrugging gently.


Lana was on the edge of the bench from scoring over so many times, there was literally no where else to go. She pushed Liam's arm off of her shoulders and turned on him, leaning in closely and looking directly at him.
"What hell are you doing?", she asked, her eyebrow raised," Stop acting stupid, Liam".
He knew how to annoy her, he knew how to press her buttons. But for some reason she didn't care, she kind of liked it, she just didn't know it yet.

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Rose felt a bit better when he sat down next to her, but he would have towered over her even if she was standing, only being 5'1. "Sorry, I've just met so many popular... Um.. Jerks that I just assume now... Sorry.." She said and shook her head, a little ashamed of herself. As she looked back up at him, she noticed that she couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was completely gorgeous, she felt honored to even be talking to him. Her hair was done up in it's casual half up, half down ponytail and she wore this outfit. She normally wore five inch heels because of her height, she was so insecure about everything.


Liam grinned and leaned his head on her shoulder, wrapping his arm back over her. "I'm hanging out with my bff." He said in a girly voice, grinning up at her. He ignored her last statement, he loved seeing her upset like this. She was so cute the way that her nose crinkled up. He couldn't help it, which is why he annoyed her so often. "Don't you wanna hang out with your bff?" He said, still using that girly voice.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian smiled down at her softly, though he sat down he still looked down on her.
"Don't judge a book by its cover", he said softly. He looked over her, trying to see if he could judge her slightly on her cover, not judge her in a bad way but see if he could figure her out.
She was incredible pretty, he had always referred to girls as hot or sexy. Never really beautiful.
He leaned forward slightly, looking into her eyes," Now tell me, what's your name?".


"Urgh! Will you stop!?", she exclaimed.
Lana had gotten so annoyed that she had ended up pushing him roughly down on the bench, but she slipped slightly which caused her to fall on top of him. Her hand was still on his chest and she was in between his legs, this situation made her flash back to when they were together and at his house.
They watched movies a lot and always ended up wrestling playfully, it had been fun. The play fights had usually ended in kisses and make out sessions.
She blushed immensely, her cheeks goings bright pink, her lips parting softly and ed eyes widening a little bit.

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Niran | 842 comments ?

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((Sorry, I had to go to bed and just got home from school, will post in a bit.))

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Rose blushed lightly as he leaned closer to her, looking up at him with a timid gaze. "I know not to judge a book by it's cover, just make sure you don't judge me first. My name's Rosella." She said with a slight hint of playfulness in her tone. The shyness was slowly making it's way out of her as she had been around more and more people lately. It had to go at one point, right? It was just hard for her to get comfortable around him... At least for now. He was popular, something she's never been. It just confused her to be talking with him right now, and not have him taunting her like everyone else would normally be doing.


Wren looked up into her eyes as his playful grin changed into that of a slightly open-mouthed stare. Though his cheeks were tinted pink and his warm brown eyes were glued to hers. The days he'd missed so much ams flying back to him, when they used to cuddle together and hug each other on cold nights as they got tangled into each other's arms. He'd been stupid to leave her, and he knew it. It had dawned on him not only a week after he left her that he couldn't live without her. One problem though, how was he supposed to tell her that he wasn't over her and still in love with her? She probably hated him by now because he just kept playing along... "Um..." Was all he could manage to that as his eyes flickered to her beautiful lips. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but he didn't want to do anything that would make him regret anything..

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian took what she said into account, he smiled softly and nodded slightly to confirm that he wouldn't judge her by how she look or presented herself. "Wow, beautiful name", he said, truly meaning it. He had met girls called Rose and Ella but never both. He looked to her and decided to introduce himself," I'm Sebastian, some people call me Bas for short".
Bas had stuck with him since the sixth grade, he could never really go back but he invited the nickname.


