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The Creatures' House

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Sly, Immortal, Dan, Sp00n, SPCK, and them live here :D

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Sly walk in seeing no one was in here. he moved to his offic "hwere we are" HE SMILED

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"Dude come in~" sly said putting his attack on the titan bag away.

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"Thanks" he said taking a seat than patted one next to him "sit sit"

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"oka one sec" he said and starsted the camra/

"Whass up homies?" he asked smiling at the camra "It's me slyfoxhound and Arya| he smiled

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Sly smiled "Today were going to play..." he stopped

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"Super Mario Galxys!" he smiled.

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Edddie giggled and turnon his computer and put on mario galaxy the stream now showed their faces in the right top conor and the game in the rest.

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He pssed her the wii remote the second one "see that mushroom dude?" he asked pointing at the thing "point the will remote at it and click a" he said

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The thing froze because the star moved

Sky smiled and ran to it and jump on it swishing it and little different stars came and went different ways but not to far

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"and point your wii remte at the scree ontop of the stars" Sly instructed

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h expliend the rest throughout the first level.

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"Yeah god job homie!" he smiled than read some mments "Geeze guys it super fast" he chuckled

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Sly spotted a starbit and smiled "Tme to get portican!" he said and "Sneaked" over their.

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"Dude I'm Portican!" he said

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He giggled and took the starmie things

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They played the rest of the game

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He smilerd "And homkies that was it!" he said shutting the camra off "So that was fun!" he said ha[pily

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"Yeah thanks" he smiled

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He smiled

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he laughed

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"See you later" he smiled and giving her a hug goodbye

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SLy went to fnie people to bug.

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