Lana felt her heart beat rapidly and her cheeks become completely flushed, for some reason her breathe had delayed and she had become breathless. She hated this and him, but she wanted him and this. Why? Why was it so complicated. She quickly moved off of him, getting up and looking down.
"S-sorry", she stuttered," I-I slipped".
That was that. That was her excuse, not an excuse because it wasn't true but because she knew that deep inside she wanted to be something with him.
But he had betrayed her. Left her for someone else.

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Rose blushed lightly, "Thanks. Sebastian is cool too. By the way, you can call me Rose or Ella if you like." She said with a small smile as she looked up at him with her slightly less timid brown eyes. It was just so intriguing to her; why had he kept taking to her? It wasn't that she didn't like it, it was just new and unusual to her. She felt like it would be all just a dream or a prank, and she needed someone to pinch her. "But my middle name's Danielle... So I really don't mind what you call me. I've been called a lot of things, I'm used to whatever..." She said with a nonchalant shrug.

Liam slowly sat up, also left near breathless. "Um... It was fine. Really, don't worry about it." He said softly, trying to recover from his entranced state that took place just a moment ago. It was as if he had been in a daydream and he wished he could only have kissed her... Now he regretted not doing so. It was funny, how life worked. You think you don't want to do something, until later, when you regret not doing it. Maybe sometimes you just have to make mistakes and learn from them... Which is exactly what caused Liam to do what he did next. He shook his head and leaned forward to pull her into a kiss, his hands settling gently on the back of her neck. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest that he hoped she couldn't hear it.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian smiled at her chatter, welcoming her sudden confidence and her not so stiff behaviour anymore. He liked it, and liked her like this. He chuckled slightly and nodded," I think I'm just going to call you Rosella, is that okay or would you like me to call you something else?". Sebastian leaned back on his chair, looking over her and wondering why people picked on her and called her other names.
She was typically pretty and cute, but maybe that's why some girls didn't like her. Sebastian found it a puzzle as to why, but he didn't ask. That would be too personal.


Lana was completely taken aback, what the hell was he doing!? At first she was stiff and concealed, trying to understand what just happened as he kissed her. But then she thought, why not? She still like him and maybe this was a way to show him.
She slowly moved her right hand to softly move her fingers to the side of his head where his hair was. She kissed him with just as much force as he was giving her, she had missed him completely. She kissed him hungrily and wantingly, needing him.

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((Sorry. I was busy all week and I now have plenty of time to rp xD ))

Rose smiled softly, a genuine smile. "That's fine. I'll just call you Sebastian if that's okay. I find that name pretty unique and I just... Like it I guess." She said with a soft shrug of her shoulders as she looked down at the ground to avoid eye contact with his beautiful eyes. It was just puzzling, but why not enjoy it while it lasted? Though she'd probably get confronted by the girls who had huge crushes on him. A guy like him was bound to have several girls after him, which would all be mad at Rose for even socializing with him. It was all a bitter game, really. They all already judged her for her past, and now she couldn't even socialize with a cute boy. Not that she was very good at it.


Liam kissed her again and again, his hands sliding down to her waist to rest gently there, rubbing up and down her sides. Now he knew why he missed her so much - he was still in love with her. Reality shot back to him like a bullet though as he realized they had been in a hallway. Everyone thought they hated each other, and would taunt them forever if they saw them kissing. He didn't want Lana to get hurt, so he pulled away slowly as he looked into her eyes and a soft smile crept onto his lips. "I... I missed you." He said softly, a bit of nervousness in his voice.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian grinned as she laughed, she laughed as though she meant it. It wasn't a nervous or awkward laugh, it was a genuine laugh.
"Your laugh and smile is beautiful, well, all of you is beautiful. In fact I'm trying to understand how someone like you is at the bottom of the social chain". he admitted honestly.
He then leaned forward again, observing her and forcing her to look into his eyes. Though he was confident he could tell she had a streak of it in her, she was just too shy.


Lana had enjoyed all the grabbing and rough kissing, though as he pulled away she wondered why he had. Then she heard him.
He missed her.
She missed him too.
But she couldn't deny what she still felt, she still hated him for what he had done, she still wanted to break him like her broke her. Revenge would get her no where. She pulled back and looked at him with hurt," I miss you too. But that doesn't change the fact that you left me for someone else!", her voice started to rise slightly and she became angry, soft years welling in her eyes.
"You hurt me! You can't suddenly expect me to come back just like that! I loved you with all my heart and you- you destroyed what we had", she said, crying softly and not even realising it.

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Rose blushed lightly as she had to look up into his eyes that were just so mesmerizing. "I... I'm not beautiful... I.. It's nothing.. I don't want to talk about it.." She said awkwardly, this was the one thing she was never going to talk about with anyone. "People just don't like me." She murmured, hoping he would accept it even though she knew it was a terrible excuse for an answer. She would tell him how handsome he was, but he probably already knew that..


Liam frowned and shook his head as he looked down, "I know I screwed up. I was incredibly stupid and idiotic and I thought I didn't need you as much as I really did. When the truth was, I just couldn't handle being in love. Yes, I loved you and the crazy thing is I still do. I hate the fact that I hurt you, and I beat myself up for it everyday. I just didn't know how to tell you that I love you.. I didn't want to hurt you again." He said, turning away as he admitted his feelings. He never spoke about what he felt, but she deserved to know.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian couldn't believe that she didn't think she was beautiful. He looked at her with furrowed eyebrows and a confused look on his face, then sudden realization crossed his mind and expression," You really don't know that you're beautiful". Sebastian smiled at her softly and looked her in the eyes, determined to let her know she was beautiful, both out and in, though he didn't know her that well he knew.
"Rosella, beautiful isn't being one thing. It's not being just pretty, it's about who you are and what your goals in life are", he stated. He looked down slightly and then looked back at her," I've only just met you and I can tell you're more than beautiful".


"Stop it!", Lana shouted at him.
She shut her eyes, trying to stop the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes and she shook her head out to clear any thought.
"You can't just apologize like that!", she said, brushing back her hair and stepping away from him completely, being about a meter and a half away. She didn't know how to feel! All of a sudden he loved her again and he regretted everything he did. But that wasn't good enough! She still hated him and what he had done.
She wiped her tears and stood strong," I'm sorry", she said, shaking her head," But that's not good enough".
Then she gave him one last look, one with every emotion, and walked away from him.

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Rose blushed still as she looked into his eyes, "That's really sweet... You're beautiful too.'' She said with a smile as she nodded her head and looked down at the iPod in her lap. The light caught the surface as a slight glare came to the black screen. She couldn't remember what she'd been listening to, because she had so many songs on her iPod. As she looked back up to meet his gaze, she realized he probably already knew he was beautiful. Really, a boy like him who looked like that would have to know, right? If nobody had ever said that to him before, they'd be either 1) Blind or 2) Stupid.


Liam frowned as he watched her walk away, regretting even coming over here in the first place. Why couldn't he had just not kissed her? Then they wouldn't be fighting right now. As he sighed, he got up to walk down to the lounge room. There was still an hour before his first class started. Though he wasn't happy to have the free time as every normal kid would be. All he would be able to do is think about Lana and how she hated him, added to how he still loved her. He was sorry, but he knew saying it wouldn't do a single thing. Maybe if he didn't say it... An idea popped into his head at this.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian blinked in surprise.
People had called him hot, popular and funny. But they had never called him beautiful, not the way he had described beautiful to be.
He blushed slightly and stuttered," T-thanks".
His stutter and blush made it seem like he was nervous, he wasn't the nervous type but more of a confident person who did things because they wanted to.
Rosella made him question his methods of living and made him slightly nervous, not that he showed it on the outside. He looked to her again and smiled," Do you want to get coffee or something?".


Lana was overwhelmed with everything that had happened. She had walked away from him, half regretting it and half saying that that was the right thing to do.
He was trying, wasn't he? One part of her whispered those forgiving thoughts, making her feel guilty for what she had done. But then the other send bitterness and negativity.
She paced up and down in the library, in between the shelves of books that stood tall and created little passage ways. Sometimes she would come here to free her mind of any thought, and free her mind of reality.
What was she going to do? Forgive him or not?

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Rosella smiled at him after biting her lips a bit in contemplation, "Sure. That would be great. I don't have classes today, so you have perfect timing." She said with a grin as she put her iPod in her pocket and shelved the book as she put her headphones into her bag. The girl hadn't noticed how he'd gotten nervous, he seemed good at hiding his emotions. Rose was an amateur at that, because she sometimes couldn't handle things yet could keep things that she wanted hidden a secret. As she walked back over to him, she smiled faintly, he was still much taller than her. Even as she wore her five inch wedges, she was still shorter than him.

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian followed her with his curious gaze as she walked to the book shelf to place it back softly. He stood up as he saw her coming back and looked down at her, grinning and liking her height. "I love how short you are", he stated, smiling softly and looking into her eyes.
He then looked around and said," Come, I know a great place on campus that sells delicious hot chocolates for cheap prices".
He started to walk and looked behind to see that Rosella was following, so he continued to make conversation," So what do you study, miss?".


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Rose smiled and followed him, easily catching up to him and walking next to him. "I love study musical arts, performing arts, fine arts, and English." She told him with a grin. "I guess you can say I love arts." She smiled as she slung her bag onto her shoulder. A short silence passed through them as she thought back to how he complimented her height. Nobody had ever not made fun of it, so complimenting it was completely new to her. "About earlier... You said you love my height? Nobody's ever said that before... Thanks." She said with a smile and looked up at him as they walked.


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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian smiled to himself as he heard her talk about her studies and her general interests.
The arts, she looked like the type of girl who was interested. He looked aside to her and grinned," I think your height suits you! And also..I love that you love the arts so much, I generally can't draw but I love looking at art. I sometimes write music, I love music".
He sighed for a moment, looking away and thinking about why she was so shy and quiet. He changed the topic completely," Do people pick on you, Rosella?", he asked seriously.


Thank god!
Lana's English lit class finally ended and boy was she grateful. Usually she enjoyed English lit, but today she just wasn't in the mood.
"What was wrong with you today, Alana?", Mr Fields asked, her English lit teacher was more than a teacher, he was dedicated.
Lana packed up her stuff and let out a sigh, she looked at her teacher and shook her head," Nothing, just in a mood. I promise I won't be like this tomorrow". Her teacher had smiled and nodded, wishing her a good day and telling her jokingly to get out of his class.
Which she did. She walked out, bag at her side and the book they had been assigned to read in her hand.

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Rose shifted uncomfortably as he changed the subject, her heels clicking on the tile flooring as they walked through the halls. "Um... Yes." She said softly, looking down as she worried. "I-Is it obvious?" She asked, nearly cursing under her breath as her stutter returned. It was nice the boy loved music, no wonder they seemed to be getting along. She was totally in love with music and basically all of the arts in general. "They do all of the t-time..." She said and looked away from him, avoiding his eyes. She was just curious as to why he hadn't picked on her... Because it was never just 'picking on.' At her old schools, it would get far worse than names and verbal abuse. It would get physical, she'd have bruises sometimes.


Liam sat outside of her dorm room, holding a bouquet of roses as he waited for her to get back. He was literally sitting right outside her door. He felt terrible, he hadn't only gotten her roses. He'd made her something else, but it was back in his dorm. What he'd done wouldn't be able made up but roses, he knew. All he could wish for is that she would find some way to forgive him, because he couldn't stand not being with her. Having her mad at him was even worse. His last class had been two hours ago, so he'd had enough time to do all these things.

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